Rand Paul Endorses Mitt Romney! :-(

  • WTF

  • Rand you just sold your soul to the devil. Forget him people. Focus on his dad who is still goong strong.

  • Believe me Rand, I am beyond truthful when I say there is nothing honourable about having anything to do with Romney.

  • Ron paul supporter

    Rand Paul obviously doesn’t have the brains to understand that Mit Romney will never beat Obama because true CONSERVATIVES will never support Mit Romney,

    Romney is a GD Communist in conservatives clothing.
    He has lied his ass off to get this far, and he changes his beliefs based solely on which way the wind blows.

    Thanks to Rand Paul we will once again Hail the Illegal Kenyan for another 4 years.

    • Jon Barr


  • Ron Paul delegates are going to vote for Ron Paul at the convention! Delegates are NOT bound and we will not be apart of any deals!

  • tommaso giovanni

    has to some EXCUSE please !!! Ron would not sell us out!!! f–K

  • Ron paul supporter

    Rand Paul should be Sued for misrepresenting himself to Ron Paul’s supporters as a Constitutional Conservative when he’s actually a communist.


    • Jon Barr

      Do you honestly think that Rand would do something like this without daddy’s approval?

  • Umm rand, its not “our” supporters we dont belong to you or anyone. Its an ideal we stand for that this country is so far from its roots and well corrupt. Ron paul is incredible but no matter where he may throw his support romney doesnt have my vote.

  • Citizen


    Rand and Dad PAUL, know this and recognize that the RNC is a rigged STATIST Quo, business as usual operation.

    The “Elephants” don’t change course easily or without significant coersion.

    The Ron Paul REVOLUTION… and TEA PARTY movement is not over!


    WE… will make inroads into the Statists Quo by INFILTRATING the RNC with the truth about the Paul Revolution,
    Are perennial as the grass.
    Don’t give up!

    RAND PAUL for VP???
    Sure why not!

    • Jon Barr

      And you wonder why people think Paulbots are absolute nuts?

      • Citizen

        JonB arr,

        Better a “Paulbot” than a Statists Zombie


        • Jon Barr

          I like to drink tea but I don’t particularly care for those idiots who hold up placards with misspelled words. And again, I reiterate the fact that you can be anti-Paul and anti-statist, socialist, marxist, communist etc…or any other term you like to ascribe to those who don’t support Paul.

  • Mitt Romney does NOT have the # of nominating delegates. There are more state conventions and a shitload of unbound delegates to go. No Rand, it’s NOT a fact!

  • Well I got duped into sending money down the rabbit hole. There’s and old saying the Apple doesn’t fall to far from the Tree….

  • tony

    Rand Paul just lost my support! Voting for Gary Johnson now.

  • Sad

  • Damn kids.

  • tommaso giovanni

    maybe Ron and Rand Paul got threaten. !!!!

    • Ron paul supporter

      If they got threatened then they owe it to the American people to tell us what happened and then start naming names.

      • tommaso giovanni

        you are right!!!

  • Rand has always stated that he would support the eventual nominee no matter who it was. I am disappointed about how highly unlikely, although mathematically possible according to some rules, ron paul getting the nomination is. His career ending is not the end for the movement though. his career has always been more about waking the sheep up. Don’t be the “Paulbots” everyone accuses us of being. lets see how it turns out if we lose lets figure out what’s comes next. Dr. paul would want that.

  • rotten trick

  • Rand, I hope your conscience catches up with you, and you realize that you have just fed your countrymen to a monster, wake up before it begins eating us.

  • Rand, I hope your conscience catches up with you, and you realize that you have just fed your countrymen to a monster, wake up before it begins eating us.

  • NEVER Romney!