Rand Paul Endorses Mitt Romney! :-(

  • Guys think about it. What if Romney wins and neither Rand or Ron Paul are in a position to help us? I would rather take Rand or Ron as VP or chairman of the FED. Remember what our goal is – END THE FED! This is bigger than Ron and Rand.


  • French Canadian

    LOL… the Show went in overdrive.

    Adam Kokesh (the guy who organized the veteran march in DC for Ron Paul) popped in in the third hour. Great insights from him.

  • Who the FUCK are the 10 people that liked this video? Was it Lord Romney’s family?

  • You have diluted the movement, and we are left picking up the pieces. WHILE YOU CAMPAIGN FOR HIM YOU ASSHOLE!

  • Get the FUCK out of here Rand… you’re a disappointment!!!

  • Seriously guys, fuck this, WHO CARES… Rand Paul is NOT Ron Paul… obviously he’s the apple that fell FAR from the tree… forget him.

  • “Why did you decide to do that?”…. well, quite simply, it’s because he’s FUCKED IN THE HEAD!

  • SMART MOVE, he will get more done if he does small token things like this.

  • Shame.

  • So, Who blackmailed him?

  • Rand is just playing the game, backing Romney is just a ploy

  • Jeff

    I believe the “american politics” your referring to Jon comes from the same currupt system we have been battling since the fed was introduced ,he who has the most frodulent reserve notes wins,and this is just another example

    • Jon Barr

      That American politics are corrupt I don’t dispute. My view is that if that’s going to change, which it can’t and won’t, you would need someone with a bit more gravitas, intellectual capacity and a greater level of sanity to lead the change.

  • That’s a LOT of dislikes…

    Hey Rand, congratulations on RUINING your father’s *legion of young people* on the internet… you’ve done fucked that all up. But maybe it’s not as bad as I thought… hopefully people are smart enough to realize that you obviously are NOT a chip off the old block that is Dr. Paul… maybe Heather cheated on him with Lord Romney to conceive your Benedict-Arnold bullshit…

    But the message here is simple. It’s obvious that Rand Paul < Ron Paul... nuff said.

  • Yes I totally agree ……Especially after what Jim Tucker was saying to Alex Jones about the rhetoric in the lobby of the hotel.They havn’t destroyed Dr.Ron and his supporters but this is like chopping their legs off !
    We have to give RP a chance to speak cos I cant believe that he would come thus far only to bomb out.

  • HOLY SHIT!!!

    First of all, Hannity you can go fuck yourself! You know exactly why Dr. Paul won’t come on your show; it’s because you’re a DICK and a shit-faced retard.

    Secondly, Rand I don’t even know what the fuck you’re talking about here… you like Romney’s family, seriously? What the fuck does that even mean? And you think he really gives a shit about any of the Tea Party or Libertarian values? Dude he doesn’t give a FUCK he’s playing you like he did in Bain Capital… get FUCKED!!!

  • French Canadian

    Special message from Alex Jones:

    Ron Paul, Don’t Destroy Yourself (Video)

    • Jon Barr

      Instead of defending Paul, don’t you think you’d have a better time disrupting Crescent street?

  • Rand Paul takes such a weak unprincipled position that even this lowly media presstitute has NO problem making him look like an asshole.


  • Jeff

    Hey Jon its not about winning or losing its about living in FREEDOM and if you think you do now your the one thats in delution.

    • Jon Barr

      Actually American politics is all about winning and losing and if you think that somehow the Pauls are above that then yes you are delusional. The father is out and the son wants to have some sort of future in the party to which he is affiliated….It makes perfect sense that he would endorse Romney, for what that’s worth. Honestly, what is Rand supposed to do? Ignore the fact that Romney is the nominee of his party? I suspect Rand is a bit too practical and realistic for some of his father’s most die-hard supporters as evidenced on this forum.

  • Jeff

    o.k. To those that think Ron is somehow behind this I ask why would you spend close to 30 years of your life fighting for something to give in at the end?Doesnt make a damn bit of sence.As excited as I was at the beginning Im equally confused right now.