Ron Paul Is Still In The Presidential Race!

  • “this is what democrazy looks like!” …. oh ooops, wrong County

  • Naww shes such a sweet heart 🙂
    One of the only respectable people in the media left sadly…

  • Jesse Benton needs to go.

  • Lane

    Why am I feeling like a sheep?

  • She’s wrong about the 0 delegate count for Ron Paul in Oklahoma. Do your research Rachel.


  • I agree, however, I think Adam Kokesh lays it out pretty well in a recent vlog about recent announcements.
    It’s possible that RP is enacting a new “rope-a-dope” strategy to get Romney’s camp to decrease it’s efforts in coming primaries to help us take a greater percentage of delegates.
    I just hope we come from behind and take the nomination in Tampa.

  • Hang in there! We need your voice at the convention.


  • Hang in there! We need your voice at the convention.



  • ‘The HEADLINES say he is admitting he cannot win’.

    But – RON PAUL did NOT admit he can’t win.

    I can’t stand TV.

  • Rachel Maddow is wrong about almost everything in this article. Only a couple things noted have sources. Everything else is her opinion, or just BS.

  • Ron Paul can win = 2012!

  • Dear Romney and Santorum Supporters
    You want to vote for a “conservative”? Consider the root word conserve. It’s not at all conservative to borrow money from China and spend trillions of dollars on world policing. And if you truly do not believe in handouts for anyone, consider that even Bush took our tax dollars to spend on foreign aid to the country of Georgia when we had Katrina victims who needed that aid even more.

  • Previously, all of the other channels (mittromney, santorum, etc) had comments disabled. I see that Mittens has opened up his comment section… I’ll definitely take this over there.

  • Trust me: they’re in here, and they’re reading my posts.

  • SexedUpAthiest you might want to change your strategy if you’re trying to reach out to Santorum and Romney supporters. I don’t know, maybe you want to make you pleas under a pro Romney Pro Santorum video and not under a Ron Paul video.

  • Dear Santorum supporters,

    In your heart, you must know that a vote for Romney is a wasted vote. You stood by your candidate through it all, and his message stood in stark contrast to that of Romney. What has changed? I will tell you: nothing. He is still a flip-flopper, a bit of fluff carried every which way depending on which way the wind is blowing.

    We don’t see eye to eye on, say, foreign policy, but otherwise we’re two peas in a pod. Do the right thing: vote for Ron Paul in 2012.

  • Dear Romney supporters,

    You must know by now that your candidate cannot cultivate the vote of the Ron Paul supporters. We would no more vote for Romney than we would for Obama, because there is nothing more than superficial difference between the two. Romney will get the vote of the die-hard party loyalists, and that’s about it. He has no appeal to fiscal conservatives, or libertarians, or disenfranchised Democrats: those are all Obama votes.

    Do our party a favor, and vote Ron Paul 2012.

  • Dear Rachel Maddow,

    What Ron Paul wants is the Republican nomination. He would appreciate it if Mitt Romney conceded that he is not really the favored Republican candidate, and that he has absolutely no chance of defeating Obama in 2012. He would also appreciate it if the mainstream media stopped kowtowing to their corporate masters, and put a halt to the propaganda machine that is pushing Romney on the armchair voters. He wants what he’s always wanted: to further the movement of liberty.

  • Respect and decorum are a two-way street. WTF is Benton going on about! Does he expect Ron Paul supporters to turn the other cheek when GOP party zombies shut down conventions when they see Ron Paul’s going to win more delegates than Romney?

    Come on, Ron–Rachel’s offering you media time!!!

    TAKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!