Poll: Who Should Be Ron Paul’s Vice-President?

If Ron Paul wins the Republican primaries and becomes the GOP nominee, who should he choose as his running mate for Vice-President in the general election?

If Ron Paul wins the Republican primary, who should be his running mate? (choose up to 7 options)

  • Andrew Napolitano (20%, 4,242 Votes)
  • Rand Paul (14%, 2,978 Votes)
  • Jesse Ventura (12%, 2,537 Votes)
  • Dennis Kucinich (6%, 1,280 Votes)
  • Alex Jones (5%, 1,062 Votes)
  • Ralph Nader (5%, 1,031 Votes)
  • Peter Schiff (5%, 994 Votes)
  • Colin Powell (3%, 714 Votes)
  • Jim DeMint (2%, 520 Votes)
  • Jon Huntsman (2%, 519 Votes)
  • Lew Rockwell (2%, 506 Votes)
  • Sarah Palin (2%, 478 Votes)
  • Mike Huckabee (2%, 471 Votes)
  • Pat Buchanan (2%, 445 Votes)
  • Tom Woods (2%, 439 Votes)
  • Chuck Baldwin (2%, 375 Votes)
  • Ben Swann (2%, 374 Votes)
  • Donald Trump (2%, 362 Votes)
  • Chris Christie (2%, 359 Votes)
  • Adam Kokesh (2%, 348 Votes)
  • Mitt Romney (2%, 342 Votes)
  • Rick Santorum (1%, 273 Votes)
  • Justin Amash (1%, 253 Votes)
  • Rick Perry (1%, 171 Votes)
  • Ben Bernanke (1%, 121 Votes)

Total Voters: 9,777

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  • French Canadian


    I did not get a memo from Jesse Benton, but I got an email from Doug Wead who seems to say the contrary:

    Doug Wead “We are not out, We are Up!” The fight has just begun!
    May 14, 2012 08:23 pm | Kurt Wallace

    • robin

      French Canadian..
      I just got it this morning and apparently it is posted on politico. Many Ron Paul supporters wonder what is going on behind the scenes based on the things he has been saying lately.

  • Surfisher


    FALSE headline (RP “effectively” ending campaign)!

    See the videos below:


  • robin

    This is a response from Ben Swann of Reality Check who has been doing the research on the delegate process and sent to those who have signed up on his site…

    You all have probably seen the response to my response by the blogger who is attempting to explain the unbound delegate situation and why state rules would still apply. He has emailed me directly and there are two points he wants to make. I believe these are vaild points and I am posting my entire reply here.

    “Thanks for reaching out. I think you make some very strong points including the issue of how this would affect those who have won state leadership positions. They may not want to compromise the effectiveness of reshaping the party in the long-term for a short term vote that may not translate into a nomination.

    Keep in mind, those issues would have to be strategized by the campaign and their delegates as they get closer to the National Convention based upon how many delegates Congressman Paul will have and whether they can be effective in taking the nomination. My role is not to strategize for any campaign, rather to shed light on the system. What is done with that information is not for me to decide. I am going to post my response to you as well as the two main facts that you feel still need to be expressed. From your first point, it is clear that I am correct on the issue of delegates not being bound.

    ‘ # 1 : While the RNC does not recognize binding in any way of delegates at the RNC convention the States do recognize their rules and there could be consequences should a delegate go against party rules at the RNC convention.

    # 2 : It is important that all delegates read their district/county AND state bylaws pertaining to the potential penalty that could be ensued if any should they break party rules. In some cases there is no penalty, in other cases the penalty could be fines of monetary consequence and worse being stripped of their delegate status for life. Now some will choose to accept the consequences while others may not be so willing or perhaps not be aware there is a consequence.’

    The conversations over the binding of delegates and the role delegates will play in the Republican National Convention in Tampa are very important. I hope that we can continue to have a respectful and open discussion


  • French Canadian

    Ron Paul Not Suspending Campaign, It is a Media Hoax (+ video)

    Ron Paul Has Dropped Out of the Presidential Race … Or Has He? (+3 videos)

    • Surfisher

      French Canadian — thanks for posting this!

      I’ll repost it with a POSITIVE.

