The Liberty Movement Takes Over the GOP

  • With the RepubiCONs and DemoscRATs one of the same and rigged Ron Paul cannot win and if by mistake he does get in they will assassinate just like the Kennedy’s were.
    Truth to digest for the conditioned party based gullible war monger fools instead of principle based independent republic thinkers


  • Call out to Ben Swan and to Fox 19 for giving this story airtime: Ben’s right – this is really important for America. Just ‘cos it it uncomfortable for the establishment doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be reported by a – supposedly – free and fair media…Fox 19 – you are building an audience nationally and around the world, (and I hope your advertisers get this! Maybe go talk to those still advertising in Limbaugh’s increasingly irrelevant show…)

  • Thank God there is still a sliver of un-bias journalism in the United States. Don’t ever back down, Ben. Millions of us have your back.

  • As Rachel Maddow pointed out, in terms of ratings at the same time played, Ben would probably be better off taking over wrestling or the Sponge Bob slots to get more viewers than O’Rielly.

  • Best. Reporter. Ever.

  • RTAmerica is also covering this, ironically

  • I hate fox news but this guy kicks butt!! This guy is a real news reporter


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    tinyurl . com / SunTzu-ArtofWar-4-RonPaul

  • This is the biggest story and Ben is the only one reporting on it! Great work! Go RP R3volution!

  • Great show. Many thanks

  • I’m just so friggin happy.

  • You got some balls Ben Swan. I’m guessing the real FOX news won’t be asking you if you want a job anytime soon. Keep up the good work.

  • All of you in the Liberty Movement, run for local office. I’m running for borough council and a fellow Ron Paul supporter is running for mayor in our town. Occupy the Republican Party. This is all part of the Ron Paul Revolution.

  • Rp2012!!!

  • RON PAUL BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thats because Hannity and O’Rielly are not reporters, they are puppets of the murdoch press.

  • And the idiot RINO Palin went and endorsed Romney.

  • Thank You Ben SWAN!Yes folks the MONEY BOMB IS STILL GOING STRONGE!We are about to reach $700,000 Dollars!Lets get DR.Paul his MILLION!Donate what you can and donate again if you have already done so!


    Sincerely,Thank You ALL!Kevin.

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  • I hope Ben is a true American patriot and not one of those chicken hawk neocons riding the coat tails of the tea party (i.e. look at the tea party now as compared to when RP started it). I hope he continues to fight for truth and liberty once he hits it big time. Your journalism is top notch sir!!