Ron Paul Has Not Suspended His Campaign


    MAY 29 – TEXAS


    JUNE 26 – UTAH



  • Ron Paul is not going to walk away for the simple fact. He make’s to much money running for president. Come on, his supporter’s continue to give money.

  • you’re awesome thanks for the info! i prefer getting it from people, not journalists, they lie about everything just to get viewers.

  • Can you comprehend the funds needed to run 3rd party wherein they are excluded from all debates and media publicity? You have to literally be a Billionaire and spend most of it to get anywhere near a 3rd party candidacy. The establishment hijacked the process on purpose for it to be that way. End of story.

  • So what you’re saying is fuck everybody and take a giant risk that has a 0.000000000000000002402521028% chance of working. The man is bringing the Republican party back to its roots. The republican party was created by like-minded people who understood liberty and freedom. There is a reason it is called the Republican party. It’s demise in the last few years is expected. We are literally in that demise phase in the Democratic party. Ron Paul is ambitiously changing the unchangeable. Let him work

  • That’s a sorry excuse. If Ron Paul’s ideals and convictions were strong enough he could win the nation over, but instead he choose to stay with the Republican Party and participate in a system which he pretends to be against. This is all about securing his son’s political future, that’s it. Paul care more about himself and Rand than he does “liberty” and “freedom.”

  • Fuck ron paul

  • Surfisher

    Voter Fraud, Corruption, and Assault Against Ron Paul Supporters at Arizona GOP Convention (text and 3 videos):

    OKLAHOMA — The GOP Fraud there is legally challenged!

    More GOP perfidy out of Massachusetts !!!

    Read and reply to this!!!!

    Ron Paul Sweeps Minnesota — Rmoney gets a Doughnut!

    • Surfisher

      Something we’ve all overlooked — Puerto Rico’s 20 delegates for Rmoney must be removed from the count (and banned from attending Tampa)! Legal actions should be filed NOW!

      Since Puerto Ricans CANNOT vote in the General Election for President — they MUST NOT be allowed to INFLUENCE which republican goes to the General Election. It would be the FINAL TRAVESTY if the 20 delegates of a NON-State are the deciding factor in favor of the Mitt!

      Any suggestions how to stop this?

  • Nice work and keep it up! We all must rely on each other and not the Mainstream Media for reliable news now and I appreciate anybody doing so, whether for Ron Paul or not.

  • If he ran third party, the two party system would effectively destroy that candidate. You only have two parties in America that matter. Democracy at its finest…reminds me of the Soviet Union.

  • Well you don’t exactly come to the Ron Paul videos for “political insight.” Personally, I come here to read all the conspiracy theories you nut cases write on here. But seriously, why doesn’t Ron Paul run third party? Maybe he’s just no that serious. Or maybe he’s more interested in trying to build Rand Paul’s political future than some sort of “liberty” crusade.

  • Rule 38 GOP

  • What insightful political comment.Troll

  • My hairy anus has a better chance of being the Republican nominee than Ron Paul. And all you idiots that worship that old man haven’t figured out that he’s USING you. If you think he was serious about running for prez then he would run third party, not fight for a nomination within one of the two major politcal parties. That’s not very independent or libertarian like is it?

  • RON PAUL or NOT at ALL!

  • Buck OFama

  • Ron Paul will NOT be the nominee. But I urge you guys to keep on making trouble. Anything to screw up Mittens is much appreciated.

  • Yeah ok…meanwhile Ron is still picking up delegates regardless of any BS you’re spewing. Continues to prove that you don’t know anything. No amount of your ranting will change that.

  • Ron Paul supporters, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep doing what your doing. As a Democrat and Obama supporter, I urge you to keep making trouble at state conventions and take it all the way to Tampa this summer. Anything to give old Mittens more of stuble as he heads into Novemeber. You and only you can make the Republican National Convention more exciting than watching a bunch of white guys elect another white guy for the nomination. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

  • WAKE UP ALREADY. It’s over for Ron Paul. I am not trying to troll you nuts. I am only trying to beat some reality into this occult. You Ron Paul people are paranoid and delusional nut cases who believe in giant media coverups and government conspiracies. Most of you are angry young white kids giving thumbs up to each other on You Tube forums but are in a very small minority of voters in this country. Look at the numbers Romney got. Please see it. He just about got this nomination locked up.