Ron Paul Wins 11 States, Establishment Media Remains Silent

  • There is the popular vote,so to speak,and there are the delegates which go to convention where the party nomination takes place.The Paul people are locking down/sweeping the delegates and trying to take the party organizations over at the state level.Warren G.Harding became our president in 1920 by doing something similar.It is using the “Establishment” and it’s system against the establishment.It’s rather brilliant,as the system has made it opaque as possible, even to us Americans.

  • I believe that when a caucus takes place, the people vote and then the delegates from that state go to the winner. Many states voted Santorum or Gingrich, and now that they dropped out, the delegates are going to Paul.
    Paul is taking the shortcut (genius) and instead of appealing to the average voter, who doesn’t know what a delegate it, he is going straight for the delegates, which are what matter.

  • Ron Paul is THE fkin BOSS 🙂


  • Someone should have punched that guy in the face

  • Ron Paul are the best man ever in politics.. From Sweden =)

  • I was referring to the system, how can it be that Mitt Romney wins all those states at the regular elections, but Ron Paul wins those same states by the number of delegates a few weeks later? I would really like to know how this can happen.

  • theres a lot of shifty business happening… even the people in charge don’t know whats happening…

  • I am from Holland so I don´t really know what is going on, all websites say Mitt Romney is winning big time, and Ron Paul only won 2 states, now he has won 11? Can somebody please explain to me what is happening?

  • Great wake up video.Thanks for all your hard work!

  • WTF is maryland thinking…wow. Maryland and all those other blues states need to wake the fuck up!

  • Not a single member of the Rothschild family is even a billionaire according to Forbes billionaire list.

    According to Forbes magazine the richest family in the world are the Walton’s who are worth $93 billion. Followed by the Koch brothers at $54 billion.

    You need to stay off of the anti Jewish propaganda NWO web sites.

    • I thought US of A was the richest country on earth too. I thought the US of A was the most free country on earth too. I still believe that in some cases to be true but guess what who is controlling its foreign policy? AIPAC.

      Why are we going broke.
      Why are we losing our freedom with NDAA, TSA, Patriot ACT and
      Who’s wars are we fighting?
      Why do you think Israel is pulling Obama’s ears to go after Iran next.
      Where is the WMD in Iraq?
      Where is the link between Al-CIA-da and Sadom Hosain?
      Why is Al-CIA-da now in the same page of music with US in Syria?
      Where is the wining of harts and minds of Afghan people after spending billions?
      Why did the oil price go up after we installed our own puppet in Libya (should be cheaper now)?

      If anyone ever read the book of “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.” they would know why Israel never fight their own wars unless they are 100% sure they can win it but even than with who’s money and weapons?

      Forbes Magazine my Axx
      You need to get a satellite and watch/listen to the above TV – (RT) that is. It is much more informative than today’s CNN, MSNBC and SEE BS.

      None of us here are Anti-Jewish but most of us probably anti Zionism. Don’t hide behind the curtain of Judaism with Zionist ideology.

      Chow pale,

      RON PAUL for 2012

  • Please explain why I am an idiot. Please explain why I am contributing to the demise of the USA.

    Furthermore, please explain how you know who I support politically or how China can use the debt to enslave me.

    I do dig the “Mr. T” impersonation. Do you hear his voice in your head when you type “I pity the fool” and “you are digging your own graves”? BTW shouldn’t that be “you are digging your own grave” and not graves?

    Another ad hominem attack from a RP supporter, imagine that.

    • Here proof me that your not an Idiot.

      Simple Math for you Mr. Smart guy

      What is the debt of USA at this moment?
      What is population of USA?

      Divide the Debt by every American.
      What did you get?
      Can you pay your portion if China ask for it tomorrow?
      Do remember that I am not gonna get into the population of adult, kids, women, children, retired, people in jail, people with mental or other disability etc. etc.

      “””China can use the debt to enslave me.””” You bet ya!

      You have to pay it one way or another. When you borrow money from me and than you don’t pay me back you know what is gonna happen? I will kick your ass.
      Same thing here – no deference. We owe China and we need to pay them back.
      But some idiots continue to vote for people like Obama and Romney whom will continue to spend money on wars and borrow more money for more wars and when we can’t pay it. they have to kick our ass and I won’t blame them for that because WE OWE THEM MONEY.

      We wasted money on junk wars, bailout the riches and bailout foreign governments and even provide other country like Egypt, Israel and Pakistan with billions dollars of aids annually.

      Do you still wana vote for Romney? Come on? you have got to be kidding your self

      RON PAUL for 2012

  • Xb In the end I HOPE things will CHANGE and it is romney that is endorsing Ron Paul to move FORWARD in the “anyone but obama” plan. We definitely need to join together!!

  • Nice save there at the end Shelly Roche. I thought I was going to puke when you started talking about romneys platform.


  • Sorry, I stand corrected – $50 Trillion on the low side. Thank you

  • Can some good samaritan could explain to me what is happening here ? So they are selecting who’s going to be the next republican candidate ? How does that work who votes for what and how ? And if he lose does it still help him in any ways ? Will he be able to place some of is supporters in congress ? I dont get how USA politics works … lol

  • its because of fucking idiots like you that your country will soon become a poor country…and all of you from middle class will be wiped out… keep supporting war presidents and soon there Americans will be fucking slaves of the chinese… I pity you fools…you are digging your own graves… keep supporting presidents who build the american empires but remember that every empire comes to an end and so will your empire…

  • The democratic and republican parties can not commit fraud. They make their own rules as they go along. Its like a club. They can be deceptive and at best we can say “no no no, bad party” but thats really it.

  • What fraud? Show some EVIDENCE! If you were right there are laws broken. So why hasn’t anyone been arrested? Are all of the law enforcement agencies in on the conspiracy?

    RON PAUL WILL NOT WIN THE NOMINATION! Romney is less than 200 delegates away and there is NOTHING that RP can do to stop it!

    You are totally detached from reality you really only know how to call people names. Your mother must be proud!