Rand Paul Endorses Mitt Romney! :-(

  • Geeza

    This wouldn’t be the first time that Rand has sided with the establishment as opposed to Ron Paul who sided with his principles.

    On the issues of sanctions against Iran and the Ground Zero Mosque Rand Paul towed the Bible bashing Neo Con line.

    At this stage there was no need whatsoever for Rand Paul to endorse Mitt Romney, except of course unless Rand Paul was more concerned about his political future than his fathers movement.

    He’s put his father in an impossible position though. If Ron Paul approves Rand Pauls endorsement, he alienates his supporters. If Ron Paul condemns Rand Pauls endorsement, he alienates his so.

    Could Rand Paul be any gayer?

    • Valerie Heskia

      I’m really not sure where it is written that says Rand Paul is somehow obliged to follow his father lock stock and barrel? Is Rand not entitled to form his own political career outside the shadow of his father and his goofy ideology? If Rand is a traitor then the only one he betrayed is his father….last I checked, Rand had no obligation to his father’s supporters.

      • Angie Siegesmund

        Rand is not obliged to follow in his fathers footsteps and he has every right to form his own political career outside his fathers shadow however, it was donations / votes by tea party members that put Rand in office! He pandered to the Libertarian movement to get elected, and by endorsing Romney he has alienated Ron Paul supporters in the process. I believe that counts as a “betrayal” don’t you?
        Why are you posting comments here? You’re neither a Ron Paul supporter nor an American. Seems to me you are TROLLING for the luls! Worry about the politics in your own country and let us tend to ours!

  • since when has anything Mitt said meant anything?

  • This looks to be a betrayal of the cause: http://truthalert.net/How%20Do%20You%20Spell%20Traitor.htm

    Judging from all the comments, it’s already causing blowback.

  • He said;Our supporters.I guess he hasn’t read these comments.

  • robin

    I’ve never seen you on here before, so I can only assume that you are not a Ron Paul Supporter and support Romney. No one knows the actual delegate count and won’t until Tampa, so it’s not over until it is over. Not everything is always as it seems, so things are going on that we are definitely are not aware of but will be once we get to TAMPA. As far as us being a minority, you obviously get your news from the MSM. This is intentional and has been from the start. It also only takes 5% of the population to create meaningful changes when they are actively involved. Obviously, you are unaware of what has been going on since Iowa like the majority of Americans. Yes, we are a threat otherwise why would you even be on here if you are not a Ron Paul supporter. We will continue to secure positions within the party and delegates at our state conventions and continue our fight at TAMPA. Stay focused Ron Paul supporters…It’s not OVER! It is just the beginning…We have to stay strong and committed for everyone who has not had their convention yet, and for our national delegates.

    • Valerie Heskia

      I read what’s on this forum because I’m doing a paper for my political extremism course and I’m getting tons of material. As for the nomination, I think Ron Paul admitting that Romney will be the nominee is a pretty good indication as to what’s going to happen at the convention.


  • Observer1964

    What is Ron Paul’s reaction to his sons action?

    I cant help feeling like someone stabbed me in the back.

  • Marlys Richter

    Cool It Folks, Please,
    Rand Paul is not betraying his father, or us, or the Liberty and Freedom movement. Sometimes things are not what they seem. There are things going on that we do not know about. We need to lower the heat and just wait and see. Getting all stirred up is not going to do any good. If you believe in Ron Paul and, or Rand Paul just trust. I do. All of the other candidates that have dropped out of the race have endorsed Romney. Even Bachmann. Lets just wait until we see what happens at the convention.

  • The choice is between having sex with your mother or your sister. Faced with this dilemna, it doesnt do Rand any favor by choosing either one because at the end, he still an incestious asshole. Also its not just that he endorsed Romney, its the way he did it and where he did it.

  • Rand Paul and Ron Paul are finished in politics. This video clip ought to be considered a snuff film of two traitors killing their careers and their legacy. The name Paul is now synonymous with Mudd and Benedict Arnold. Nice going dicks!

  • Rand Paul, you have shamed yourself and have obviously sold-out for a seat at the treasonous top table.

    You’re already bending-over backward not to talk bad about Romney… disgusting!

    If Rand can do this to his own father, imagine how fast he will roll over his supporters in order to appease his new masters!

  • Rand Paul, you have shamed yourself and have obviously sold-out for a seat at the treasonous top table.

    You’re already bending-over backward not to talk bad about Romney… disgusting!

    If Rand can do this to his own father, imagine how fast he will roll over his supporters in order to appease his new masters!

