Ron Paul Is Still In The Presidential Race!

  • kdogg

    Do some research its no longer a theory nor bs. If you don’t believe the facts your either ignorant as shit or your on the payroll. Either way I hate you. You are what’s wrong with America

  • You mean Israel, don’t you?


  • Annie

    If i was an American citizen I would definitely vote for Dr. Ron Paul. He is pretty much into peace and making a better home and country for Americans. He doesnt give a damn about other countries and he believes that its not his or anyone else’s business unless they try to harm/attack or threaten The United States of America. He is a great person and i really do believe he would be able to make it better for us. I believe he would be able to make a difference. everything he says makes perfect sense. Try to focus on America. instead of spending millions of dollars on Afghanistan “for example” spend that money on people who deserve it. on American Children, on Older people, on people who really need help. people who appreciate a good life and freedom. not on people that do NOT care for “freedom” or even want it. ! This is America’s future we’re talking about.. How many people are willing to tell the truth and speak their hearts and minds like him will come along and ask if they want you to have a better home? NONE.. I believe in Him and i think he is able to make Americans happy and satisfied and make peace with the rest of the world…….

  • Adam

    Im not an American and I can’t vote, but I wish I could, and it would be for Dr. Ron Paul, the only honest and true politician I have ever seen. There’s only one person that is going to fix America, and he’s the man. The Media are working behind the scene to hide the fact he’s still running. Keep it up Dr. Paul, the world is with you!

  • The more the media blacks out Ron paul ,the more people wake up!!! Vote Ron Paul or we will all be corporate slaves working for minimum wage !

  • Maddow is kool. I like her. Ron paul 2012

  • I hope that Dr. Ron Paul is still in there. I have seen a lot of Mitt Romney from new and radio but no Ron Paul. Is the Doctor out of the race or not. Obama got his H.R. 3200 to get through which will destroy america but Romney Care is worse with the I.R.S. than Obama Care. Godforbid that Obama gets a second term or that Romney gets in there. 🙁

  • tina

    Why is the rumor going around that Dr. Paul has dropped out of the race. I am actually registered to vote this year as, for the first time since I was old enough to vote, there is someone worth voting for. Don’t give up Dr Paul. You may be the only hope this country has.

  • If Dr Paul dose not run third party. Then My vote gos for Gary Johnson. He said he would run third party.

  • this is bullshit that the american government lets this happen. FUCK the AMERICAN GOVERNMENT!!! AMERCICA has and is going down the drain. nothing but losers and thieves. pushing around other countries and inslaving the american people.

  • notice Rachel (leftist) Maddow repeating the “republican” (right-winged) mantra to the masses. She also injects more propaganda by repeating the Oklahama is a “racist” “anti-black” narrative (to appeal to the black OBAMA voters) What she doesn’t tell them is that both the democratic-left and republican-right work for the same secret society.
    She just wants to focus people how the republican party are falling apart so her jewbama can continue his 2nd term.

    Ron Paul doesn’t talk to kikes Rachel.

  • What part of “you are a bunch of idiots” is a conspiracy?

  • What part of “you are a bunch of idiots” is a conspiracy?

  • STFU with your conspiracy theory BS.

  • Wow. With intelligent conversationalists like you, it’s a wonder we ever made it out of caves as human beings. Keep your head in the sand. Whoever it is you think you support do you think they care about you or your future or your family…just like every other politician out there?

  • old news !

  • Ron Paul took you all for fools

  • Ron Paul took you all for fools