The Liberty Movement Takes Over the GOP

  • robin

    This came from someone in case you haven’t seen it. I asked Ben Swann if he would look into this. We’ll see what he decides to do.

    Thanks for all your hard work…..and not giving up. The fight for liberty has just begun..

    • Surfisher

      robin — nothing new on Rmoney’s Fraudsters, Inc.

      However, the CORE remains that NONE of Puerto Rico’s delegates CAN BE ADMITTED — since this could influence WHO goes to the General Election!



  • Tom “P*ssy Reama” Jones

    Here is my suggestion for Ron Paul’s acceptance speech in Tampa:

    “F*ck Mitt “Ch0ad Eater” Romney. I raped his wh0rish wife. I double teamed his sl*t daughter. And now I have rammed by 10 incher right into his fart box. WHERE YOU AT “C0ck Catchers” Mitt?????????????

    Up next? That cunny Obama. I will shooting ropes across Michelle’s face soon.”


  • You think Ezekiel meant the Khazarians when he talks about Magog? Interesting to see that the Qu’ran offers a similar way to back this theory up. The true Semites and Islamists are being killed off by the Babylonians. Mystery Babylon indeed. I like their obvious give away with the UN Headquarters being a modern replic of the unfinished Tower of Babel. Not all elites understand this I think though. The Jesuits on the other hand I feel understand the meaning very well. Those Jesuit generals

  • Ron Paul is the only one who understands that the Irgun are running the Holy Land into the ground. They are doing with collectivist brainwashing. I hear it all the time and always try to educate people about what collectivism and individualism is. I’m not that good at speaking, although I understand the problem. I am too passionate and rub people the wrong way. I like to rant.

  • Lori Wegner

    Ron Paul will be my vote …period. Even if the establishment cheats him out of the ballot spot. Mitt Romney is establishment property just like Obama…and the public is waking up to it. Pretty sad when being honest, straight forward, and using common sense is played off as crazy ideas. LOL. Good will always win over evil. Message to you Fat Cat Crooks in the 1%…the Ron Paul revolution is here and will continue to grow regardless of the “results” of this election. You will eventually be taken down by the 99%. Truth is truth and your lies and deception will be exposed!

    • Surfisher

      Something we’ve all overlooked — Puerto Rico’s 20 delegates for Rmoney must be removed from the count (and banned from attending Tampa)! Legal actions should be filed NOW!

      Since Puerto Ricans CANNOT vote in the General Election for President — they MUST NOT be allowed to INFLUENCE which republican goes to the General Election. It would be the FINAL TRAVESTY if the 20 delegates of a NON-State are the deciding factor in favor of the Mitt!

      Any suggestions how to stop this?

  • Surfisher

    Voter Fraud, Corruption, and Assault Against Ron Paul Supporters at Arizona GOP Convention (text and 3 videos):

  • Mike “Vag Pounda” Smith

    This will be my write in on the Presidential ballot:

    Mitt Romney Rapes Boys.

  • Mike “Vag Pounda” Smith

    Ron Paul finna be rapin’ b!tches in the oval office. Choke on that Mitt “Down Low” Romney.

  • eradication of all religion is the correct option

  • eradication of all religion is the correct option

    • AdamGmoney

      NAZI! – Wrong SITE, A-HOLE!

      That was Mao’s, Hitler’s & Stalin’s idea!

      • Sturmgeist

        No, Adolf Hitler was a Christian. There has been only one quote stating otherwise which has no evidence considering that it was actually directly quoted by another person. This quote contradicts his lifestyle and beliefs and all writings and previous speeches of his. I consider this merely table talk and gossip as it even comes from a man who declared him self an Atheist. People have just ran with this quote. Hitler had strong ties with the Catholic Church. He wanted Germany to be a Holy Empire. He believed Church and State were one.

        I see you are playing the “freedom” card here. A trick to turn a few heads. . . We all know how most Jews hate Christianity with a passion. We all know what your Torah and Talmud say about Christians and Jesus.

        You are a two headed snake.

        If you were at all for real you would convert and denounce Judaism and it’s hatred, and you would denounce the Jewish Supremacist/Globalists.

        Corporate plant you say? How can I be when one presents factual information without any spin/opinion? Are you aware that Jews almost all corporations/banks in USA? Why would they hire me to expose them?

        I think you are dried out.

        • AdamGmoney

          Hitler, christian? Uh, WRONG!

