Ron Paul Is Still In The Presidential Race!

  • She would loooooove to find out Ron Paul’s strategy… just like the rest of the GOP, democrats, haters, sheep, main stream bias/corrupt/lairs media.

    hehehehe… Honest Ron Paul 2012 or none… still going strong! 😉


  • When was the last time that the MSM EVER made Ron Paul look good?

  • A California Surfer

    One more thing, having Mitt building his dream house in our state is a total bummer. It’s like having another carpet bagger moving into the neighborhood.

  • A California Surfer

    The more the media ignore, blackout, play down Ron’s Message, the more I’m convinced he is doing the right thing, for the media has no problem calling out corrupt politicians, which leads me to believe, Ron is uncorruptable.

    What could ever be better than that in the white house.

  • Ron Paul or Goldman Sachs??? I’ll go with Ron Paul

  • A California Surfer

    Win, lose, or draw, we shall always support Ron’s message.

  • Oklahomas delegates from out in the parking lot are the ones that count. The old line better look out we will win this fair and square.

  • Go Ron Paul. Get those delegates. Let’s get to Tampa and shut down the old line brainwashed republicrats.

  • Yet she lies for the establishment still.

  • He should go on her show

  • Wtf ughhhhh I just watched the whole video and it doesn’t make RP & his supporters look good.

  • RACHEL!! Get Ron Paul on your show, baby!!

  • She’s also angling for an”exclusive”.She more or less offered him the ‘floor’ on her show to explain what he’s doing.She also seems cognizant the Ron Paul faction can break the Republican party just bad enough where Mittens wont have a chance.If I had been a delegate at Oklahoma,I’d be mad enough at the GOP to want to play Samson-between-the-pillars.So,Republican Party Elite,was it fun treating the Paul people like dirt?”Cause you just got what you deserve,and you aint gonna like it.

  • Could it be that even though she is liberal,she at least tries to be fair(er)than 99% of the MSM?

  • And the NWO!!

  • he can still win!

  • he can still win!

  • GOP leadership is terrified that their parties base is going to boo Mittins off the stage in Tampa, because both they and the MSM want the power to tell people what we think, and who we support.

    I say we take control of the narrative before this is over. Booing Romney off the stage doesn’t mean you’re opposed to the Republican party; it means you have it’s back. We’ve heard their “calls for unity”, now let them hear ours.

  • Rachel can only be so nice to Ron Paul without getting fired.

  • 3% of chance of securing nomination isn’t 0%. Like this page: facebookDOTcom/RonPaulWinning