Ron Paul 2012 Update: The Campaign Continues but the Ball Is in Romney’s Court

  • The timing of this stinks. The recent news that the RNC ruled that there are no bound delegates. The fact that Romneys delegate count was actually shrinking, while Ron’s was surging.
    You don’t quit when when you are surging. Even if the delegates were bound, they could simply abstain from voting on the first or second go around. As a regular campaign contributor, I feel somewhat betrayed.
    “No chance” of any support for Libertarian Gary Johnson, but undecided on supporting Romney? WTF?

  • Dave

    When will we know the count of Delegates??

  • ROMNEY wants to End the FED and Stop Wars in the Middle East!!!!

    Even if the GOP and Romney promised all these things WE WOULD NOT BELIEVE YOU!!!!!!

    Romney could give away his fortune and I still wouldn’t believe him or anyone from the GOP….


    Ron Paul or the Destruction of the Republican party!!!!

    Democratic party your NEXT!


  • The guy speaking is Benton? He obviously is not ony crapping on the campaign but he’s saying things that are not real. He sounds like he is out of touch. He sounds like he needs to be fired. He is taking like he gets his info from MSN

  • It can be summed up as this:

    “We have not given up but I’m going to talk like we’ve given up. I am going to talk like there is no hope for anything and downplay any success. Also I am going to keep talking about “decorum” while America falls apart. But we haven’t given up.

  • robin

    French Canadian,
    Got a letter for the money bomb on Thursday, so I will make another contribution to help with the delegate fight here. It looks disappointing in Oregon. So far, he only has 12% of the vote with almost 60% of the vote counted. We were hoping he would do better than in 08=19%. I’m just so disappointed in people, but I will continue the fight and look forward to going to the state convention and being a part of history….Someone who is the head of our Ron Paul group and who worked on his campaign in 08 said that memo from Benton said basically it’s up to us now and what we need to do. It seems to have affected people in different ways.

  • For the record: I SWEAR! I Will Never Vote For Mitt-Romney.

  • Ecuer

    There is wisdom in a multitude of counselors. Together they are a whole. Mr. Benton is one part of Ron Paul’s team. Read Doud Wead’s recent blog for it puts things in another perspective. It is very insightful.

    “Ron Paul is not Out! He is Up!

  • a86mmsjdle

  • 37 min….
    We’re all dead…we just don’t know it yet! Check out my channel

  • French Canadian

    Sorry Robin, I had not seen your last answer to me.

  • French Canadian

    “Some people believe it’s some sort of strategy here to make it appear like we are no threat to the Romney campaign and apologize for our “bad” behavior.” (Robin)

    I wish so much that was true. But it seems to risky. These kind of strategies usually backfires. Ron Paul supporters are in despair right now… they need some assurance from RON PAUL. I wish so much he would come out and reassure us all.

  • most useless comment ever.

  • robin

    Some of us asked Ben Swann for a Reality Check earlier today, so he said he would be looking into what is going on in the RP campaign. Some people believe it’s some sort of strategy here to make it appear like we are no threat to the Romney campaign and apologize for our “bad” behavior. We just need to do what we have been doing and go to the state conventions and get the delegates and leadership positions. It doesn’t matter what Jesse has to say because this movement isn’t about him and is not just about Ron Paul. Then let’s wait and see what Ron Paul has to say. My husband thought Jesse might be a mole until I found out he is married to Ron Paul’s granddaughter. My husband thinks it has to do with the lack of money in the last couple of money bombs, but people have done what they can digging deep into their pockets. I want to know where all these Hollywood stars have been who support Ron Paul…Wow! Clooney and his tribe got 15 million in one fundraiser….I thought the author from the Black Swann was having a fundraiser about this time in Brentwood, CA… Rachel Maddow said that Ron Paul was planning on attending the state conventions that remain. I’m sure Ben will get to the bottom of this turn of events. Today we find out how he did in Oregon. We did what we could in our area, but so many people did not want to register as a Republican here. The GOP chairman for our county said there wasn’t very much of an increase in GOP voters. I’ve come to believe that most people just don’t care. That isn’t going to stop us from doing everything we can. I post things for my relatives and friends to wake them up. I’m sure I’m driving them crazy, but someone has to get them to think.

  • French Canadian

    Louis Nardozi,

    You could be right. I hope you are. But I doubt it. It is a double cut edge. It might appease the Establishment, but it also throws Ron Paul’s supporters into discouragement. So therefore, it would be a very foolish strategy that could fire back.

    • robin

      French Canadian,
      I agree with you on this. Playing these kinds of political games usually backfires. You can’t imagine how the morale has plummeted for many. I am more determined than ever and will not give up. I will never vote for Romney.

  • Georgia Hull

    I have been trying to tell you all the issue of trying to take a women’s right to a safe and legal abortion was going to kill this campaign. Now it is happening. Obama is getting more and more money daily and he will win a second term. The Republican war on women is biting Ron Paul in the backside. Why did you hippies even think about supporting this Republican anyway? You are too young to recognize that Republicans can never be trusted.

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  • Oh, Jesus! One thing I think we can ALL agree on, the statement and later conference call were NOT made for the purpose of stirring up divisiveness inside the Paul camp. That much seems obvious, true all? What then was its purpose? Was it to inform Paul supporters? The same Paul supporters who live on and and the million and one facebook Ron Paul groups? Those people, who seriously needed to be informed? Or maybe, just maybe there was a different target? A target we may have, in the past derided as being just the tiniest bit credulous? A target that should have EVERY REASON to believe we now support the ‘presumptive nominee’, depending on who’s doing the presuming? A target that should have NO REASON to believe we intend to make any sort of problem for said nominee at the convention? A target that should seat all of us gladly, secure in the knowledge we ALL intend to vote for the ‘presumptive nominee’? A target who knows they will not support the party platform, just as they do not support the current platform and is happy enough to let us ‘shape’ it? A target who, above all else has NO REASON to be afraid or to suspect any sort of effort to have Dr. Paul made a nominee, let alone nominated? A target who will seat us all gladly even though they control the rules until we are seated? I know I can’t be the only one thinking this…

  • FUCK YOU JESSIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • French Canadian

    Ask Ron Paul to make a video and to say he is still confident for the nomination… or it is game over!

    Gee, I hate that Benson! I feel sorry for Ron Paul’s daughter to be married to him.

    • I am shocked and dismayed. Oh, ye of little faith.