Occupy the Beach for Ron Paul!

August 24 – 26
Tampa, FL

  • I think they are planning Marshal law to take away all the Obamney followers. They make no sense, therefore non-sense. Ron paul wants to get rid of the non-sense….thanks bobnobobo


  • Yes absolutely moronic bonobobobo. BUT you don’t see bikinis for Romney do ya? burn.

  • “”Dude” I’m no Libertarian.”


    “Perhaps you should throw away your worthless Fed Res paper slave notes and invest in Liberty and your fellow man”

    Well for someone that isn’t a libertarian you sure seem to have bought into Ron Paul’s bizarre cult.

  • “Dude” I’m no Libertarian. I never claimed to be, nor did I claim to support any candidate. Did I? I’m an observer from across the shore and it is blatantly obvious what’s being going on in the USA. What strikes me as even more bizarre than the corruption of Wall St. Banksters in both the Obomney camp and the Obomber camp, is that you would cry about it when someone points it out.

    Perhaps you should throw away your worthless Fed Res paper slave notes and invest in Liberty and your fellow man

  • Dude, stop acting like a child (AKA EVERY LIBERTARIAN EVER LOL) What I clearly mean is that you just cried foul and acting exactly like I predicted you would.

  • So we agree that Obomney hasn’t won anything and that he’s been handed these numbers in a pathetic attempt to make Obomber look good when he ‘debates’ him, despite them having identical stances on everything?

    Good for you. Glad you’re on board. Keep donating to Ron Paul. Good boy.

  • You just proved my point better than I ever could.

  • You know as well as I do that Obomney hasn’t won anything. He’s been handed predetermined States with predetermined ‘vote numbers’ before the election even started. All bought and paid for by his bankster Wall St. overlords.

    Get off your whining soap box because I’m not up for your soul-trading today.

  • You really don’t think Paulbearers would jump at that shit? They cry foul over damn near anything. Romney wins another state? MUST BE CHEATING.

  • Maybe you can use those 2500 business cards to sop up your tears after Romney crushes loony Roony in his own state tonight.

  • Absolutely moronic.

  • That just proves you don’t know me at all.

  • “so how could it be cheating when all they are doing is following the rules?”

    Because if Romney did it you’d be saying that.

  • California for Ron Paul !!!

  • Laughed my arse off when I saw ‘MERCH’ come on the screen. All I could think was fkn Americans can’t even spell March! LMAO

    I know, I know, it’s short for Merchandise. I got that. lol

    If/when Ron Paul get’s into Office, I think I’ll apply for a teaching position. Teaching English. It’s about time someone taught the heathens how to spell the language they claim they’re using. Perhaps I could even get them to realise that ‘fall’ is NOT a Season! I can hope. lmao

  • The ‘socialist girl’ is hurting my ears as I can actually hear her brain grinding and groaning as its struggling to think. Still… I’d line up to spank her.

  • I love how belittling this asshat is. “Wouldn’t you rather spend your own money?”

  • Can anyone point to the number of delegates each candidate have? Because from what I’ve seen, Romney has 10x as many delegates.

  • Romney’s attitude is, cheat to win, at all costs and buy the cheap soulless little people.

    Is this really the kind of person you want to represent you on the World Stage?

  • nvm – 6:28 it be cops.