Ron Paul 2012 Update: The Campaign Continues but the Ball Is in Romney’s Court

  • Ron Paul made the decision so quit bashing Jesse. He has to do what the BOSS says. Ron can still run 3rd Party.


  • We would like to know if Ron Paul supporters agree with our decision to provide the complete unedited audio from the call today?

    Disliking the video because you don’t like what was said in the call does not tell us if we are living up to our commitment of providing the full, factual and uncensored reporting we promised to provide.

  • I sure hope Rand is not thinking of hiring this clown Benton in the future.

  • ” To be largely determined”, he’s full of shit…have they not looked at the net?

  • We aren’t going to deal with the Romney campaign, if RP isn’t the nominee at Tampa, I will stay home…

  • Fuck Jessie Benton.

  • You’re delusional. It’s obvious the only thing Jessie Benton wants, is a deal with Romney.

    If this is a “strategy” it’s backfiring big time. We now have NATIONAL DELEGATES who are saying they will no longer go to Tampa because of this fucking buffoon Jessie Benton.

    I hope you’re fucking proud Jessie.

  • epic fail

  • Did you know he is married to Dr Paul’s granddaughter.

  • This has to be a tactic……….it makes no sense.

  • Jesse needs to be FIRED, NOW!

    There’s no brilliant secret tactic. The MORON basically THREW IN THE TOWEL, WHEN We’re the ones WINNING the State Conventions!


    Dr. Paul, please FIRE your GrandSonInLaw, TODAY!

  • RON PAUL SUPPORTERS: Wake UP. Why would RP campaign do this right now when gaining momentum? THINK ABOUT IT. If RP is “Out of the race” like MSM reports (when they rarely reported him in the race). Why would Romney voters go out and vote for Romney in the next HUGE PRIMARY STATES, let alone, be in the delegate process?!?? This is genius by the RP campaign. SPREAD THE WORD!

  • “(You been hearing me ACT over the last half hour)”

    I think he said “yak” as in, the slang term for talking

    35:33 “you’ve been hearing me yak for over half an hour now”


  • why do this? why say any of this? This does nothing but weaken are chances even more. And whats up with him saying that Romney’s 200 delegates away when most state conventions haven’t even happened yet? last week everyone was acting as if a brokered convention were inevitable and now this? I just dont understand

  • It will not help Romney to get Paul’s endorsement. If Paul endorses Romney, I will vote for Obama out of spite. I can’t say it enough, FUCK YOU JESSIE BENTON.

  • I closed this video page window 1/2 way through, in disgust…..of Benton. Then came back to dislike the video and wright this comment. bye again.

  • You suck Jesse.

  • Well I must say I do not understand what is going on. I met Dr Paul in 2003 at a small Liberty Study Committee group in Austin, TX, and he earned my trust at that time. I see no reason to execute anyone (yet). I would prefer to hear from the good Doctor before I conclude anything about Mr Benton.

  • I just want to throw up

  • Talk about screwin the pooch. Any independents and unhappy Democrats just got told to forget about supporting Ron Paul. Watch Benton at some point request supporters to get behind Romney to defeat Obama.

    Betrayal to a large number of those donating time and money.