Occupy the Beach for Ron Paul!

August 24 – 26
Tampa, FL

  • A socialist is better than MoRon Paul

    • Tony

      In what ways, and for what reasons would socialism be better than what Ron Paul claims he will do for our country? In fact, what are some of Ron Paul’s views? What would change in a socialist economy, and who exactly would benefit from it if it were to actually be permitted? Do some research and get back to the blog so maybe you can post an intelligent comment or debate for other’s to actually learn something instead of attacking views of somebody you probably understand absolutely nothing about. Ron Paul 2012!


  • Ron Paul’s burps and farts are more intelligible than the words that come out of Romney’s mouth.

  • Yeah maybe so but too bad liberty and boobs can’t seem to manage to come together

  • I love liberty…

    and boobs…

  • If stranger comes at you with a platter full of toothpicked mystery nuggets or Ron Paul sign and a camera, you should quickly turn and move the other way.

    • Tony

      Ha, that was funny! You should be a comedian because you probably wouldn’t make it as a politician. Ron Paul 2012!

  • Surfisher

    *NBC: Romney Secures GOP Delegates to Win*

    “By winning the Texas primary on Tuesday, NBC News is reporting Mitt Romney has gained the required number of delegates (1,144) needed for the GOP nomination….”

    To all Romney supporters — the dependable media has just informed you that Mitt won the GOP nomination! No need to go out and waste your time voting — instead, stay at home, cut the lawn, do a BBQ and celebrate!

  • my God that woman was stupid!

  • It was stupid when he said, “Wouldn’t it be better if we spent that money to give people healthcare?” Ron Paul is so against that… Any kind of unnecessary government force is over-extending the function of the law. Typical socialist btw… completely ignorant.

  • Right on. I live in Tampa. My girlfriend and I will be there. Possibly my mom too. :-). God Bless.

    • Tony

      Enjoy, I really wish I could make it. I’ve been stuck overseas and have missed all of his debates and appearances anywhere close to my home state. I truly want to hear this man speak. Ron Paul 2012!

  • No because the Delegates are elected. Its just that Paul has more supporters that are strong in their positions on issues and are able to convince people to vote them as a delegate to represent the State. These are informed voters, not mindless idiots that watch the news and go throw away thier vote by voting for who the people on the Box say will win.

  • Cult? The guy is merely repeating what former Presidents said and wrote over 200 years ago. Strange for you to think of the founding fathers and their principles as a ‘cult’. Are you part of the government trying to destroy the Constitution and turn the USA into a NAZI slave nation? Sounds like you are.

  • That’s why I watched it! LOL

  • Nothing like boobs to cure apathy!

  • herka herk!! Kill the messanger! herka herk!

  • robin

    Now’s your chance to rate the MSM journalists. Ben Swann just sent this, so let’s so how much we appreciate a journalist with integrity. Let’s send a message about what the other MSM journalists are not doing.

  • Sure that’s a thumb buddy? o.O

  • One thumb up for Ron Paul, and my other thumb up for all the good-looking young people on the beach.

  • But don’t let the 16,000 hit get to your head, I’m sure it was merely for the hot girls in the bikini’s!!

  • Honestly I looked forward to reading the comments after watching 3 or 4 minutes of the NEW RevPac. Though Forrest has tamed down his obnoxious commentary in the beginning of the 3rd episode but I’m sure you’re aware of this, donations are probably no where near what they use to be!!!
    RevPac was successful because of Ron Paul supporters wanting an alternative to the MSM during the state election but Ron Paul supporters are not interested in someones Personal, Narcissistic desire for Fame

  • No I didn’t watch it, I listen to it in the background as I checked my emails!!!