  • Surfisher

    AZ Secretary of State Tells Ron Paul Supporters to Shut Up at GOP Convention:




  • robin

    Did anyone get the memo from Jesse Benton saying there is no hope to get the nomination and that Romney is only 200 delegates away. I just don’t understand it after what Ben Swann has discovered that delegates are unbound and that Ron Paul supporters have picked up so many delegates. What a thing to say to bring down the morale of his supporters and for a very long time we have questioned the advice he has been giving to Ron Paul. Would a coach do that when it’s only half=time? What is going on behind the scenes one has to wonder?

    • Surfisher

      Robin — this is yet another grievous blunder by Jesse Benton.

      The reason a petition is in the process to be filed to have Mr. Benton removed from Ron Paul’s campaign.

      at the weekend — the count was:

      Actual Delegates
      Romney —342
      Paul —109

      as of yesterday:

      Actual Delegates
      Romney —322
      Paul —128

      TBA at States Conventions: 1660


      Shows the Mitt is losing the Actual Count, while Ron Paul is gaining.

      • robin

        Thank you Surfisher…
        I asked Ben Swann to do a Reality Check. This memo Jesse sent out was unbelievable. Glad to hear he is being removed because we haven’t felt like his has given Ron Paul sound advice. It almost feels like he is trying to sabotage his campaign and the momentum of his supporters. I’ll see what Ben comes up with…Where did you hear that their is a petition to remove him? Who is doing that?

  • Kirk

    Well got here late as usual…. but anyways, would have to agree that from a
    strategical perspective adding a well known, politically experienced, proven
    patriotic, black person would just about be the ideal ticket…….Hell, I’m starting
    to get excited already, I can see the mainstreams election coverage now………And
    with only 80% of the nations total votes counted we declare the… Paul/???? ticket the un-disputable winner as they have captured 93% of that 80%. The alternative parties dividing 4% of it, Thus leaving the Obama/NWO ticket a meager 3%…………..Well colleges looks like we can go home early…….OH wait this just in……..WHAT? The Obama/NWO ticket is demanding a recount, they claim the count can’t be right because they along with Google and Facebook own the vote counting machines and that they had programed the final results in to them, themselves, yesterday ……..Looks like it’s going to be a long night after all . ……..(in the background you here) ARE YOU TELLING ME I HAD A LIVE MIC …..I’M DEAD, I’m only a third stage mason, damn those Anonymous people for flipping that “legitimate count only switch” to on and turning on my mike…..Seriously, not only would that be the ticket to win with but it would also act like a magnet, and pull this broken nation back together again…… If not I was gonna suggest…ROSS PEROT….for the spot. Back when we were fighting N.A.F.T.A. and all this junk with old man Bush his run was picking up pretty good momentum even with their media machine attacking him, I remember, even after his family being threatened they still didn’t let up. Jerks…….All of us that know what time of day it is, also know that if we loose this fight here then were in for a long hard battle, so as to increase OUR POWER & STRENGTH in #ers here’s an idea that I do, on a piece of paper write down a few links or sites with titles to a few short, good quality well put together videos that show their supporting documentation, eye witnesses or proof backing up their claims. Good subjects (can’t overload their brains or scare them off with to much at once) subjects that grab their attention HARD and they can relate to… 9/11-Bush… House/Senate floor testimony….Politics… a war. The Georgia Guide Stones….(been there since the 80’s supposed to replace the ten commandments…Brought to you by the NWO bunch, the audacity of these people is amazing) To make it easy for your self and save time make a bunch of copies, and cut them down….Whenever I leave the house I have them with me and while standing in any line strike up a conversation with who ever is next to me, if it feels right hand them a copy, the cashier when your paying for something, after that it’s up to them. You can take a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. Tried that when I was young and it didn’t work. Hope I didn’t bore anybody. Don’t be bashful we need all the help we can get. Thanks for listening and may you have a good life……By the way who did make that original list?

  • French Canadian

    Another good surprise.

    Ron Paul is Winning Virginia’s District Conventions

  • French Canadian


    Please don’t fall for these sneeky attacks on Ron Paul. As far as I know for CISPA, the House pushed the vote forward a day early with 23 min notice, it’s hardly time for Paul to drive down from a DC hotel, let alone fly across the country to vote against it. For NDAA, I have no information… but it is probably a similar situation.

