Ron Paul Has Not Suspended His Campaign

  • What’s more. drones bombing people is not only costly, but terrible. it is estimate that 50 innocent people die for every target intended by a bomb. having all this bombing of innocent children and women, occupation of lands oversea, is only harmful in encouraging MORE terrorism and perpetual bloodshed. What would you feel if a foreign power comes and occupy the United States? The Muslims do not want “help”. Even if they did, it is no business of the USA to interfere. Let them fight for it.

  • Whether he was good or not, is up for debates. But the problem with the precedent of that action is that the government(president) is now ABOVE LAW. The supreme law of the land, the constitution, is now being ignored. When that happens, it sets up a chance for unlimited Government power.

  • You are missing the point. I will answer no to the personal part, but the writing is on the walls. or, paper actually. The rights are now LEGAL. How can anyone not be alarmed about this? There is absolutely no reason why the government would have the POWER to do this. Government is a necessary evil, and thus should be kept to the level where it has the least power. The more power it has, the more rights you have can be violated.

  • When you leave the country and join a foreign terrorist organization with the intent on killing innocent American civilians, you all but gave up your citizenship even if you didn’t formally do so. No I’m not alarmed that they killed him. I’d be more alarmed if Ron Paul was president and allowed Anwar to take down our airplanes.


  • Would you like the government be reading your private email or listening to your talking without a warrant? either way, Assassinating Americans being LEGAL now is fucking scary, how can anyone not be alarmed by that?

  • Still buy that crap about the UN or are you done with conspiracy theories?

  • If you believe that, watch this video please


  • Right to privacy is not granted in the Constitution.

  • So let me get this straight. You personally or someone you know has had their privacy invaded by the government, was denied a trail by jury and had their rights suspended indefinitely while still awaiting trial? Is this correct?

  • Rights to privacy, rights to trial by jury, rights to NOT be suspended indefinitely without a trial. I don’t suppose you will understand the significance of the others. But the implication(precedent) of having the federal government being able to do that is severe. The government was NEVER suppose to be able to have those power.

  • (THUMBS UP TO THIS) I think I see the secret to his strategy. He’s aiming for the delegates to prove to the nation that the system is corrupt and that they cheat on the votes by showing the nation that him having more delegates proves that he is the one actually “TRULY” winning despite of all the fakeness going on, we the people are actually becoming a voice by taking a stand for him. We are uniting and they cant stop the hard evidence that he is the one really winning. KEEP IT UP EVERYBODY! <3

  • Ron Paul and Mitt Romney have been working together and cordinating their campaigns for months. They’re both part of the same system. WAKE UP!!!!

  • Name one right or liberty, just one, that has been taken away from you personally and explain how the loss of that right has impacted your life and others around you.

  • Fucking racist. I am tired of you sandwich paid posters taking your BS here. Yeah, just because you want to give up your rights and freedom doesn’t mean we will. RON PAUL 2012

  • Republican delegates are not bound,tied or restricted to voting for any particular candidate.That is according to the GOP’s own lawyer.Research it.I think Dr Paul is in a lot better position than the media has realised.Who really wants Romney except his cohorts?

  • RP for real change 2012

  • HAHAHA! You’re one of those people that bouht the UN story crap. Well here’s the truth. FIRST, that Small Arms treaty doesn’t even exist. The UN floated it around to see who would support it but as of yet it doesn’t exist. SECOND, the proposed treaty is designed to regulate arms BETWEEN countires, not within a soverign nation’s borders. In other words, that county’s gun laws stand within it’s own borders. Know your facts before you buy into conspiracy theories.

  • Ron Paul was bullied in high school

  • The biggest piece of texas trailer park trash called wRONg Paul

  • I have done research on Ron Paul. From what I found, He is the best option to save this country. While you say hes a con man here is an Example. Obama went to the U.N for the Small Arms treaty to disarm Americans. Paul passed a bill called “the american sovereignty restoration act” To pull us out of the UN because he said the UN is a threat to our sovereignty and liberties. Has anyone else mentioned that? No. Both Obama and Romney like the UN. That’s ONE example