Ron Paul 2012 Update: The Campaign Continues but the Ball Is in Romney’s Court

  • “In competitive situations other than boxing, rope-a-dope is used to describe strategies in which one party purposely puts itself in what appears to be a losing position, attempting thereby to become the eventual victor.”

  • larry, keep doing what your doing. freedom of speech is a heavy burden sometimes.

  • I don’t think he would endorse Romney either. In the unlikely event he were, I am still going to either vote third party or write him in. The reality though is that I will never support Romney.

    Plus this election is not the end. We need to defeat this virus that is the current GOP and rebuild the party in the image of the Liberty Movement.

    GOP 2.0

    Ron Paul 2012


  • Even after listening for only 3 minutes Benton sounds alienated from Paul saying “there are still things we can do with this campaign, Paul likes talking to young people…”

    Wow man the PR by Benton and Wead were horrible.

  • We posted the complete unedited audio so that people would listen to it and make their own decisions rather than “summing it up”.

  • How much time do you think we have? If Ron Paul doesn’t win this election this counrty will be irrevocably a communist counrty. The Militias had better plan on a revolt….if they don’t it’s over folks. HOW is Romney winning when he only has a few hundred show up as his rallies and Ron Paul has thousands??? No one I’ve talked to supports Romney, so how the hell is he going to win? Keep buying guns and ammo just in case…..the Militias had better do something?

  • ron paul’s statement yesterday, to me was very clear. there was no misconceptions in my mind. it has the appearance of capitulation. sounded very similar to 2008.

  • WITH RON PAUL..yes manup.

  • he is saving $ & resorces for the real deal ..he is not done. Believe me he isn’t done.

  • That’s Ashley Ryan from Maine Mr. Benton….

  • I want to see a nationally publicized Republican debate between Ron Paul and Mitt Rmoney.

  • Ron Paul will NEVER endorse Romney.
    Ron Paul 2012!!

  • It will be a COLD day in HELL before I ever vote for Romney! NO WAY, NO HOW!

  • Benton u got to figure out what your message is? U have 2 speeches there and admitted defeat before the battle began, then u say get delegates. U r a loser and a disappointment I realize U r family but stick to lit dropping sheesh! Why do u think u can’t win? If u have a brokered convention after first round all delegates are unbound, don’t u want to win, or what? We’re u bribed?

  • nice words but how long would that take and how long do we as a nation have ? there is no more time to play political games. i have known this all along. for me, i played along with this ron paul campaign . sure i had some misconceived fantasy about it all. but in the back of my mind, i knew that this might happen. looks like it has. if ron paul says that his supporters should help romney , in any shape or form, could it not be construed that is candidacy was bogus from the start.?


  • Fucking Jesse Benton, fuck that man. Fuck.

  • Your request came too late. We all hated this conference call and people wanted to express their absolute rejection of the message to roll over and play nice with authoritarian, war-mongering, thieving Establishment Republicans. We are not troops to be ordered by anyone. We work and support our passions, Liberty and Peace. Not compromise. Ever.

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  • Maybe this is part of the campaigns new strategy because I do know Ron Paul would never make a deal with Romney so it does not matter if Jesse Benton makes or wants to make a deal with Romney. From the start this campaign has had more success with grassroots efforts because the grassroots are a lot more difficult for the establishment to beat with fraud and corruption. Keep your eye on winning delegates, that’s what matters!