Rand Paul Endorses Mitt Romney! :-(

  • Romney would definitely be business as usual. Seems like voting either party just gets you status quo. What a shame. Both parties were once respectable. It’s like anything else..if humans deal with it long enough, they will screw it up. We need a reboot.

  • it would be interesting to hear what Randy really thinks of Romney when he’s behind closed doors. Fly on the wall so-to-speak.

  • its actually working to the strategy of the establishment candidates. They will never let Rand take the head of the table without selling his soul 100%. All he did was stab his supporters and his dad is the back.

  • You overlook strategy. Think more clearly, Rand could gather millions of more sheeple supporters by “walking the affiliation walk.”

  • Rand is sneaky and clever, do not underestimate him, he is a good guy, just vote for rand paul or jesse ventura, and its all good, yes romney is a turd like obama, just remember that, vote for rand, or ventura, rand doesnt support romney, he is just doing what he has to do, creating a perception for himself, as someone that supports people, very Machiavellian, we need this guy in office,

  • maybe rand thinks that staying silent would have damaged the publics perception of him, there are allot of stupid people that do not know what planet there on, rand has to create a perception with these people too, perhaps appearing tight lipped may have made him appear secretive and untrustworthy to those morons,

  • dont you see that the republicans would NEVER allow rand to take the head of the party. They are just using him to secure more votes for themselves waiting to discredit and discard him down the road

  • thats no excuse for backing the enemy of liberty

  • Maybe Rand is just playing the “when in Rome do as the Romans do” card. Anyone agree?