The Liberty Movement Takes Over the GOP

  • I’ll second it. I would like to see the Judge nominated too.

  • French Canadian

    Ron Paul’s Money Bomb is now at: 816,485.96$.

    Got to get it to One million.

    Tell your friends to donate.


  • French Canadian

    Ron Paul Storms To Victory In Minnesota Delegate Race

    Included in this article is a video of the Ron Paul Speech at Minnesota Republican State Convention. Great speech! MUST SEE. The video is 17 minutes.

  • Ben Swann is the BEST reporter EVER!!!! he deserves a Pulitzer prize!!!!

  • There is none who is so blind as those who will not see. I probably butchered that quote but it is the God honest truth.

    RON PAUL 2012, the cure for the common government!

  • I grew up a Democrat, but what I’ve seen and what I’ve read made me wise up a bit, now I’m a libertarian. Democrats used to be against war and for civil rights and liberties.

  • robin

    I always appreciate your commentary. Which state are you from?

    • Surfisher

      Robin — I also admire all the hard work you are doing!

      This FRAUD has be LEGALLY challenged in Court!

      No campaign money needs to be spent on a Law Team (RP volunteers that are lawyers could do it); Filing lawsuits is most EFFECTIVE to expose and identify BY NAME the culprits (bringing out the shadowy slugs responsible for fraud under the LIGHT of NATIONAL SCRUTINY) not the eventual outcome in the distant future!

      ACLU can be very effective in just that capacity (they’ll love to gouge chunks of the decaying flesh from the ROTTEN BODY that is the current GOP/RNC)!

      p.s. (from the Peoples Democratic Republic of Maryland…the un-Free state….)

  • SOOO MUCH FRAUD GOING ON LOL…It is getting comical at this point. And to think there are still people who think that our elections are legitimate. The conditioning is strong in this country.

  • We the people are getting stronger!!!!


  • your right about one thing. he wont win. nor will romney without the help from the youth vote. to the elders an obama relection is a catastrophe, but to the youth its just another 4 years. the message of liberty is our investment. is that so hard to understand?

  • Okay Palin, if you love Ron Paul so much and have nothing but good things to say about him, why in the hell did you support Newt on super tuesday?

  • Romeny only has 351 delegates! Not 929 or whatever the media says he has.

  • I am 100% sure it was fraud. They had confirmed that Paul had 11 delegates, and yet it took the committe 3 DAYS to count 29 people!

  • I believe that with the new and younger generation coming up to become a majority. The Republican Party will have to either adapt or allow the Libertarian Party to give the United States a three party system. But that’s besides the point… Ben, please move to Houston!

  • Ron Paul’s mainstream, the media is fringe!

  • Romney has been infected urinary tract infection by the libertarian movement now he lets he pants every night he realizes the truth he will not win the presidency RON PAUL 2012 RETURN AMERICA FREE AT LAST FREE AT LAST


    Read the definitions below.

    Conspiracy Theorist-Human Being Witnesses Unscrupulous Psychopaths Undertaking Takeover by Undermining Reality of Ordered Civilised Freedom

    Racist–Human Being Appreciates Ones Own Culture. Accepts That Biological Differences Exist

    Fascist–Human Being: Reacts to Communism

    Homophobe–Human Being: Refuses to Forsake Freely Complied With, and Beneficial Ancient Cultural Precepts

    Islamophobe–Human Beings: Matriarchal Society Invaded By a ‘Women are Less’ Hostile Horde

    Xenophobe–Human Being: Knows History of Previous, Civilizations Ruined by Multi Cultural Invasions

    Mysogynist-Human Being: Recognises That A-Sexualization Of Society, is Non ‘Progressive

    Nazi–Human Being: Rejects Abuses, Objects, Refuses or Refutes; that ‘This’ is all there is; That, Lust is Love, Truth be Hate, Diversity for Strength, Freedom in Slavery, War Means Peace, Greed real Need, Might so Right

    Year Zero is Now

  • yeah i rather have paul than romney in office i hate that man

  • OMG! Is that Rick Santorum’s pink tie!!!!! How did he get that???