Reality Check: Did Mitt Romney Really Secure GOP Nomination with Texas Win?

  • Whoever you’re representing offers no real incentives to being an American. Obama? Signed our rights away with the NDAA. No one up there running for president didn’t oppose that clause in that bill EXCEPT for Ron Paul. You are trash. You represent nothing. You oppose liberty.


  • That’s funny because so far you’ve only repeated what the media has told you. I questioned everything being said. I’ve found my own conclusions mother fucker. What the hell did you do? But troll for Obama or Romney whoever the fuck you are representing. You acting as a shill. Shills don’t possess critical thinking skills.

  • So why are you so into violence? That’s kind of perverted … but doesn’t that also contradict Christian values? Or are you like some Christian Conservatives who believe that Jesus loved war, hated the poor, and wanted all wealthy people to have tax cuts?

  • Oh, you’d have to be a lot smarter to be like me. You’d have to possess the ability to question and to think, rather than just accept what you’re told.

  • No shit there are. I’m speaking to one of them. I’m glad we have our differences because I don’t want to be anything like you.

  • So … all your downloaded videos are about war and killing, and I’m the pervert? You’re confused bro. Why are you so into violence?

  • By the way, on me being a perv. Let me just say that your moral standards do not apply to me. I am not in this world to meet or fit your uptight religious standards. Religion is nonsense, and I will do as I please as long as I don’t harm others. Religion is the greatest perversion of them all. It is the psychosis of the non-thinker. You will live your whole life “uptight.” What then is the point of living?

  • By the way, on me being a perv. Let me just say that your moral standards do not apply to me. I am not in this world to meet or fit your uptight religious standards. Religion is nonsense, and I will do as I please as long as I don’t harm others. Religion is the greatest perversion of them all. It is the psychosis of the non-thinker. You will live your whole life “uptight.” What then is the point of living?

  • Lots of pervs on You Tube. Are you that naive?

  • Cool story bro. Still doesn’t change the fact that you’re perving it on youtube.

  • You Christian types are so uptight. I never “peep.” Just downloads. By the way Mr. Christian, how do you feel about all your priests who are chasing little boys? Not that’s really disgusting.

  • Surfisher

    Ron Paul MUST win a 5 state delegate plurality to be seated at Tampa! This is the ONLY GOAL all of us need to concentrate at this time! (Why do you think the GOP is pulling all stops to prevent this — because, once at the RNC Convention, Ron Paul will neuter this scum! And his supporters — the Real Americans — will surround the convention in the hundreds of thousands)!

    This has to be IMBEDDED IN ALL OUR MINDS — Get Ron Paul seated in Tampa! Nothing else is as important as this!

    After Tampa…depending on what transpires — other options (independent) for Ron Paul may be discussed (BUT NOT NOW)!

    • Surfisher

      The ONLY Fight right now to be fought is for Tampa (Ron Paul must be seated there)!

      Try, all of you, to comprehend this SIGNIFICANCE!

      Unless we assure a Ron Paul seating at Tampa — in order to expose nationwide and worldwide, the SCUM that has occupied our government — we’ll have a one-man-puppet-show (Rmoney “debating” himself, and winning)!

    • Citizen

      Obi Wan Surfisher,

      You speak the truth…
      BUT…. these sleaze ball RNC Statists have their agenda…

      That is to keep spending money we don’t have on the Military Industrial Complex and to promote more warfare and expansion of the American Empire!!

      That’s why the RNC doesn’t want Ron Paul around… he calls it like it is!

      The two parties
      DEMS Labor Welfare State
      REP Corporate Crony State

      Either way…. WE the PEOPLE … the shrinking 51% who work for a living. LOSE!

  • bro u telling me i’m so sick of the zionist propaganda in churches here in america.

  • Citizen

    The RNC “Statists” are simply strong arming the delegates, blocking the Ron Paul delegates from MA and other states where Paul clearly WON!

    The best the Ron Paul movement can hope for is to “Crash the Convention Gates” and get their legitimate deligates into the convention.

    We can WORK to force a coalition of Ron Paul principals into the Romney convention and should use the Paulines to draw in the Conservative Tea Party voters.

    Romney’s handlers are FOOLS if they think they can alienate the Paul coalition and ignore the tea party conservative force.

    Go Ron Paul….2012 our only chance to “Restore America”!!!

  • French Canadian

    Eyewitnesses: Mitt Romney Attended Bilderberg 2012

    “Four separate hotel staff report seeing presidential candidate”

    Leaked Bilderberg Documents: “Nationalism Is Dangerous”

    “Infowars exclusively obtains Senator’s notes, minutes, agenda from 1966 confab”.

  • French Canadian
  • P. Jane

    They don’t care what they do as long as they get Ron Paul out of the picture. If Romney doesn’t have enough votes to challenge Obama it doesn’t really matter to them. They are planning on handing the presidency over to Obama for another 4 years already. And if you think your vote counts, you’re as mad as a hatter!

  • robin

    Schizophrenic Paranoia,
    Since you seem to be more informed than some of us about what the Ron Paul Movement is about., please share with us. I don’t know how old you are, but I’ve been voting a very long time, and I am not naive about what I’ve seen over the years. There are many things going on in this country that maybe you are unwilling to hear. You are right that we have to be involved and that is exactly what I am doing in my community. I am carrying this revolution in my own community and fighting for what I have come to respect about Ron Paul, but everyone’s approach and perspective is different. Are you going to be a delegate and are you involved in your community and at the state level? I also worked on his campaign and canvassed my community as did many others. Whenever I can, I say why I support Ron Paul even though our primary is over. I continue to share with my local GOP by attending meetings and being involved to change this party. Now, it’s a fight for delegates and bringing up other issues that need to be brought up. One of them is election and voter fraud, or do you think those of us that believe in this are paranoid? If I did not think there was hope, I would not say anything nor would French Canadian, or Surfisher. I can’t speak for any of the other people you mentioned. I appreciate the information they provide to this blog. I certainly haven’t seen your contribution, but I’m assuming you go under an alias.

  • I couldn’t agree more, i’m not voting for anyone this year unless its Dr. Paul. otherwise whats the point? Either way its 4 more years of embarrassment

  • Tony

    I truly hope Ron Paul can continue to pull off upsets across the country, but in order to help his campaign, post more on these blogs to help educate people to his beliefs, views, or even some of the views and votes on various bills from the other candidates. I want to get on this site and learn something I didn’t know before, not listen to a bunch of people insult each other, mostly on stupid stuff that doesn’t matter to the masses in America. If you’re interested, the other Republican nominee, Romney, has flip flopped on ideas, and his views over the past decade to suit the audience he’s in front of and let’s his temper shine through in most debates and to anybody who disagree’s with him. Do we really need another narcistic, self-concerned propagandist for a president, or have the last two been enough. We will see soon enough, but much of what we already know about Obama is no better. Most politicians are corrupt, and only care about lining their pockets and the large corporations who sponsor their campaigns and we finally have a man who is couragious enough to run and opposed most mainstream, large government policies because he actually cares about the people in our country, I truly hope Americans don’t let this opportunity of change for the better of our nation just pass us by for another typical politician. Ron Paul 2012!