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  1. John H. Amstad

    I am an old sovereign American of Swiss birth who has the misfortune to be stuck in one of the most crooked City of El Paso that confiscates my so called free and clear house at over twenty percent in RE taxes of what has not yet been stolen from me.

    Read about his comments about the Ukraine and he is very right: We should clean up our criminal messes before we mess with others.

    Warmongering has pulled us down from the richest to the poorest and now I, a very old member of the abused Private Sector am robbed of the last Nickel.

    For shame: John H. Amstad 4752 Loma Grande Drive, El Paso, TX 79934

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  2. Nike Sko

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  3. Snake

    I am almost 70 years young and what i see in our nation is not just disheartening but is downright scary. The Politicians and The Bankers have just about taken the whole ball game. If future generations are going to be at least somewhat free the younger generation is going to have to pick up the baton. we have degenerated into a nation of crooks, bullys, homosexuals, foreign invaders who have no conception of what America is supposed to be.
    For Gods sake people wake up, we are truly in the last days of this noble experement in Liberty, May God Help us all.

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  4. steven


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  5. steven


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  6. Surfisher

    Ron Paul to WIN — Or American to END 2012!
    (there are no other options!)

    The Mittney will never defeat the BO!

    And If the BO gets reelected, we’ll reach the Point of No Return. (Four more years of this usurper will GUARANTEE the disappearance of the 2nd Amendment — and most likely the disappearance of many visible opponents he has, and certainly the core of the supporters of freedom, in their hundreds of thousands, will be whisked away to FEMA Camps, never to be heard of again — thanks to his NDAA). I would not be surprised if the BO in his second term enacts a law whereby He, for the “good of the people”, can win a third term. All empires end with a dictatorship — and since ours is nearing its end, why expect it to be different. It’s good to be the King — and the BO is a willing Nero (and then his progeny could become a Dynasty).

    On the other hand:

    To his own surprise, Ron Paul has reached a stage that could not have been foreseen at the beginning of his campaign. He actually can depend on more committed patriotic delegates, then Rmoney can count on his forced-through “bound ones”!

    I say, push to Tampa — and see how many will vote their Conscience! We might just get surprised how many patriots still exist in our nation!


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    1. Surfisher

      I saw Rand as speaking in what he did not believe — just like the US hostages did on Iranian TV in 1979-80 (you could not see the gun at their backs, but knew it was there).

      The main similarities that struck me (whereby the hostages were trying to alert us to read between the lines of what they were forced to say): Changes of posture, blinking and then vacantly staring, fluctuation of the voice, unneeded pauses, aversion of eye contact, then direct eye contact (ALL according to the words spoken).

      Draw your own conclusions — but mine are that Rand was FORCED to do it because of a very good reason (one that may not be discussed now)!

      Only a FOOL would assume that a son of Ron Paul’s wonderful family will betray his father (there is a VALID reason behind this move…and that’s all I’ll say about it)!

      Try and read between the lines on your own (and don’t pass it on when you figure it out)!

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  7. Surfisher

    After all the needed venting — Let us focus again!

    What, We The People (forget about the rest) must do:

    1) Assure Ron Paul is on the ballot in Tampa (get those needed 5 States affirmed ASAP)!

    2) Assure Ron Paul is on the ballot in Tampa (get those needed 5 States affirmed ASAP)!

    3) Assure Ron Paul is on the ballot in Tampa (get those needed 5 States affirmed ASAP)!
    Invest all your energy and efforts to ASSURE, ASSURE, ASSURE Ron Paul gets that 5-state plurality!

    His speech alone will Rock the World! And the outcome may shock complacent America!

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  8. Surfisher

    Lawsuit Against the RNC and GOP Fraud — Finally TODAY!

    Spread this far and wide!!


    Today, Monday June 11th, the lid is to be blown wide off the FRAUD that has been going on in the elections this year!!

    This lawsuit will also LEGALLY unbound ALL Delegates and protect them as well!!


