Ron Paul 2012 Update: The Campaign Continues but the Ball Is in Romney’s Court

  • robin

    I also think Ron Paul is also distancing himself from his supporters because he does not agree with what has gone on in the conventions=the verbal attacks and violence. I also don’t believe it is the fault of Paul supporters(they were set up), but they are under a microscope right now, so they have to think about how they do things. That does not mean they lie down and play dead. Like most campaigns, there are those that act appropriately and others who don’t. Emotions are running high now, so I think that Ron Paul knows he does not control what we do, so he is backing away. It’s up to us now. I have often felt he has not been forceful enough when it was necessary. This is not the time to be timid and placate to the powers that be. I agree with you on that score. We don’t have time to play anymore games.

  • French Canadian


    I really like Doug Weed. He is such an energetic guy and so positive. I wish he would be Ron Paul’s campaign manager. He often comes on the Alex Jones Show. I always listen to him with pure delight.

    Go see my latest posts, I have a few of on page 3.


    • robin

      French Canadian,
      I hope you are right. I remember when Ross Perot was threatened when he was running and pretty much said no one is going to blackmail me. I would just hope that nothing like this is going on. When the NWO feels threatened, they don’t pull out any of the stops. I will hope for the best and just continue what we are doing. Our county GOP chairman had nothing but praises for the Ron Paul supporters. He said he wished everyone in our GOP would be so involved instead of always sitting on the sidelines. Thanks for the info…We’ve already made some big strides in our local area and hope to do much more. Getting people to trust you is the first step.

  • French Canadian

    “Doug Weed says there are just some things that you can’t discuss in a political campaign and he was very nervous, laughing in between.” (ROBIN)

    I believe this is good news! To me it seems like his “laughts”… meant that he knows that Ron Paul is winning, but he cannot say it for now. His nervousness was perhaps because he was afraid to reveal too much by saying this.

  • Jack

    I still believe in Ron Paul, and I will vote for him no matter what, at the end of the day I will have peace knowing that I voted on principle and not for an “assigned” candidate which to make matters worse is the wrong one.

    Don’t give up, keep fighting, there’s still a long way to go.

    Ron Paul 2012!!!

    Spread the message and keep in touch with the Ron Paul Campaign, there’s an app for that!!

  • marco feola for RON PAUL

    VICTORY IS WITHIN OUR GRASP IF MOST OF THE DELEGATES WERE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS NOBODY KNOWS WHO THEY’LL DECLARE FOR TILL THE CONVENTION! im willing to make a bet that for every two romney delegate elected 1 of those is a secret ron paul supporter and that goes for the other two former clown candidates! never give up never surrender! THIS NATION NEEDS TRUE CHANGE WITH TRUE LIBERTY AND IT NEEDS IT NOW! NOT 4 YEARS FROM NOW! HELL IT NEEDED IT 75 YEARS AGO WHEN THE MAFIOSO’S TOOK OVER WITH THE FED! if you need to take a low profile to get in there and get the right men elected (and no that does not mean Mittock Obamney, or the other jackass Boritt Robama) our nation is the last bastion for freedom and human thought and that little bit it has is, likely a farse to keep the population complacent and footin the bill! WHEN TAMPA COME’S WE WILL HAVE THE NUMBERS, AND WE’LL GET THE RIGHT PERSON ELECTED! AND HOPEFULLY SAVE OUR NATION FROM FINANCIAL COLLAPSE, AND HALT IT’S DECENT INTO TYRANNY AND OPPRESSION!

  • French Canadian


    There is in fact a NWO coming on. And you can count on Obama and Romey to welcome it with open arms.

    Only Ron Paul and his supporters are sane enough to fight it. We can win this.

    Alex Jones always say:

    “We can win this. Do you think I work everyday to exhaustion and put my life at steak here saying what I say on this show, if I did not think that we can win this? We WILL win this fight.”