          Try an Aryan Mysticism Occultist!


        • AdamGmoney

          Dude, quit that Corporatist Plant b u l l s h i t with me. I am a broke- ass LANDSCAPER you loser!

          You are just PISSED that someone is EXPOSING your hypocracy!!

          YOU are probably the plant, to make Ron Paul Libertarians look like BIGOTS.

          GTFOH!! Go to STORMFRONT for your racist ignorant Authoritarian Collectivism propagenda fix!

  • Surfisher

    Arizona — Filing a Grand Jury complaint!

    BEST NEWS of the Day — contact and do your part to punish Rmoney’s Fraudsters!!!

    LAWYERS FOR RON PAUL — contact them about Fraud!

    There is a FaceBook group called Watch the Vote 2012. It was created by a member of the Lawyers for Ron Paul so there is a lot of relevant information and connections to the legal help that is available. The group, Lawyers for Ron Paul, is putting together an offense to take the guilty parties down.
    Lawyers for Ron Paul on FaceBook

    IL Bonnie Davis Ross
    IL Nancy Liberty
    AZ Nicky Nelson
    ?? Edward True
    ?? Jeff Lehman
    ?? Dan Asmussen
    ?? John Jackson
    RI Roger Landry
    ALBC Lynn Nichols
    CA? Kelly Z. Mordecai
    CA? Randall White
    AZ Jerry Davis
    ?? David Callihan works for Ron Paul 2012
    CA Elias Garcia works for Ron Paul 2012
    Citizen files a COMPLAINT to a GRAND JURY for a “Duplicate Ballot.”

  • The Zionists are deliberately destroying all Western countries! They immigrated into our nations and then secretly declared war upon us!

    They conspired to take control of our nation’s infrastructure through carefully orchestrated acts of TREASON! They became our Bankers, Politicians & media owners. Their goal is to obliterate the middle class!!

    For a FREE informative BOOKLET & video on the Zionist-engineered INTENTIONAL destruction of White people go to: w w w. youtube. com/watch?v=n663eVTSyS8

  • be serious, and get wiser. do more research about the candidates.
    Romney and Obama are both class clowns. They are not FOR the public, but AGAINST the public. Only actions tell any truth. See what Obama and Romney DO not what they TALK about. Different things altogether.

  • Constitution and Ron Paul, the WINNING combination.

  • I certainly won’t begrudge you for that, but hopefully you do know that it is not possible for a write-in to win the Presidency, because not enough states allow it.

  • Benn Swann, you win the award for best news anchor for 2012 Hands down. You dont need a stupid trophy on your mantel for that. Just remember You will always be a hero in my book. Way to go.

  • RON PAUL 2012! I pledge to write his name in the ballot if he is not the official repub nominee!

  • I like Gary Johnson… but my mind is made up… RON PAUL 2012 … EVEN IF I HAVE TO WRITE IN “Ron Paul” on the ballot!

  • NavyMan

    Hey AdamGmoney,

    You know once our emotions are shut off and you can’t hit us there with your puke any longer your done. End of story. Your legacy and all you have been doing to the world will be reversed, GAME OVER.

    You will lose,

    Reply to this in a favorable way to yourself maybe for mere propaganda purposes but let my message burn into your cerebral cortex. You may have won many battles but you will lose this war, beast.

    • AdamGmoney

      Go Fuck yourself loser.

    • AdamGmoney

      Favorable way? GFYS

      I support Ron Paul because of my beliefs & my desire for FREEDOM, Justice, & our good American values.

      If you knew anything, you would know that these values came directly from the Ten Commandments, & the later teachings of Jewish Messiah, Jesus Christ.

      Of course, you Authoritarian Collectivists can’t wait til “our emotions are shut off”, just like Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, & Hitler wanted.

      That’s the REAL issue isn’t it, Nazi? Just Like Karl Marx (the model of the modern Traitor-Jew) said;
      ‘The Jews presence represents the idea of the existence of G-d, & therefore a higher power than the STATE. It is for this reason, they must be marginalized, & eventually, eliminated.’

  • You may be right about the youth. Of course, the youth don’t understand wisdom no matter how smart they are. One thing you should know about the elders, they were youth once. The youth, on the other hand, have never been elders. Everyone is free to make their choice but listening is a skill that all people should master. Then make up your mind. My comment about Paul is simply about the fact he won’t win the primary, and this video series trying to muddy the water. I don’t care who you vote for.