    • robin

      French Canadian,
      Don’t worry- I know he had his reasons and I responded accordingly. We will know by tomorrow how well he did in our county. We worked as hard as we could, but the GOP chairman said he did not see any real increase in Republicans here. We even got him to vote for Ron Paul, and we never thought that would happen. Our county is mostly democrats or independents. Working hard on local issues right now, and we are going to do another grassroots campaign for two GOP state representatives that we support. We were observers today while they were counting the votes=have mail-in ballots and everything is above board here and very efficient and transparent. The county clerk spent a great deal of time walking us through the process. We are very fortunate because our county is very honest. Not true for many small, rural communities around the country..We also have an old voting machine which makes it less likely that it can be programmed like the new Diebold ones can. Everyone needs to act as observers in their precincts.

  • Spaniard

    I do not know what are some of those doing over there in the list. Anyhow, people seem to get confused with one’s own preferences and overall conveniences. Ralph Nader and Huntsman could add to RP’s voting base, while Collin Powell and the likes would add too, but would also repel some actual voters. GOP dinosaurs are the ones who RP is really running against and would destroy the movement, so why even bother to wonder the possibility? Schiff is a spoof (and would repel hoards of voters too), Alex is patronizing and downplaying RP all the way since 2008 and Ventura is way too sensationalist for too many. We have to focus now – our support could either mean victory or failure now, so please everybody, focus and keep pushing. We may only have one chance.



  • robin

    Someone just asked if Ron Paul cares so much about the people and the Constitution why has he missed so many votes while he has been campaigning? Missed the NDAA and CISPA as well as many other votes. Just called my representatives up to make sure they know where I stand on the latest issues right now. I also want to know where they stand and why? CISPA is one of them and the 1 trillion additional money to Israel and the house resolution being pushed by AIPAC and being voted on tomorrow which will tie the presidents hands with regard to Iran=force us to go to war. Make sure to tell your representatives where you stand on these important issues and find out where they stand before they vote in the senate. If you can, confront them at a town hall meeting if you need to. I’m going to hound our congressmen who voted for CISPA and the money to Israel. Talked to his aide in DC, but will certainly confront him at his next town hall meeting. That’s what it will take to get a real answer.

  • French Canadian

    See what I mean about Alan Keyes? Whatch this short video… he says all the things Ron Paul says… he even wants to abolish the Income tax.

    Watch the video:

    Alan Keyes Highlights On Iowa GOP Debate

  • French Canadian

    As far as a black V.P. for Ron Paul, if Alan Keyes wasn’t such a warmonger… he’d be perfect for the spot on every other issues. He hates the Federal Reserve, loves liberty, is pro-life, pro-constitution, etc…. and he has a lot of courage… he’s the one who challenge Obama on the Birth Certificate. He is also very determined, he ran for the presidental nomination in 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008. He also joined the Constitution Party and started and Independant Party. Plus he has many other credentials and a lot of experiences.

    But he believes in the War on Terrorism…lol. Poor guy! If only Ron Paul could bring him back to reality on this subject, I think he would make a good V.P.

  • French Canadian

    MUST read and see. Incredible!

    4 videos included in this article.
    Establishment Dirty Tricks At Conventions Target Paul Supporters


    “GOP state conventions in Arizona and Oklahoma ended in chaos this past weekend as establishment insiders did everything within and beyond their power to prevent Ron Paul walking away with more delegates to the national convention”

  • Boss Hogg

    I think the strategy is good. Leverage the delegates to pry open the ‘Big Tent’ and challenge Mittgenstein at the Convention.

    Liberty over Libertines.

  • Surfisher

    Please, advise Ron Paul of the following:

    1) We will continue to invest our precious time and hard-earned money to the Ron Paul Campaign (since our Future depends on Ron Paul winning).

    2) We are strong, and justifiably energized, individuals that believe in our ability to succeed without having our hands held in each step leading to the State’s Convention.

    3) However, we DEMAND that at least two Senior Campaign Staff members be sent and PRESENT at EACH State Convention (one, a Parliamentary Procedures Expert, and one that oversees and guides us through the pitfalls and traps, that the GOP in collusion with Mitt have set).

    4) Bombarding Texas with Ads against flip-flopping anti-gun Mitt (spend most of the money we’ve sent you — since Texas is a do-or-die State).

    Posters here have properly stated — we have given our blood, sweat, tears and money to this Just Cause — so, do what we ask in return!

  • Casey

    Gary Johnson ftw

  • John Galt

    Anyone who voted for the loose wh0re Palin needs to give up on life. That b!tch has taken more black c0cks than a $2 h00ker (aka her daughter Bristol).

  • hhh

    Russell Means should be Ron Paul`s VP .