    He says that the best way to fight them is to EXPOSE them. When you expose them, they back up for a while. They are counting on a dumbdown population to install the NWO… it is the only way they can succeed. If people wake-up, they are done. This is why they want to control the Net. Use the Net as a powerful tool, while you still have it to defeat them. Just don’t post only on that site, post everywhere.

    So therefore, Jesse Benton’s strategy is irrelevant and foolish. Don’t bow down to the system, don’t be nice/nice to Romney, expose their fraud, contest the GOP shenanigans in delegates convention… go public again, again and again, till every soul on earth knows about it. Don’t let them get away with that. This is what they are counting on… your apathy. If you stand up to them, you will WIN.

    • AdamGmoney

      I agree 100%

  • French Canadian

    Don’t give up hope, It ain’t over yet .

    “And keep your eyes wide
    The chance won’t come again
    And don’t speak too soon
    For the wheel’s still in spin
    And there’s no tellin’ who
    That it’s namin’
    For the loser now
    Will be later to win
    For the times they are a-changin’.

    (Prophet Bob Dylan)

  • robin

    Right now Liberty Radio is having a program for any Ron Paul supporters who have something they want to get off their chest.

  • Where in the world are you getting that? I don’t think you understood things correctly…

  • robin

    Just listened to an interview with Doug Weed asking him about what is going on during the past week and about that memo from Jesse Benton, and he says there are just some things that you can’t discuss in a political campaign and he was very nervous, laughing in between. Next, Ben Swann just posted that he finally heard back from the Arizona GOP-been staling for the past few days and they say Romney has 26 delegates and Ron Paul has 3.

  • Why would someone donate if the campaign admits it can not win?

  • Why would someone donate if the campaign admits it can not win?

  • I too feel this way as well. I can’t for the life of me see how Paul would alienate all his supporters/delegates and our hard fought wins. I don’t for one minute believe Paul cut a deal with the enemy (Romney) All I know is that it’s going to be a battle til the end.

  • AdamGmoney

    Guys, we’ve been Hood-Winked! !

    3 Possibilities;

    1)this is a brilliant strategic move;
    2)Dr. Paul, Rand, &/or the Campaign leadership &/or their families have been Threatened or Bribed by the “powers that be”;
    3)this campaign was created by the “powers that be” to ‘smoke out’ & take a census of the true Resistance to the New World Order, the numbers, the leaders, the most critical targets, & biggest threats to their power

    “All Warfare is Deception” – Sun Szu

    I will NOT give up on RON PAUL’s Campaign, even though the Campaign appears to be throwing the Fight, just when it’s looking like we might ACTUALLY WIN! Notice as soon as all the Rule#38 & #11 stuff came out they pulled the plug.

    However, I am no longer looking at the Ron Paul 2012 campaign as the fast-track to Restoring the Constitution & Freedom to America. Looks like there really is a New World Order coming NOW! We have to FIGHT!

    I am Jewish! I am a Die-Hard Ron Paul supporter! The New World Order NAZIS are planning to KILL US!!!! What happened in Germany happened because those who were turned on did not FIGHT, until it was too late!! That WOULD HAVE happened to us before our original Revolution, but WE DID FIGHT, & WON OUR FREEDOM!!!!

    The TALMUD says “If a Man (government?) Plots to Murder You or Your Family, Rise Early & KILL him First!!!”

  • Think of this as a smokescreen or diversion to make the establishment think we are out but we are not. Jess is on our side and I am offended that Ron Paul supporters are saying such nasty things about him. We need to stay strong and keep donating.

  • Surfisher

    My thoughts:

    1) Ron Paul HAS to become our next President! The mantle of delivering us from this evil government is being thrust upon him — and he, being the brave Patriot, WILL accept it…we just need to do our part to assure his win in Tampa (make sure all National Delegates are aware of RNC rule #38)!

    2) Seems his team though, is pulling back the reins:

    a) Benton SEEMS to be conceding to Mitt (perhaps a ploy to have his hawks relax)?
    b) What is worrisome is the transparent attempt to conciliate with Rmoney (the bartering of principles is the downfall of liberty).
    c) The plea to have Ron Paul supporters respect the BLATANT Frauds perpetrated in front of their own eyes (that one is a shocker — rather than expose the GOP’s PERFIDY, the people are asked to close their eyes, be mute and accept their disenfranchisement for the sake of DECORUM)!?

