Occupy the Beach for Ron Paul!

August 24 – 26
Tampa, FL

  • We just happen to have a lot more better informed people here Minnesota =)

    Minnesota 4 Ron Paul. Paul should win GOP, if not Ron needs to go 3rd Party to kick this revolution into full gear! Even if he doesn’t win it would get a lot of attention.


    • Tony

      Is there any word on him ever returning back to St Louis after September? I’ve been overseas for a year and I’ve missed it everytime he’s come previously. I Truly want to see him speak in person, the internet just doesn’t have the same power as a live debate or speech. Ron Paul 2012!

  • Ran Paul is a puppet of Stalin and Putin…communists

    • Tony

      In what ways, stating facts, has any of his views ever even come close to communist thoughts or actions? He has been in congress for close to 3 decades and nothing I’ve heard from present or past has ever been comparible to anything Stalin ever said. To say that liberty is even close to communism is a clear lack of understanding of history and current politics because obviously you have done little to no research regarding his voting system or his belief’s and view’s on politics. He has never changed his principles, no matter what audience he sat in front of. I like that more than I respect somebody who will tell me anything I want to hear just to turn around and do the exact opposite anyday. Ron Paul 2012!

  • Lolz… is so funny but it’s true. For those more knowledgeable socialists, sometimes they might quote Cuba’s Fidel Castro. The thing is, Cubans these days enjoy more personal liberty than many more other countries.

  • Most yuppies like “socialising” so they think that makes them a “socialist”

    As he proved though, they usually know nothing.

  • Most yuppies like “socialising” so they think that makes them a “socialist”

    As he proved though, they usually know nothing.

  • Surfisher

    Louisiana — How more despicable can this Corrupt State be?!

    One of the cops actually by falsehood, took away a citizen’s phone as “evidence”…!

    (I spent about 3 hours trying to remove the background noise to isolate this — PAY ATTENTION TO THIS EXCHANGE!)

    Listen to the cop’s misinformation (an abuse of his limited powers) at the near end of this video (minute 5:50 till end at 6:15).

    Cop: “I need your phone as evidence…can I get your driver’s license for me, please…” — (unless a Court Ordered Subpoena is served, no officer of law is allowed to divest a person (that has not been arrested) from his property under the guise of “evidence required by the police”. Also, no cop can demand of a bystander to disclose his Identification (driver’s license in this case) FOR HIS OWN CURIOSITY (“for me”) or for any other purported reasons!)

    US Citizen replies: “My driver’s license…?”

    Cop: “Yeah…”

    US Citizen: “You’ll take my phone…?”

    Cop: “It’s evidence…correct… you were recording….”

    US Citizen: noise that sounds like(“what (or nah)…”)

    Cop: “You weren’t recording…? I still need your driver’s license”. (THE CITIZEN WAS NOT DRIVING A CAR — therefore, this Cop cannot demand his driver’s license (unbelievable abuse of power)! Also, IF-or-NOT the citizen was recording IS COMPLETELY OUT of the domain of any police force to dictate either way!)

    US Citizen: “Why…you are taking my phone away from me…”

    Cop: “It’s evidence… noise (sounds like ‘correct’)…you were recording….”

    My 2 cents:

    There is a special hell for the 5 pigs that took down an old and handicapped man — BUT this PIG, that went beyond the take-down and tried to erase the evidence by confiscating the camera phone, deserves an even worse end!


  • loved it but you CANT i repeat CANT show a picture of Snooki to resemble the Tea Party Movement, just bad advertising. would turn someone away.

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  • You have no clue what freedom is jackass. So I am free to take my neighbors belongings? Any idiot knows this is not true. You get to do whatever the hell you want without infringing on others freedoms. You stupid fuck. You should be shot in the head, not for treason, but for stupidity.

  • I want that tie!!!!

  • I want that tie!!!!

  • brian semen!!!!!

  • I’m from VT!! and I know where that sign is!!

  • I’m from VT!! and I know where that sign is!!

  • You are half right. “No man has a right to commit harm against another. And that is all the government should restrain him.” – Thomas Jefferson. The part where you are wrong is that Jefferson though freedom IS an inherent right, given to us by nature when it gave us our body

  • Freedom is not an inherent right. You live in a community and have to cooperate with the other people. You don’t get to do whatever the hell you want and act like a self-centered asshole.

  • That girl around the 9:00 mark needs to go back to sleep.

  • cult ? more like a bunch of Americans wanting America to be a grate nation again to be free and not slaves to debt and 100 year wars and to have our rights restored instead of letting our rights fade away ,

  • Freedom is not a cult is an inherent right! Damn socialist morons spinning the truth.

  • RON PAUL! STONE COLD!nON DOLE!nYUAN SHAW!! occupy my ass, just a stupid excuse to mingle and socialise with saggy ass chicks.