Ron Paul Is Still In The Presidential Race!

  • Every heard “I might not like what you say, but I’ll die for your right to say it.”? Same thing.

  • DragonBommie

    I still don’t understand why most people still don’t understand that the very first thing to do is to find a way to make the presidential election (and the election for the republican candidate for that matter) one which can be checked on truthful counting of the votes…. I mean… what’s the point of all this discussing and speculating and so on if one cannot even get the truth above the table (as we say in The Netherlands) about whether the number of votes for a certain person are the actual votes for that person haha… It’s laughable and the foundation of, at least, an attempt to go for the truth. And again I need to mention that documentary ”Hijiacking Democracy” in this perspective, a must see…. I really don’t know whether Ron Paul can live up to his promises, but at least he is the only one in the race I would allow to give it a shot, because the others are certainly not gonna live up to their promises haha. With love from China, the biggest capitalist country in the world right now. Bye for now, as they say here. Love, Bommie.


  • Let’s see Ron Paul go up against AIPAC.

  • Who says Ron Paul delegates don’t know how to vote? Where did they get that idea from?

    If this were a fair election, Ron Paul would have the greatest recognition.

  • Who says Ron Paul delegates don’t know how to vote? Where did they get that idea from?

    If this were a fair election, Ron Paul would have the greatest recognition.

  • My independent vote goes to Ron Paul

  • I’m not fooled for one second- this liberal b**ch hates what Paul stands for, even if she has been telling the truth for the past few months.

  • Surfisher

    Voter Fraud, Corruption, and Assault Against Ron Paul Supporters at Arizona GOP Convention (text and 3 videos):

    OKLAHOMA — The GOP Fraud there is legally challenged!

    More GOP perfidy out of Massachusetts !!!

    Read and reply to this!!!!

    Ron Paul Sweeps Minnesota — Rmoney gets a Doughnut!

    • Surfisher

      Something we’ve all overlooked — Puerto Rico’s 20 delegates for Rmoney must be removed from the count (and banned from attending Tampa)! Legal actions should be filed NOW!

      Since Puerto Ricans CANNOT vote in the General Election for President — they MUST NOT be allowed to INFLUENCE which republican goes to the General Election. It would be the FINAL TRAVESTY if the 20 delegates of a NON-State are the deciding factor in favor of the Mitt!

      Any suggestions how to stop this?

  • This is so cool.

  • The “deceased Ron Paul’s” butler is ungrateful.

    This guy from Africa continent land was the deceased “Ron Paul’s” butler.

    But the Butler did bad things to his child after his death. And the butler stole from him after he is dead. And the butler stole all the inheritance from the deceased “Ron Paul” that the butler knew of by kidnapping the child and dumping his body overseas.

    This butler then stole the “Ron Paul’s” name and credentials.

    This butler is ungrateful.

  • Rule 38 no delegate is bound.All those going to the big one can vote for anyone, theyare not tied bound or restricted in any way.Watch “Romney is toast” on youtube.It’s all pretty clear.

  • yeah but she looks better.

  • yeah but she looks better.

  • I’m glad she’s reporting this, but the reason he no longer talks to her is because she jumped on that bandwagon with the MSM trying to paint Ron Paul as a racist person.

    Maybe she’s learned her lesson?

  • your right you dont have to be jewish to be a zionist. you gotta support the isreal and their illegal wars they got the US to fight along with supporting mass murder of innocent Palestinians people. but there some zionist bankers that are the part of this the economic problem like the rothschild family.

  • Its the military industrial complex working for Israel man, do your research. you right about not all jews are bad and I said just the zionist. and dont forget that Zionist also like to mass murder innocent Palestinians people. my bad i forgot that the rockefeller family are not zionist or any type jew.

  • spam ron paul (email/facebook) to respond to MSNBC’s request. thumbs up

    he still exists *as a candidate) whether anyone cares to acknowledge it or not

  • Ron Paul” is bigger than Ron Paul. Paul has been the beneficiary, but the “Ron Paul” movement is really the liberty movement – it’s the sector of the population being taxed to death, who stand in line to get groped by TSA nazis everytime they want to travel, who all know someone in jail for smoking pot, and who are sick to death of war.

  • Surfisher

    My 2 cents:

    1) Donate to Ron Paul as much Money (Federal Reserve NOTES) as you can, to keep the fight for Liberty going (this is a no-brainer: when Ron Paul wins, your donations will be justified — if he gets cheated and loses, your money will shortly become Worthless…so you’ve lost Nothing of Value).

    2) Ron Paul Campaign to set up IMMEDIATELY a Law Team to BLOCK any, and all attempts, to have currently won delegates from being hijacked by shadowy, nefarious means by the Rmoney owned GOP/RNC.

    3) RP Law Team to be present at ALL future State Conventions (it is UNFORGIVABLE to allow Fraud ON THE SPOT unchallenged).

    4) All Individuals that feel they have been harmed by what they CONSIDER Unjust and Corrupt Procedures, MUST file Lawsuits INDIVIDUALLY (unless a Team has be SET) against the perceived perpetrators (in our ridiculously litigious society, ANYONE can sue ANYONE over THE LOSS of a ham-sandwich…). If you have funds, get a Lawyer, if not, CONTACT the ACLU — they’ll love to take down THE ROTTEN BODY that’s the current GOP (here is what they claim …to do for FREE… “National organization advocating individual rights, by litigating, legislating, and educating the public on a broad array of issues affecting individual freedom…”).

    5) Ron Paul’s Campaign MUST stay on track — electing as many delegates as possible (while the RP higher-ups inform The Mitt that any further frauds will backfire in the end-game…Behave NOW Dear Mitt…meaning Rmoney will get crushed by the BO if he chooses to keep alienating via obvious fraud the Republicans that are voting for Ron Paul).

    6) Expose the BLATANT FRAUD being perpetrated by the Republican Party in collusion with the Mitt’s acquiescence! Share ALL videos showing this PERFIDY. Hammer on the BREAKING of rule #11. Take them to court ASAP (the EFFECT of this is MOST POWERFUL NOW, than the eventual court ruling later).

    7) DO NOT acknowledge the possibility of Ron Paul to run 3rd Party NOW — ONLY after Tampa, is this to be discussed.

    Fight with All your Might to do what’s Right — assure Ron Paul goes to Tampa (with 5+ States plurality) so he Rocks the House (and the delegates abiding by RNC rule #38 will do their honest best)!

    If you are a REAL AMERICAN — you’ll agree:

    Ron Paul to WIN, or America to END 2012!
    (there are no other options!)

  • ur so stupid and ignorant u dont have to be jewish to be a zionist but it just fits the bill doesnt it because u guys hate jews so much burn in hell