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  9. Freempg

    Greetings Patriots. Let me say up front I am a Sarah Palin supporter, who I believe, as a constitutional conservative is a first political cousin to Ron Paul, whose career I have followed. Palin is an advocate of Austrian economics, loathes big goverment, took down corrupt Republicans and Democrats in her home state, was first (besides Paul) to warn and predict Bernanke’s QE2 would fail and only inflate, gave a rousing speech in the middle of an Iowa cornfield on crony capitalism which Newt Gingrich deemed “historic,” stood toe-to-toe with government union goons in the snow and sleet of a Wisconsin winter to support the reforms there, was the principal firebrand for the 2010 Tea Party revolution in the House, and is now single-handedly toppling old-guard RINOs in primaries by endording Tea Party oriented Senate and House Candidates. (Where was Mitt Romney?) Palin has refused to endorse Romney by name and has, to use her words “a strong libertarian streak,” etc, etc. We follow her efforts very closely at conservatives 4 palin, have policy positions, and debunk smears against her.

    Now to my point: There are no bound delegates in round one at the national convention. I know you have discussed that here. There is a lot of smoke on the issue, but that’s all it is. There is precedent that GOP Rule 38 supercedes state bindings as interpreted by a GOP committee attorney in 2008. In 2008, a McCain delegate from Utah petitioned the committee that she wanted to vote for Romney in the first round while technically bound to McCain. She was allowed to do so setting the precedent stated above. Note that Ron Paul references “bound” delegates, this might be a deal he is cutting with Romney that his delegates (namely your compatriots) not rouse the passion of other disaffected delegates (conservatives) who are not at all pleased with yet another coronation for yet another establishment RINO.

    According to Rule 40(b) a plurality from each of five state delegations is required to place ANYONE’s name in nomination in the first round. If no one other name is placed in nomination, Romney wins by acclimation. If Ron Paul’s name is placeed in nomination, he will not draw enough delegates to keep Romney under 1144. Rule 40(b) does not require that the named candidate have pariticpated in the primaries. Even you or I could be nominated.

    My suggestion and heartfelt plea is that you help us stop Romney. We believe that Ron Paul delegates can muster pluralities in five states to place a name in nomination. If not Ron then surely Rand Paul has struck a deal not to obstruct the Romney coronation. But that doesn mean you have to lift the suicide chalice to your lips. I propose that you nominate Sarah Palin, I believe she is the only one that can assemble, with your help, and in consort with disaffected conservatives enough delegates in Tampa to hold Romney under 1144 on the first ballot, thereby throwing the convention open. May the best person win after that. Ron Paul could be back in the game for that matter. A revolt as I describe could cripple the GOP establishment, elevate a tough, principled leader like Palin, and bring Paul delegates into a coalition with teeth that could break the stranglehold the blue blood plutocrats have had on the GOP since Reagan. Please stop by at conservatives 4 palin and check out the facts rather than the smears. Her instincts are there, she is a constitutional conservative and calls for “sudden and relentless reform.” Check out the documentary “The Undefeated” on Netflix to see the wrecking ball she took to the corrupt bastards in Alaska.

    Please pass this along if you agree. I believe it is the only way to stop Romney, and to have a standard bearer who supports a large part of Ron Paul’s positions. Check out Palin’s warning to the GOP not to dengegrate. dismiss or ignore supporters of Ron Paul. She certainly hasn’t. We can do this.

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  10. Surfisher

    RAND Paul a Traitor — or Family Savior?

    Declaring his endorsement of Perfidy Mitt (within 3 days after the Biderberg Gang meeting ended).

    1) At the Bilderberg Gang’s meeting near DC — their gang-members were freely discussing in the lobby of the hotel (for all to hear) best ways to kill Ron Paul and his top supporters. (Why would they do that openly, unless they were sending a CLEAR Message — desist, or perish).

    2) Hotel staff reported (unverified as of yet) that they saw the Mitt sneaking in and attending this Gang of NWO manipulators’ meeting. If true, that he attended, ON TOP of the VERIFIED List of Top US Officials, that were party to this meeting (The Director of NSA, Senator John Kerry, The Governor of Indiana, and others) whose only goal is to Destroy the USA, and usher a One World Government instead — the message, that our OWN Top Officials are PART of this Gang, sends a CRYSTAL CLEAR Signal that they can cover up anything they want (such as an “accidental” airplane crash, or “food” poisoning)!

