Reality Check: Did Mitt Romney Really Secure GOP Nomination with Texas Win?

  • Lucy “Loose Vag” McGee

    Damn, that anchor ho must have fallen asleep in the tanning bed. Dumb c*nt.

  • Jose

    Not a chance.

    Media coverage is less than stellar on these statistical situations. As far as Romney being OFFICIAL, THAT is a opinion and NOT a statement. Florida convention will verify everything if it already hasn’t been corrupted with Romney money.

  • David M. Berke


    Dr. Ron Paul, M.D., a 12 term Congressman representing the 14th District of Texas in the U.S. House of Representatives, will secure the Republican Party nomination for President, and he will go on to become our next President of the United States of America! How fortunate we will be here in the U.S., and will be all good people around the world!


    • Surfisher

      David M. Berke —

      The cute Electronic Voting Machines gave Rmoney the win in Texas … (as it’s being done in all other states).

      Now, let’s wait and see if he can even get 30 delegates out of the 155 total (extrapolating the results when Real People show up)!

      • David M. Berke


        Thank you so much for all of your great work in supporting liberty, freedom, peace and prosperity, and fiscal and moral sanity! And thank you for your courage! Dr. Ron Paul 2012 for the WIN!

        David M. Berke

  • They have successfully deceived Americans. The next 4 years will see much poverty and civil disorder.

    I promise Mitt Romney did not win Texas.
    He had virtually no supporters in Houson, Dallas, Austin, El Paso, San Antonio, Fort Worth or any of the 120 counties we visited campaigning for Ron Paul.

    Do you think most people here support a Massachusetts vulture capitalist?
    Hurts our pride. We voted for the only man preaching peace, no war, reform and justice back in politics. The Texas man.

    • Surfisher

      254ttexas —

      I was asked: “How the HELL did Texas vote for ROMNEY???”

      My answer: The Electronic Machine Count voted for Rmoney….

    • Anonymous

      Here in Dallas , All of my Family Voted for RP , No Man in the right mind would vote for Shitt Romney .

  • No I didn’t actually because honestly you were rambling. What exactly is the point you were trying to make again?

  • Ron will win. Romney doesn’t have enough. The nat con will tlel the tale

  • Ron Paul did win Iowa.

  • LOL your totally fucked now America you can choose from Obamney or Mitbama. BAWWWW HA HA HA HA HA. Chose one it doesn’t matter who! Because ether way you’re getting shafted for the next 4 years. War with Iran? \(0.o)/ – “YAY!!” just what your crumbling economy needs another fucking war, hey here is a great idea prop up a few more Arab dictators with your tax money to start future wars just in case you run out of enemies : ) Good luck America you’re going to fucking need it. THE END IS NIGH, USA




    • Dr.Sam

      Wow , way to Represent your Country well. What are you ? a Brit ? a Frenchy ?A Canadian?

      Honestly, people like you make me sick. Judging by your lack of vocabulary, and your Choice of Language it seem your like some sort of child who cant say or do anything better than stir up trouble on the internet . Does mommy and daddy ignore you and this is why you come on to the internet to bother the grown ups interested in actual conversation ? This is website is for actual Americans , not Little bastard children from who knows where.

  • I agree with you. His campaign did grow into something that was unforseen, and probably not of his liking. But not continuing the movement for liberty, and peace isn’t good either. I cannot support Mitt Romney, who will continue the same insane mistakes we have been doing for decades. I just can’t.

  • I am really digging these Reality checks. Ben Swann really seems on his game.

  • I don’t think he’s part of the problem. I see where you might get bogus websites, but I don’t believe he’s overselling. I believe he brings a researched, and careful prospective to the campaign trail. It also brings many discouraged Ron Paul supports hope, when most of the media discourages RP supporters.

  • Go Ben. Get syndicated!

  • Just because they report doesn’t make it so!

    Look in retrospect to the changes in prior caucus’, and primaries. They’ve changed often and this anointed result may in fact change too. Hope it does!

    Ron Paul 2012!

  • the GOP is gaining mistrust on their own.. now way in hell should romney be even close to winning this thing but with alot of cheating and a whole lot more lies, they have you thinking that romneys the guy america wants.. ive always voted republican but id sooner write RP in or even go obama before romney. atleast the democrats didnt have to cheat to force obama on the people… people where just that frickin stupid. and if they have to cheat to get their nominee you know hes bad news..

    • AdamGmoney

      Democrats didn’t have to cheat? That’s a joke. They are worse than the RNC.
      The progressive leftists & “moderates” have infiltrated our party for decades & now that the two parties are full of InterNational Socialists’, we are getting a fat dose of blatant fraud, & cheating in the RNC / GOP too. Not that there wasn’t always in both parties & all politics, but it is so openly blatant & flagrant today. It shows you how confident the Globalist Elites are.

  • keep up the good work ben!!

  • He is correct, the more resistance we get, the harder we fight.

  • The height of hypocracy ^

  • Sorry, forliberty888 your the reason is why RP people will keep fighting to the convention. The media should be telling the truth and not hiding what really is happening. The GOP will never win in November if they disenfranchise voters like they have been doing.

  • Thanks Ben glad your tell the MSM to quit telling the American lies.

  • Sorry, Ben, for the past few months you are being the problem. Sure, you like the sudden success and visibility, but your oversell results in youngsters among us being burnt out and lose resolve for ongoing fight. Mistrust to RP campaign managers (JB) was indirectly fueled by your oversell and referencing to bogus websites. Mature among us have patience. We do not use coercion to encourage our supporters to fight.