Ron Paul 2012 Update: The Campaign Continues but the Ball Is in Romney’s Court

  • Ya, I want to puke listening to this green horned toad

  • what a dumb fuker

  • Anybody else not like the way Jesse sounds in this call? I want to believe the hype but listen to about 12:20 and the minute after… First he says “We don’t deal in absolutes” about “maybe” endorsing Romney and then seconds later says a flat “no,” they’ll never endorse Gary Johnson. I just don’t like the smell of this.

    • AdamGmoney

      Exactly…that line exactly…tells you….

  • robin

    People stay focused on getting as many delegates as we can and getting key leadership positions in the GOP. Now is not the time to throw in the towel just because of the latest turn of events. Of course, we are all wondering what is going on, but stay true to our goal and we can not go wrong. Do not focus on Jesse Benton or the reasons why this is happening. Continue to put your heart and soul into trying to get Ron Paul nominated no matter what obstacles lay before us. This is exactly what they want. Our freedoms depend on this. We must overcome this test and not let our disappointment or anger cloud what is really important here. We are the movement and it’s simple as that. It’s up to us now.


    • AdamGmoney

      With all due respect but MY freedoms will not be hinged upon a Ron Paul Presidency in 2012-2016, alone.

      Our freedoms depend upon whether or not we are willing to Fight for them. Whether Ron Paul becomes our President or Not.

      Still, Dr. Paul is the best chance we have at this moment, & the most peaceful option.

  • I have a Ron Paul bumper sticker on BOTH of my vehicles, and I’ve donated over $1000 to his campaign even though my wife is out of work and we’re struggling on one income.
    However – I WILL NOT be donating any more money because J.Benton CLEARLY said they will not be spending anymore money on campaigning.
    I’ve been donating so they WOULD spend it on increasing public awareness of Dr. Paul. Now they’ve up and quit. Delegates or no delegates, you can’t win a campaign in a vacuum. I feel betrayed.

    • AdamGmoney

      I am in a very similar situation. Landscaper, broke.
      Have donated nearly $300 plus purchased hoodies & over 50 bumperstickers. Gave them away to fellow supporters & left overs I put up on Road Signs all over the towns in the area.

      Went to the RI rally & put up dozens of Signs on my town green & my old town’s green in CT. Someone ripped them down & threw them out, & I went through the garbages around the green & put them back Up!!!

      Spending the MONEY WE GAVE THEM to Win TEXAS at Least is the LEAST they can DO!

  • Ron Paul is the only person telling the truth now. If we the people do not take action we are going to LOOSE our lives, our freedom and our country to a new world order. We can not let this happen, we fought for our freedom at the beginning, and we will fight again!

    Watch this documentary, and decide for yourself who you want in power over you.

  • French Canadian

    LOL… you’ve just got to like this man:

    Judge Napolitano: First Patriot To Shoot Down A Government Spy Drone Will Be A Hero (+ 2 videos)

  • French Canadian

    Great video! MUST see:

    Why We’re Entering the Age of Ron Paul

  • I’m starting to see Ron Paul signs on vehicles all over town and I’ve still not seen a Romney sign or bumper sticker. I will donate tomorrow to the money bomb and I was able to cast my vote for Dr. Paul yesterday.

    Ron Paul 2012!

  • Right when Paul is doing very good and winning a lot of states, this happens? There is something very fishy going on. I want to hear what Ron Paul has to say about all of this.

    • AdamGmoney

      Ya know??!!!

  • Stop talking about Romney. Ron Paul supporters aren’t interested.

  • robin

    We were so disappointed in the vote in Oregon. In 2008, we got 19% of the vote, but this time it will be about 13%. Santorum people would not cross over and neither would Gingrich people. So disappointed in people in my state. We have a solid Democratic base, so people would not reregister as Republican. Mostly Democrats in my county-conservative and liberal. I think instead of focusing on Jesse Benton, it’s up to us to keep this movement alive. It’s more than about anyone person. Any country that had to fight to restore freedoms to a country, had to rise above any obstacle. Don’t let this stop you from shaking up the apple cart at the convention. That’s what they want…

  • The demon (archontic)possessed want us to believe Ron Paul has opted out. The dark side are desparate.Know your enemy. Weak people are easily bought and sold with con-sent.


    Join facebook to fire Jesse Benton!


    Ron Paul betrayed us, never thought that would happen. Ron paul will lose all his supporter if he don’t fire Jesse Benton! Fire Jesse Benton now!


    Ron Paul sold out to Mitt Romney, no question about that. I think he had good intentions, but he is being fooled by the Mitt Romney camp. It is now up to Ron Pauls supporter to continue the fight for him, so he change his mind. It is not about Ron Paul he is just our spokesman. We can still win all delegates are unbound. If Ron Paul don’t change his mind, all Ron Paul supporters should protest vote for the libertarian party.

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  • Like this page: facebookDOTcom/RonPaulWinning

  • NO delegates are ‘Bound’ to anyone.
    All delegates can vote for who they want to vote for in the 1st round of voting at the GOP Convention in Tampa, FL.
    This is covered by GOP Convention rule #38

    Google: Election Fraud against Ron Paul
    Google: Romney Cheats In Nevada
    Google: Romney Supporters Assault Ron Paul Supporters in OK
    The establishment GOP is getting scared because Ron Paul is racking up delegates like crazy.
    We will ONLY vote for the GOP nomination if it’s Ron Paul.
    NO ONE BUT Ron Paul

  • How do you figure that?! LOL They have a money bomb donation going tomorrow! He’s gonna need it. Especially if he is victorious at the Tampa Convention!