Ron Paul: Walker Recall Victory a Big Boost for Fiscal Conservatism

  • thanks to their pup-petering. sheeple!

  • And not a peep from the campaign. In fact, the campaign keeps telling us to “respect” a bunch of fiat money loving Fascists. I have less than no respect for war profiteering neocon slavers.

  • Truth hurts?

  • I love listening to reason, truth, and sanity. Ron Paul talks to you like an adult. Ron Paul has been right all along. So when he says that we’re in trouble and it’s gonna be bad…


  • Well, um, YES HE IS!!

  • youre a fucking idiot.

  • Liberal = hate + lie + dumb + racism + lie and lie and lie…
    Ron Paul = fake libertarian + Putin + Alexander Dugin + jihad lover
    Since 1988 conservatives don’t exist anymore at Waschington D.C, we are all fucked!


  • so um is he still in the race?

  • as much as I hate the media that is his title. They call Romney Governor Romney

  • Ron Paul and Scott Walker now there is a pair that would get some stuff done

  • The deletion of RonPaul2008dotcom’s youtube channel, a few weeks ago, is a suspicious event that has been completely downplayed. I think it was a dilberate attack to destroy evidence of THE most popular political channel to date.

  • Because they know he is not going to win.

  • Ron Paul 20122

  • Ron Paul is my president!

  • I don’t like it when the media doesn’t say “Presidential Candidate Ron Paul” they just say Congressman Paul.

  • haha thats so true

  • The thing I love about Ron Paul videos is that: No one says “First” we say “Ron Paul 2012!”