    3) Benton further astounds us with the comment that Ron Paul may, or may NOT, speak at the Tampa Convention (ploy, subterfuge or just plain betrayal)? Ron Paul HAS to make his speech in Tampa (which will finally give his message a national exposure)!

    4) Benton seems to indicate that the goal is no longer to win the presidency, but rather to eventually change the Republican Party by the election of a few Ron Paul supporters in key positions (long term wishing, rather than a spot on solution — the nomination of Ron Paul)?

    My apodictic statements — and you can bet the farm they’ll transpire (unless Ron Paul wins)!

    A) Mitt Rmoney will NEVER become President (his “followers” are apathetic, and Ron Paul’s true supporters will NEVER vote for him, but will write him in instead — meaning Mitt will lose about 10% of the Republican vote and possibly 5% from the Libertarian one).

    B) Therefore, the BO will be reelected by a landslide.

    C) All of the myopic visions of Jesse Benton’s goal to have some Ron Paul supporters get elected in order to give the Republican Party “new vision”, will come to naught — since the BO will have 4 more years to finish the destruction of our nation he started (and by the time he’s done, the BO will also be successful in destroying ALL opposition…such as a “NEW” Republican Party ).

    D) Under the BO’s second term: Expect the disappearance of ALL individual Freedom, a total collapse of our economy, loss of right to private property, a police state that tells us what to do…or else…! And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

    The ONLY Logical Conclusion that follows to prevent the above is:

    Mitt Romney HAS to withdraw from the race now IN FAVOR of Ron Paul, and pledge his total support of Ron Paul! (Failure to do so, will result in Mitt becoming an UGLY footnote in US History — as the one that ASSURED the BO’s DESTRUCTION of the USA, because he, Mitt, was too selfish to assume he may win — when faced with the FACTS he NEVER could)!

    Send this to the Mitt — Resign NOW in Favor of Ron Paul, or be cursed LATER as the one that Destroyed The USA!

    Below is Jesse Benton’s message:


  • French Canadian

    Bilderberg Technocrats Hacking U.S. Elections (Plus 2 videos)

    “Bilderberg steering committee member Peter Thiel has brought his partners from Facebook and Silicon Valley to the table with the top globalists. They seek to steer and control not only online social movements, but elections as well. Their designs on the 2012 elections are coming into view as the secretive group readies to meet in Chantilly, Virginia.”

  • robin

    Also, if you are a delegate to your state convention or going on to the national convention, remember you are under the microscope. Say as little as possible to people you don’t know because we will accomplish much more being like a cunning fox. Also, being mutually respectful is so very important now. Let’s not give them any reason to discredit who we are and what we represent for the future of this country. As a former liberal democrat, I am committed to changing our local GOP from the inside. We have changed in all areas over the past 11 years and feel like we are the true Republicans. Even our chairperson recognizes that we are the future of the party, and he appreciates our presence and our support on the local and state level. There is hope, but we all have to be involved at the local level. Sign up to be an election observer in your precinct and bring more transparency to the process. This is what it will take. Apathy is the killer of freedom and why things have gone on for too long. People either don’t care, or don’t think they can make a difference.

  • Gar

    Ron Paul should fight to the end. He makes it for his country and for people in USA. People are now very sad. He should try to win a few states more: California, Texas, Kentucky etc. What a problem is there?

  • Shane

    Even if Ron paul won do u really think the nwo globalists would let him step his foot into office to get rid of certain bills that are killing the united states and the world as the time ticks. I’m gonna vote Ron paul but god is our only answer the end of the world is near governments will collapse and Satan will completely rule the world it’s almost here. 7 billion people on earth we consume so much so fast we polute and destroy things there’s no way in hell we can keep prices down with that many people wake up people ur only hope is being saved through Jesus Christ. Ron paul got his message out and that’s what matters.