Rand Paul Endorses Mitt Romney! :-(

  • The only way I’d vote for Romney is if Rand was VP. Otherwise I’m voting for Gary Johnson

  • I for one am glad to see Rand recognizing that Mitt wants to audit the Fed, keep the internet open, support family values, and so forth. Those are all good things.

  • ndaa, patriot act, more wars, tarp, obamneycare, man made global warming.Way to go rand.And yes selling out politically is the same as selling out ideologically


  • Guess that marks the political end of the Pauls. Who would want to vote for them after this

  • Ron1


  • did he memorize that SHIT … he said all this on Hannity .. i guess if you hang out in a sewer you’ll end up with a mouth full of sh*t … TRAITOR RAT BASTARD!! YOU’LL NEVER BE YOUR FATHER!!

  • Rand is a POS i will not support him whatever he does and i could not listen to the whole video! Yuck!

  • SELLOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!! to the scumbags U COWARD!!! After what your father DID!!! oooo im unsubscribing !!!!

  • You can’t deliver Ron’s people to Romney! Ron Paul does not own us. We are free and independent people. We support the ideas of Ron Paul which neither Romney or Obama hold dear like The Constitution, Sound Money, and Liberty!

  • Thumbs up if you unsubscribed from Senator Paul’s page

  • Dear Rand Paul:

    Did you know that you are the biggest turd in the punchbowl?

  • Sean

    How could Sen. Rand Paul sell out liberty for more big government this is an out rage. He may not be running for president of the United Sates Of America, however his father the honorable Sen.Ron Paul is. I my self cannot and will not vote for Mittens Romney. I sure hope Rand enjoys what ever he was offered because this is a very very sad day for liberty and the Constitution. Mr. Ron Paul has a great voting record however his son is killing his image. Mittens Romney is the same as Obama against freedom,willing to spy on the american people,willing to pass government take over of health care,willing to kill our constitution. SHAME SHAME SEN. RAND PAUL.

  • ▌▌▌
    Google “Rand Paul email”

    Click the link to his Senate Page.

    Tell him what you think.


  • WTF YOU SELL OUT JUDAS POS !….I hope Karma bites you on the ass for this stunt !..I knew I smelled a fart in church with this kid Rand !….and the TURN COAT politician’s crazy train rolls on !….

  • Keith Glidewell

    Nothing short of Treason! How can Rand Paul support a candidate who voted for all the illegal wars, voted for the Patriot Act, the National Security Authorization Act, fully supports massive military and foreign aid, supports debt ceiling increases and no balanced budget priorities or ammendments? Romney is the complete antithesis of what we, Ron Paul supporters stand for. This is an outrage!!!!

  • Sell out

  • you sure the liberty movement is not controlled by wall-street?? im not lying to anyone im telling the truth. you if really wanted freedom you wouldnt be relying on politicians you would be relying on yourself. How many years have you believe the politicians lies about hows hes about freedom and against wars and he gets into office breaks his promises starting more wars and taking mores of our freedoms away????

  • All Rand is doing by endorsing Romney is pissing off the RP supporters (youngsters and Indies) instead of actually getting them to vote for Romney so he can actually beat Obama.

  • I don’t know why everyone is so surprised Rand is a COnservative-Republican, not a libertarian.

  • Bravo RAND and RON!

    Bringing the constitution back into the Republican Party and laying it out on the table.