Ron Paul Wins 11 States, Establishment Media Remains Silent



  • So, because I pointed out that many elections are rigged, you decide to pout and ask me not to vote for your candidate? What kind of logic is that?
    No need to be rude, friend.

  • the country that has the largest GDP on the planet is suffering right now.

  • Why RT repeats The Puppet Media Mantra? Campaign is not over as RP said many times. RP-supporting lady is dreaming: Romney is in Campaign to secure Republican nomination and loose Presidential Election to good old Obama (already picked by The Puppet Masters). This is no different than a fake Caesar’s Palace Fight: it is fixed. The Masters have invested too much money on their Nobel Peace Prize Laureate to let it go. They have more money than we can even pronounce. More at Sail(dot)To/DU666

  • Your last line: “Either way, there is no way…” I beg to disagree. The Puppet Masters (the ones who have an amount of money that has no word to describe it) are supporting Romney because if Romney gets the nomination, then Obama wins. The only way things are going to change faster (as needed) is if voters are told what a Mormon is, what the Mormon Church is (and has been: Freemason, Racism, Sexism, Crimes, etc). Furthermore, Mormons deny the Bible. More on webpage: Sail(dot)To/DU666

  • French Canadian

    The Times they are a changin’
    Bob Dylan:

    Come writers and critics
    Who prophesize with your pen
    And keep your eyes wide
    The chance won’t come again
    And don’t speak too soon
    For the wheel’s still in spin
    And there’s no tellin’ who
    That it’s namin’
    For the loser now
    Will be later to win
    For the times they are a-changin’.

  • Just another Obamney fear mongering war monger worshiper.

  • Keep an eye on the corrupt rigging Romney and his boss had been doing as new one are yet to come !!!.

  • French Canadian

    Ron Paul Wins 11 States, Establishment Media Remains Silent”

    LOL… they are probably speechless!

    What can they say? That they were completely wrong? Or that they are bought and paid for? That will never happen, they are so arrogant.

    When Ron Paul will win the nomination, the MSM will go down in a rat hole to never be seen again. Good riddance!

    • Surfisher

      The below has to be THE BEST Ron Paul QUOTE!!!

      “I am convinced that there are more threats to American liberty within the 10 mile radius of my office on Capitol Hill, than there are on the rest of the globe.” — Ron Paul

      We’ve been Bamboozled into looking for ghost Enemies under our beds — when the REAL Enemies of America are in front of us…living it up in DC.

      Donate NOW to Ron Paul below:

      After-all, if Ron Paul is not elected as President, your paper money will most likely become WORTHLESS in the VERY near future…so what do you have to lose?!

  • Romney is a stooge! Ron Paul or revolution!

  • can someone tell us the brand new, current delegate count?

  • She has a really long neck.

  • Surfisher

    Regarding the NC, WV and Indiana elections:

    R. Belcher makes this valid point!

    “Santorum and Gingrich will be on most if not all of the remaining ballots and people are still voting for them. Paul came in second in all three contests but Santorum was very close in all three states.

    More importantly, I don’t see how this is net positive for Romney. He got mid 60’s in all three states. I believe NC was his worst performance. About 20% of Republican voters voted for candidates that have left the race and endorsed Romney. Another 10% voted for Paul and these are the least likely to vote for Romney in November.

    I didn’t confirm this, but I saw where someone said that Romney is doing worse than McCain at this stage.

    Looked at another way, Romney only did slightly better in NC than he did in VA. If you just compare those two states I would say that last night was a complete disaster for Romney, that he’s gained absolutely zero ground in uniting the party.”

  • I hope you stay home on election day then, since it appears that you will be voting for the establishment candidate.

  • Joseph C. Carbone III

    The question comes unexpectedly in this video, and I think Dr. Paul has been too polite. CNN video:

    In the CNN video, her attitude and smug demeanor reminds me of the life of Job when his wife said, “Do you still hold on to your integrity? Curse God and die!” She infuriates me with her whiny voice and tilted head as if she is being compassionate or concerned because she is being condescending and our nation is being destroyed.

    Delilah comes to mind because I am noticing Dr. Paul has a weak disposition toward manipulative women or a politeness; politeness is imperative but strong and direct is equally essential when speaking to people as covert and hostile as these reporters have been, considering what is at stake.

    Furthermore, possibly the reason why Dr. Paul may not be calling a spade a spade is because he appears to be hoping to do some good if we are unable to secure his nomination, but no deal should be made. Good is seeing the right side of the establishment lose to Pres. Obama igniting more motivation and resolve if we fail.

    If we lose, then let our frustration and hope push us further until the next election where Sen. Rand Paul or another will be found as our numbers and message reaches.

    We carry the message of liberty, the message we inherited, and it is irresistible. Intelligence and truth are on our side, and Dr. Paul would be better to tell it like it is.

    Mitt Romney deserves no endorsement from any man or woman with integrity and the same goes for President Obama, and I do not think Dr. Paul and Mr. Romney are friends, as Dr. Paul said: they are friendly.

    So, who is are these Americans reporting it is over?

    I still have a great amount of hope we will win, and I am incredibly grateful that Dr. Paul has given of himself to the cause for 37 years but most especially these past several months; he is a champion.

    Sincerely, Joseph C. Carbone III; 10 May 2012

    ★”˜¨¯¯¨˜”ª¤(¯`*•.¸(¯`*•.. The Hon. Dr. Ron Paul for 2012 ..•*´¯)¸.•*´¯)¤ª”˜¨¯¯¨˜”★

    Here is Mr. Schieffer and an excellent Dr. Paul when being asked the same question. Start at 3:34 or see an excellent Dr. Paul throughout the entire video, except for when he calls Mr. Romney dignified, which I think is him being, again, too polite.

  • Paul does not need to attack Romney. Anything he can say about Obama applies to Romney as well. Romney can say anything to get elected and do an Obama 180 once he gets in. Nothing to stop Paul from doing the same but his conscience…something Obama has shown to be without and Romney is expected to shed if he still has his. As for Politicians supporting NDAA/Patriot acts I say, “Off with their heads!”

  • Mitt… you can’t even get crowds of 1,000+

    learn from ron paul

  • Gar

    He will hopefully be president in USA. He is the best candidate and the only hope for USA and for the world.

  • Thei

    The economy needs major direction. Ron Paul at least has some ideas on how to turn this economy around.

  • WAR!! yea I want to stop the wars and thats why im voting for Ron Paul, Obama only starts wars