Ron Paul Has Not Suspended His Campaign

  • The devil you don’t know if far better than the devil you do know! We know who obama is and how radical his past and present is and undoubtedly his future as well. Bush policies do not mirror obama, that is a statement made out of ignorance… under Bush gas was lower, unemployment was lower, government assistance was half of what it is today, the nation had a AAA rating under Bush, unlike today thanks to obama and his policies, etc.

  • All those delegates are not tied or bound or restrained in any way, they can vote for whoever they wish.And that is according to the GOP’s own lawyer, Research it, you’ll find it’s true.

  • So he can’t win the people’s vote and is trying to cap delegates? What a desperate attempt at a nomination. My only issue with this is it won’t shut these ron paul monkeys up. Beyond 2012.. lmfao


  • Yeah look don’t be worried, the vans without widows will come round early in the morning, you’ll be told by loudspeaker to lay down your guns on the front lawn.Women and children and the men will be separated, just for a day, perhaps a week at the most, if you cooperate.Don’t worry it’s just to get terrorists, they wouldn’t do this to innocent Americans……..for long, would they?

  • Patriot act allows us to be arrested without trial.

  • Yes let’s rely on idiosyncratic stories about who got arrested rather than look at the potential.You sound like a Nazi apologist of the late ’30’s “I haven’t seen any Jews being arrested here in the mountains.”.The potential for abuse is what matters, wake up.It’s alright to pass laws breaching the Constitution because nobody has been affected by them yet? What kind of logic is that?

  • Surfisher

    Ron Paul to WIN — Or America to END 2012!
    (there are no other options!)

    Madeline’s comments are on the mild side. ‘Unsustainable’ is a very reserved term for the actual — DISASTROUS.

    To put is simply — the government, now under BO, has created a machine that works as follows:

    Put $3 into it, turn the handle — and out comes $1… (and there is no limit on how many times he can do this — since the Feds will keep on printing money to feed this Devil’s Machine).

    The Main Stream media only reports on what comes out (as “Economic Growth”), but NEVER says how much more was put in (the Government Debt of 3:1 to play this shell game)!

  • He is suspending his campaign. He is no longer CAMPAIGNING for delegates. You are confusing the words campaigning for participating. He will still be participating, he will still be advocating for liberatarian ideals, but he’s not actively campaigning any more.

  • Ron Paul has thrown in the towel!!!!! Read his official campaign statement. It is over!!! The country is doomed. Liberty is dead forever. You cannot make a change by electing senators etc. That cannot be done! This video is a lie.

  • really… explain exactly in which areas romney and obama do not see eye to eye. this will be a difficult task because romney has been on both sides of every single issue at some point and you really can’t say exactly what his platform is. you would have a much easier time explaining how obama’s policies mirror the policies of george w bush…

  • Changing to a non-hitler hairdo would gain a lot of votes for RP. Just sayin’… why would you have a haircut like that with all the ron-paul-is-a-racist crap?

  • Watch this video please than talk to me


  • Absolutely, unlike obama that doesn’t even acknowledge that we have a Constitution or a Constitutional Republic! If you think obama and Romney are the same you are incredibly misinformed, as most Ron Paul supporters!

  • Did Obama pass ACTA for the US? Yes he did. Bet you didn’t know. So yes, he will pass CISPA if you were wondering

    “in a move unprecedented in American history, the Obama administration quietly banned the re-importation and sale of 850,000 collectable antique U.S.-manufactured M1 Garand and Carbine rifles that were left in South Korea following the Korean War.”

    Yes I believe the Small Arms treaty. Please watch this video


  • and I don’t even want to mention how insanely costly bombs are. The Nation is broke and it is still spending money overseas like water, wasting departments money. And Ron Paul is the only one who will take real actions to the issues!

  • I agree he was probably a bad person. But to ensure the safety of people by keeping on bombing other nations(which with occupation, is the reason why terrorist events happen) is impossible and only will make matters worse. Terrorism is a tactic that you cannot fight, especially not when you are attack a whole religion about 1 billion people for what few do. A definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. Occupation + bombing =/= less terrorists eventually

  • GOING ABOVE THE LAW, if it needs to be amended the nation would. The truth is, Government has caused more damage to human then individuals has in history. You are again, missing the implication of the move. It can now kill people with suspicion of their crimes, how can it be defined? talking about innocent women children, United States Drones has killed many of them. all these can be viewed as attacks on soverign nations and is why USA is so hated in the international world right now.

  • Whether he was good or not is really not up to debate. You think the US government picks it’s terrorist targets willy nilly? Fact is, the guy aided terrorists and plotted to kill Americans. And you have to remember, as brilliant as the Constitution is, it was drafted in an age before assault weapons could wipe out a classroom full of students and before terrorists could smuggle bombs on board a plane. This is a much different world now. To ignore that would be foolish.

  • I agree bombing sucks and I wish we could take out more of these people the way we did bin laden, but the fact is, these countries aren’t doing anything to combat terrorism themselves. So what would YOU do. Would you let someone like Anwar go around making more bombs for terrorists and risk having him blow up one of our airplanes where innocent men women and children will die?

  • *Comment removed by the Government*