Ron Paul Is Still In The Presidential Race!

  • pre-selected. You have to prove he is. It’s a basic judicial principle.

  • You are fighting wars because of the Military-Industrial Complex, as Ron Paul say, who has to make profit chewing public money, and banks who credit the State to finance this wars, making money through debt and interest. I know what zionism is, but to make jews resposable for everything that is fucked up in this world is wrong and can conduct to some horrifying events like the holocaust was. There is not only jews in the banking sistem.
    Also, I don’t have to prove that Ron Paul is not

  • Neonazi Bilderberg Elitists and Zionist Whores like Mitt Romney are going to be the downfall of the United States of America! If Ron Paul doesn’t become President then America is doomed forever and there is no turning back!


  • Mitt Romney and his supporters are neonazi elitists! The flag seen behind the Romney supporter between time index 3:18 to 3:37 has a white SS rune symbol painted on it. Damn nazi elitists and Bilderberg whores! They should piss off America and die!

    There is only true President… RON PAUL!

  • That is so funny!

  • the bankers that run this country are the Zionist types. Zionist or Zionism is are Jews that support and love Israel. we are fighting in their illegal wars for them. and you know that the Rothschild’s are Zionist right??? and alway remember politicians alway make promises that people want to hear doesnt they will come through with those promises. hey by the way you have yet to prove to me that candidates are not pre selected.

  • Rachel maddow is one of the worst political commentator’s ever, I see her in the same range as Glenn beck!

  • And Ron Paul is against it. So, yes, you lack common sense, you don’t know what you are talking about. You just swallow some pre chewed old storys.

  • Who the fuck is “the Zionist”? The world is runed by the global banking sistem which resumes at some central banks that are printing pieces of paper and influences the culture so every fucking dumb human beam to center his life around this paper and it’s aquisition. Yes, the today banking sistem was implemented by the Rosthschilds, but there is no nationality implication in this. We are all beyond that. It’s the era of corporations and the enslavement under the dollar sign. And Ron Paul

  • When the invention of TV came along , the government took control over it
    when the invention of internet came along, we took over it.
    we can’t let them take that from us.

  • Surfisher

    Ron Paul to WIN — Or America to END 2012!
    (there are no other options!)

    Madeline’s comments are on the mild side. ‘Unsustainable’ is a very reserved term for the actual — DISASTROUS.

    To put is simply — the government, now under BO, has created a machine that works as follows:

    Put $3 into it, turn the handle — and out comes $1… (and there is no limit on how many times he can do this — since the Feds will keep on printing money to feed this Devil’s Machine).

    The Main Stream media only reports on what comes out (as “Economic Growth”), but NEVER says how much more was put in (the Government Debt of 3:1 to play this shell game)!


  • TV ???? its 2012 the internet !!!!

  • A most unprofessional and condescending view of Ron Paul and his supporters. This is the crap that Rachel’s audience likes to gorge themselves on 24/7. Are you not entertained??

  • I can’t stand to watch the news and the way they treat him.

  • I wonder if Rachel’s studio engineers have yet figured out that the video clip of Governor Mary Fallin was backwards. Just take a look at Oklahoma emblem on the podium. I should also know which way she was facing… because I was sitting in the first row right in front of Fallin when she called anyone who does not favor Mitt Romney, an “Obama lover.” lol That’s union workers for ya! (The video engineers, I mean… not the governor. She works for the bankers, not the union)

  • Sorry. I’m not throwing in the towel. I’m voting for Ron Paul if I have to write his name across then entire f’n ballot.

  • i hate rachel maddow. . .

    what a populist

  • Ok Rachel, where do you stand? Would you vote for Obama or Paul?

    • MarathonMan

      Rachel will vote for Obama. She only reports the RNC dealings because it helps minimize the RNC. She sure ain’t for liberty.

  • Surfisher
    • Surfisher

      At Tampa — would this be the best Sign to carry?
      Please, submit yours.

      Stop the Fraud–
      Vote your Conscience!
      Ron Paul 2012