Ron Paul 2012 Update: The Campaign Continues but the Ball Is in Romney’s Court

  • Spaniard

    I just can not believe what is happening! A few days ago RP was at his highest pace ever, then a media blackout for two days, and now…THIS! I do not know what to make out of this situation.

    Will hang around to see if any clarification may come down the track. What a shock.

  • French Canadian

    If Ron Paul doesn’t win… it’s over for your country and for the rest of the world.

    The unelected NWO will have win… and president’s elections will be a part of your past heritage. No more elections nowhere to be seen again.

    Ron Paul MUST win! And he will.

  • French Canadian

    Good Grief!

    I don’t know about you folks, but I hated every second, every word, every question and every answer of this long and boring conference. I don’t even know how I was able to listen to it all the way to the end.

    What a defeatist this Jesse Benson! And he can’t speek… he studders, he has a tremolo in his voice, he is nervous, looks for his words and he seems to know just about NOTHING! I would get rid of him on the spot.

    What about Rule No.38? ??? Doesn’t he know about it? The delegates are NOT bound.
    And he says they will take about 30% of the delegates???? From what I have been seing, they will take 50% of the delegates if not more.

    And what is it with: “There has been no talk yet about Ron Paul speaking at the convention”…??? WHY NOT? Why has this not been discussed so far??? It is primordial.

    And they will try to make deals with Romney so he can adopt some of Ron Paul’s platform???. Are you KIDDING or what? Romney is Obama-lite… a professionnal flip-flopper… you don’t deal with people like him.

    I am SO mad right now. I could scream. But contrary to Jesse Benson, I still believe THAT RON PAUL CAN WIN the nomination.

    Keep faith folks, Benson is in the wrong!

    • Faith is a wonderful thing. Maybe things happen for a reason. The RNC has been so upset, what with calls for Priebus’ ouster and the revelations of Rule 38 that I’m sure this announcement is a breath of fresh air to them. I think we should relax, and also should encourage them to relax. Everyone knows Paul would have to win 5 states to be a nominee, right? What are the chances of THAT ever happening, RIGHT? We’re all well informed here, we know Paul hasn’t won a caucus yet RIGHT? So if we’re secure in that knowledge, we can just go on securing delegates, but not for the purpose of nominating Paul, RIGHT? We’re just doing it so we can shape the platform. Who knows, maybe Romney will choose to honor it – stranger things could happen.

  • John from Europe

    First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win…( Ghandi)

    when the time has come for an idea….no army ..nor gouvernment can stop this….( Paul)

  • You may very well be right, or wrong.. The fact is is that no one really knows as of now. Ill tell you one fact. The MSM has been REPORTING THE NEWS ON PAUL!! If anyone out there has ever taken TV MEDIA 101 theyd know that PR people do this on purpose ALL THE TIME. They make their own dramatic stories and sometimes they get caught, sometimes no one ever knows. The point is, is that people remember it. This has been in practice for decades now.

  • Good. There we go. Glad that was cleared up.

  • republican nominees

  • Its driving me crazy but I still have hope that Ron Paul will be the


  • study Pirum; jesse is Esther


    AIPAC Resolution Demanding War With Iran On House Floor Today

    What an absurd situation, where a tiny minority can hijack the ship of state for its own purpose. Any Jews reading this, now you know why you are so despised. You are not loyal to the country where you live, you are dual citizens in your hearts and use the people of the nations where you live. Then you call us nasty names when we refuse to do your bidding and resent your hijacking of our finances, media and state policy. Parasite is the most appropriate word for that type of behavior.

    Email your local Israeli lapdog and tell them to find their spine.


    “I am aware how almost impossible it is in this country to carry out a foreign policy not approved by the Jews. ”

    — former U.S. Secretary of State John Foster Dulles

    It’s tough work running a whorehouse. Just ask AIPAC about the US Congress.

    Israel totally undermines its case for war by refusal to allow inspection of its nuclear/biological/chemical weapons programs. Or , like North Korea and not like Iran, sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

    ‘Why won’t they’ is an excellent question for which Israel, their controlled media, and Israel-firsters in the ‘kwa have no convincing answers.

    When your son gets home from Afghanistan, hug him tight because he is back on the plane for Iran.

  • Jesse Benton is married to one of Ron Paul’s Granddaughters. Not to one of his daughters.

  • OP says: “…We would like to know if Ron Paul supporters agree with our decision to provide the complete unedited audio from the call today…” I certainly agree with your decision to provide the complete unedited audio!!! The trolls are out in full force all over the Internet; by listening to what was actually said, instead of what trolls say was said, I have come away with an entirely different viewpoint. Thank you, God Bless…and may the rEVOLution continue forward…

  • People get pissy and some are pissed at Jesse Benton for some of what he says. Jesse is married to one of Paul’s daughters.

    It is somewhat messed up that the Paul campaign has been saying that we can do this and to keep working for the delegates because we can do it and then all of a sudden as the campaign is winning delegates and they say things that sound as if they’re capitulating.

    Jesse says here that people should be respectful, it sounds as if they’re trying to nip any balking voters.

  • YOU ARE FIRED! Jesse Fucking Benton

  • Where did this “family was threatened” rumor start? That’s not what is happening here. It’s a calculated move by the campaign. It’s called a rope a dope. Let the delegates handle this ok? We know what’s up.

  • It’s pretty obvious to me that’s what’s happening here. The campaign is trying to give the establishment a false sense of security so they won’t show up to the conventions. They know this won’t effect our numbers at the conventions. Most of the people you see posting stupid comments about how he sold out or whatever, are either trolls or not delegates and have no idea what they’re talking about. Don’t worry about it we know the real deal.

  • Even if this is what happened, the movement is much more than Dr Paul. If his family was threatened, so be it. TPTB can’t kill us all. Plus many patriots are ready to fight to the ends and give their lives to save this country. It won’t be the first time nor the last that blood is shed.

  • The office of the President has been nothing more than an empty Pinata for years. Congress, where the laws are written, uses the President as an expendable sock puppet, to blame the results of their actions and lack of actions so they can continue their corrupt agendas. Presidential campaigns only distract from issues at the local level. To throw a wrench in the Globalist’s works, vote Constitutionalists into Congress, and screw up their plans once and for all. Now, let’s get to work!

  • People please listen. Jess is on our side and this conference is a strategic move to win! Why do you think Ron Paul is having a money bomb in 2 days? You all know Ron Paul utilizes the campaign money wisely and he absolutely will not waste it. Ron Paul can win if he goes 3rd party, we just need the establishment to get off our backs and let us get delegates. Please thumb this up so people won’t be mislead!


  • Please spread this video. Paul has a strategy and it can work, he can WIN if he runs 3rd party. We need people to understand that the news is saying “Paul quit” and it can help us if the establishment gets off our back, we did say “We know we can’t win but we will still campaign.” By announcing this they will stay off our back while we pile more delegates. Paul has a plan and it definitely CAN work. We need to keep donating though, PLEASE PLEASE keep donating!