Ron Paul Has Not Suspended His Campaign

  • Romneys track record is almost as bad as obama’s. He will be the same thing, if not worse. He supports big war, the fed, etc… this ”de-throning obama” bullshit is what is doing to finally make america kick the bucket.

  • No he hasn’t… go to his website and see for yourself.

  • Wikth dumbass sheep like you, it makes it harder for him to win.

  • I just did, it said he was still in the race, moron.

  • Please come to NEW JERSEY Ron Paul Please


  • Ron Paul or Bust!

  • Surfisher

    My 2 cents:

    1) Donate to Ron Paul as much Money (Federal Reserve NOTES) as you can, to keep the fight for Liberty going (this is a no-brainer: when Ron Paul wins, your donations will be justified — if he gets cheated and loses, your money will shortly become Worthless…so you’ve lost Nothing of Value).

    2) Ron Paul Campaign to set up IMMEDIATELY a Law Team to BLOCK any, and all attempts, to have currently won delegates from being hijacked by shadowy, nefarious means by the Rmoney owned GOP/RNC.

    3) RP Law Team to be present at ALL future State Conventions (it is UNFORGIVABLE to allow Fraud ON THE SPOT unchallenged).

    4) All Individuals that feel they have been harmed by what they CONSIDER Unjust and Corrupt Procedures, MUST file Lawsuits INDIVIDUALLY (unless a Team has be SET) against the perceived perpetrators (in our ridiculously litigious society, ANYONE can sue ANYONE over THE LOSS of a ham-sandwich…). If you have funds, get a Lawyer, if not, CONTACT the ACLU — they’ll love to take down THE ROTTEN BODY that’s the current GOP (here is what they claim …to do for FREE… “National organization advocating individual rights, by litigating, legislating, and educating the public on a broad array of issues affecting individual freedom…”).

    5) Ron Paul’s Campaign MUST stay on track — electing as many delegates as possible (while the RP higher-ups inform The Mitt that any further frauds will backfire in the end-game…Behave NOW Dear Mitt…meaning Rmoney will get crushed by the BO if he chooses to keep alienating via obvious fraud the Republicans that are voting for Ron Paul).

    6) Expose the BLATANT FRAUD being perpetrated by the Republican Party in collusion with the Mitt’s acquiescence! Share ALL videos showing this PERFIDY. Hammer on the BREAKING of rule #11. Take them to court ASAP (the EFFECT of this is MOST POWERFUL NOW, than the eventual court ruling later).

    7) DO NOT acknowledge the possibility of Ron Paul to run 3rd Party NOW — ONLY after Tampa, is this to be discussed.

    Fight with All your Might to do what’s Right — assure Ron Paul goes to Tampa (with 5+ States plurality) so he Rocks the House (and the delegates abiding by RNC rule #38 will do their honest best)!

    If you are a REAL AMERICAN — you’ll agree:

    Ron Paul to WIN, or America to END 2012!
    (there are no other options!)

  • I think Dr Paul appears the best hope for America,I hope I didn’t confuse anyone there.Cheers

  • Are you disagreeing or agreeing. It’s hard to tell.

  • yay for freedom. love it. sanity is ron paul

  • Concentrate on now, the country is in a parlous situation.Think about what can be done now.

  • Don’t understand “wait what”?

  • Arab League”Back in Babylon”
    More patriotic then N.W.A.
    Only you can wake an infidel!
    Alex Jones says “You guys sound black!”
    Carol Channing two thumps up!
    Jimmy Vauhn “dude are you in the arab league?”

  • You cant name a political leader that is not a member of the CFR. they also have editors at every major news outlets in the world. think thats weird? What if I told you the guy who almost killed Regan his first few months in office was the son of a close BUsh family friend? The media never mentioned it though… seems that might be worth a soundbite atleast. Regan was forced to take bush as a running mate… he hated bush. Thats just one example in a LONG list of strange truths the media ignores

  • Bush was a piece of trash. and the media ignored the real issues such as the eroding of our rights which obama has continued. The patriot act has not made us any more safe but it did enlarge the federal govt which I thought he was against as a Republican? Bush ran up trillions on our grandkids credit card. Look at what the founders said about leaders using an increased need for security to erode our rights and get back to us. The bush family are crooks

  • I’m very familiar with Ron Paul. He’s a very nice man. Actually, I’m his handicapped walker mechanic.

  • there is NO difference in policy between the repblican and democratic parties outside of the superficial issues. voting for romney is a wasted vote, you might as well vote for obama, or gingrich, or mickey mouse, lol.

  • under bush gas began to sky rocket, our credit rating began to take a huge dip, employment began to decrease, and thanks to bills like the patriot act the assault on your personal liberties began. they both ruled by executive order and they are both, as far as political philosophy is concerned, on the same page. Obama extended the bush tax cuts and the patriot act, just to name a couple. If you think romney will be any different you are the ignorant one, lol.

  • (THUMBS UP) The secret to his strategy. He’s aiming for the delegates to prove to the nation that the system is corrupt and that they cheat on the votes SO by showing the nation that him having more delegates proves that he is the one actually “TRULY” winning despite of all the fakeness going on, we the people are actually becoming a voice by taking a stand for him. We are uniting and they cant stop the hard evidence that he is the one really winning. KEEP IT UP EVERYBODY! <3

  • Wait what?