Occupy the Beach for Ron Paul!

August 24 – 26
Tampa, FL

  • Ron Paul is not a founding father.


  • You sound more like a communist to me…..How dare you say that the founding fathers were in a cult??

  • Ron Paul wants to End the FED on this issue as well as all others he has been consistent.

    • Tony

      Not only does he stand by ending, or at least auditing the FED (which ever congress would permit), but he studies austrian economics as opposed to Keynesian economics which was implemented in the early thirties and exists (so far) to this day in America. Keynesian economics failed the first time in 1979 due to the over inflation of that monetary value system, so the FED re-instilled the keynesian monetary policies through what we currently have today, (which in principle is absolutely no different than the one that failed in 79′) called the fiat monetary system, and it has done the exact same thing through over inflation that the original did. How long will it be before it completely fails? And then what? Do we try for a third time with keynesian economics, or try something new that has been studied and has had better results? I am hoping for a new style of monetary currency, that is at least backed by the gold standard to ensure there could not be over inflation. Ron Paul 2012.

      PS. Some good books to read if you’re interested is Ron Paul’s “End The Fed”, or Peter Schiff’s “How an Economy Grows, and Then it Crashes”.

  • What the truth hurts too much for you? Too fucking bad.

    The republic shall be restored whether you like it or not. Your putrid liberty hating kindred can’t stop this revolution.

  • You’re still talking shit I see, and with the IQ of a spoon I’m surprised you can talk at all.

    Now back to your parent’s basement gimp.

  • The only liberty hating moron here it’s you.

  • Granpa Paul is getting fucked in the ass as we speak.

    • Tony

      I usually wouldn’t comment to something like this but I’ve come to learn that most people who say retarded, nonsensical statements have a clear lack of understanding to what it is they say they do not like, or are apparantly against. I think people like you are funny. Did World’s of Warcraft get too boring so you hopped on a Ron Paul site to post a blog just to hear yourself speak? Try stating reason’s behind not liking Ron Paul, or not liking his views on politics, or fuck, at the very least post something that you do like about the other candidates to at least be a productive blogger. Ron Paul 2012!

  • You what? You’re a moron. Get back to your parent’s basement child.

  • LOL yup.

  • Don’t lie and anyway you liberty hating hardcore Statists are al cut from the same autocratic cloth. You sound the same and stink of shit the same as well. And you just exposed yourself as being paid by the government to troll on all those that are for liberty too.:D

  • No I’m not. I’m an aircraft design engineer and I’m employed through varies government’s military. Get your facts straight and go fuck yourself arse-hole.

  • itsmeeman1 is a paid Statist troll that goes under many names such as Phoenix1912, Phoenix1985, Jamaljamal85 to name a few and he also hosts a few troll pages on Facebook against those that are pro liberty.

  • wait, Chicago has a beach?

  • Go Dr Ron Paul

  • his strategy is working and he’s winning. Just because he loses primaries doesn’t mean he’s lost, he Just gets all those delegates at the state convention. Such as texas, the primary isn’t binding regardless of what the gop would have you believe, and I bet that when the convention rolls around Ron Paul will win a lot of delegates there as well.

    According to rule thirty-eight regardless of bindings delegates can vote for whoever they want.

  • vote for Ron Paul anyway. write him in now.

  • The ‘socialist’ said the government wouldn’t spend the money well anyway.

    I doubt she even understands socialism or what government is at all. In fact, I think this is typical, and why many people tend to be American libertarians once they think about it a little.

  • I can’t wait to go to the boob and see the beaches this summer.

    I mean what.

  • Heck- OCCUPY everywhere for PAUL.
    And do NOT forget that Texas hack-a-vote-2000 machines did FLIP votes for FLipperty MITT. And speaking of Mitt? S C R E W M I T T !
    He will never be POTUS, and it WILL be Ron Paul, or we are SCREWED> he WILL be speaking at convention in TEXAS, and he will WIN the 155 delegates, too! THanks for REAL DELEGATE NUMBERS, too!

  • YouTube search MnChange state convention winning. This is how we do it MN style. 32 out of 40 Ron Paul delegates will be voting for RP in Tampa this August. Winning!