Ron Paul Wins 11 States, Establishment Media Remains Silent

  • Ron Paul needs 650K Dollar in the next coming 2 weeks or he will not be able to continue his campaign. Plz donate


  • 2012? hahahahahaha…

    Not going to happen shit for brains.

  • You’re pretty clueless. Ron Paul would make it easier for the “oligarchic ruling exploiting class” to exploit, steal and fuck up the country.

  • If you love what you hear, it’s because you are a fucking moron.

    • Bill Plat

      Son you have one nasty mouth. If I had been your Dad I would have slapped the taste out of your mouth a long time back. No one on here wants to hear you so please go some where else to vent your messed up life.

  • Hello, You are waking up ! Go Ron Paul !

  • Ron Paul supporters need to get EVEN LOUDER, tell EVERYONE you know, we need to keep this massive momentum going all the way till even the mainstream media has to admit he is dominating

  • I don’t understand how can most people in America be so apathetic to the fact that the USA is being destroyed by the super rich oligarchic ruling exploiting class, that is destroying the wealth of USA. We have a CLEPTOCRACY in USA. All americans should support Ron Paul, The Che Guevara, The Hugo Chavez, The Rafael Correa, the Putin of the USA !!

    • AdamGmoney

      Thumbed up…..before i read the last sentence.

      Won’t make that mistake again.

  • I don’t know what ron Paul’s ideas are. I want deuce bigalow for mayor of california

  • I am new to ron Paul never hurd his name on the news but I love what I’m hearing from the man

  • Ron Paul R3voLUTion!!!

  • Ron Paul R3voLUTion!!!

  • yep, like stuckinsublime said the media lies just to make people not vote for ron paul, making it seem like he’s way behind so more votes can sway towards either obama or romney

  • Please VOTE UP the Truth for everyone to see


  • It is also irresponsible of you infer that I follow anti-semetic sentiments. One of the people that I respect most in my life is Jewish.

  • The Rothchilds owns most of their money in trusts and corporate structures. On 12/27/10, Luisa Kroll, Global Wealth Editor for Forbes, wrote that they included the Rothchilds years ago and after hundreds of documents they stopped researching them because they decided only to list “individuals” NOT FAMILIES. She also said if they had more resources and time, they’d love to do extended families in Europe as well.
    People with closed minds who won’t look into the truth are why we are in this state.

  • /watch?v=TatPucVdm38

  • Wrong In the RNC Rule 38 it states: “no delegate shall be bound by any attempt of any state or Congressional district to impose the unit rule.” A delegate is free to take exception to the roll call, and was free to vote his or her preference. Simply put Delegates cannot be bound by States when it comes to the National Convention in Florida this year and may vote for whomever they choose weather their on the Partys ticket or not.

  • american and international media is corrupt and paid for by people like romney and obama