    3) Korean Air Lines Flight 007 in 1983 shot down by the Soviets — remember the main stream media hullabaloo about this unfortunate “mistake” where innocent civilians died???
    No-one ever mentioned, and still few know, that the Most Dangerous Person to the NWO Gang, was on board that plane — the President of the John Birch Society!

    If they have the power to alert the USSR in 1983, to shoot down this plane, and guarantee them that ALL Western Governments (including our own) will REPORT it as an “Unfortunate Mistake” (which is what transpired then) — isn’t that a clear show of might, that they can do anything they want to ANYONE (and our corrupt government will do their best to cover it up)!

    So, did Rand Paul betray his Father — or is he trying to save his life!

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  11. tony

    Well Rand Paul just lost my support!

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  12. Charity


    The news of Rand Paul endorsing Romney is heartbreaking but….The liberty movement needs as many people as we can to hold positions within our government. Ron Paul has been fighting this in Congress on his own for years…it is time to replace senators and representatives with Liberty minded individuals. What many see as a flip-flop is nothing more than a positioning. We need to stay strong..There is lot’s of work to do and if we believe in Ron Paul, then we need to trust him as well. Continue getting delegates and continue voting in as many Liberty minded individuals into as many government positions we can. Rand may have endorsed Mitt, that does not mean the foundation his father instilled in him is weakened, it merely means he is positioning himself to further his fathers ideologies. But it is not about the Paul’s anymore. It is about the people….We have been given the tools we need to make a difference and it is not over until this voice is reflected in the legislation of America. Focus on our cause not on the bumps in the road. Keep Ron Paul’s vision and movement alive and I am sure Rand will too. See, we have worked too hard to govern the GOP throughout the states and we cannot be ignored, all of the work will be for nothing if the GOP does not take the white house. If the GOP’s candidate takes the white house the power of the Liberty movement will have influence, if Obama gets back in the white house our voices will be stifled. It is time to act in the best interest of our revolution, not against it! We can do this! WE THE PEOPLE!

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  13. Inc

    Ron Paul is such good, great politician. He should be president.

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  14. David

    In California I voted for Roseanne Barr because I am a free thinker meaning that I am a Non-partisans voter. I would have had to register as a Republican to vote for Ron Paul. They offered me a Democratic ballet which I turned down. So my only choice at the time was to vote for Rosianne Barr. I think I will not vote anymore. I give up!

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  15. Rpsupporter

    Ron Paul forever.

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  16. Scott R

    I will not be voting for Romney! Screw the media bias… screw the status quo. I’m not going to continue to spend my vote on this BS rigged 2-party system. I’m tired of the GREED and POWER without regard for doing what is right in regards to our liberty! Growth does not equal prosparity! How about this fiat currency backed by nothing? Inflation is THEFT and wealth transfer from poor to rich. This flawed system WILL FAIL eventually.

    Paul / Johnson 2012… I can dream can’t I? Common Paul… you only need 1/3rd of the vote to win if there are 3 candidates! Even if you don’t win, I want to hear you debate those high spenders!!!

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  17. French Canadian

    INCREDIBLE the ambiance at the Texas convention today. Never seen such an energized crowd in my life. Absolutely beautiful… it blows your minds.

    President Paul is at his best… probably the best speech of his campaign. Lot sof humour also.

    Don’t miss it, it brings back hope.

    Go to: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/suriyahfish

    Then, stroll down the site and click on the first video to hear the speech.

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  18. French Canadian

    Texas Republican State Convention

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  19. robin

    Patriot and Surfisher,
    You are both correct that is up to us now and should be our primary focus. Everyone who has a convention must work on getting delegates at your convention and make sure to monitor how it is being conducted. Get as educated as you can before you go to Tampa. None of us can give up in the homestretch no matter what Ron Paul says. Read between the lines. It’s up to us now.

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  20. French Canadian

    Live Stream: Ron Paul Speech – Texas Convention – Concert, June 7-9

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