  • There’s a special place in hell for you Rand. I’ll never support you.

  • What a piece of excrement.

  • Runt Paul makes the news? WHY?!? He’s useless.

  • French Canadian
  • Ericray

    I am confused.

    Why did Rand endorse Mitt? Certainly he didn’t do it to further his own political carrer. Rand’s endorsement is one of the most unpopular things I’ve ever seen in politics. Check out the like/dislike ratio of Rand’s endorsement on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3c5odNzKVbk

    114 likes and 1,734 dislikes! LOL.

    Sure, Rand’s endorsement might win him a few neoconservative nods; however, they will still not want to touch Rand with a 10 foot pole because of his name and family. LOL. This leaves Rand selling his family and soul for a few coins. It leaves him in the position of being a bad neocon and a lousy liberty candidate.

    • Ericray

      oh, but the good news is Mitt will be nice enough to give Ron and Rand speaking time at the convention! WOW! I bet people will reeaaaally listen to sell outs!

    • Tom Barret

      All due respect, Rand’s endorsement is only unpopular to those die-hard supporters of his father, but luckily for Rand these are a very insignificant minority of Republican voters. On the balance, non-RP revolutionary type voters are much more influential in his constituency and the Republican party thus it was a smart political move.

      • Ericray

        Spoken like a true politician, Tom Barret, American politician and a member of the Democratic Party who has served as the Mayor of Milwaukee, Wisconsin since 2004.

        Ron and Rand’s whole appeal was their integrity and no compromise. I know it is hard to understand as a seasoned politician, but the American people are tired of politicians like you and apparently Rand. Good luck with your “political moves”, deals and pay-offs.

      • Tom Barret

        Actually I’m not a politician and I highly doubt a real politician would either have the time or inclination to post on forums such as these. I also not a democrat. I agree with you about integrity but no successful politician has ever been able to go gung-ho without compromising some of the time; it’s the name of the game. Perhaps in an ideal world this would not be so, but unfortunately, the United States is hardly a perfect place. It may very well be that Americans are tired of political games but if that’s true, they certainly don’t envision Ron Paul as the attractive alternative. He has ran for president three times and has lost all three times. Now that’s probably because most of his views are anathema to many in the Republican party which begs the question as to why, if Ron Paul’s values and policies are as popular as Paul supporters make them seem, he has not run as an independent third party candidate for president. Ideals are great, but if they never have the opportunity to be put into place, like by winning an election outside of some obscure Texas constituency, then it’s all academic.

  • Cut him some slack….we all do stupid things…after making a few mistakezs of his own, he’ll be back. He’s a Paul isn’t he?

  • I think Rand Paul wants to be chosen Romney’s running mate. You know, if the RNC said they had picked Jesus Christ to be the Vice Presidential nominee, I still wouldn’t vote for Romney. It is obvious to me that the RNC doesn’t want Romney to be president because poll after poll says he can’t beat Obama, so why choose Romney as their candidatein the first place? The fix is in, then, Obama for a second term. Either way, with Romney or Obama, the country is toast. God help us all!

  • Sean

    This is an out rage. Sen. Rand Paul has turned his back on the constitution and the liberty movement. To say that Romney wants to end the FED what a bold faced LIE. Mittens Romney does not want to protect the rights and freedoms of the american people. Romney is bought and sold by the same people as Obama, he is was and is a socialist dog. He does not want to see smaller government,he does not want to see everyone prosper,he only wants to continue business as usual. He is an agenda 21 pushing constitution killing big bank backing new world order scum bag. Sen.Rand Paul I hope you enjoy what ever you were offered. Rand you may not be running for president but your father the very honorable Sen.Ron Paul is. I cannot and will not vote for mittens romney no matter what. SHAME SHAME Sen.Rand Paul you have killed your fathers legacy,his great voting record his over 20 years as a defender of liberty by becoming a sell out, NO AMOUNT OF WORDS COULD EVER JUSTIFY YOUR ACTIONS HERE. TRAITOROUS NEW WORLD ORDER GLOBALIST SCUM BAG.

    • Valerie Heskia

      You equate endorsing the nominee as turning one’s back on the constitution? No that isn’t nutty in the least!

      • Sean

        Rand has turned his back on his father and the constitution to say other wise is simply foolish. Rand has a good voting record however endorsing a man who intendeds to continue things as usual in Washington DC is the move of a traitor. He cannot actually think he is defending freedom by doing this. He endorsed a mainline mainstream republican something his father is against. Romney is the same as the tyrant who is in office now. RAND IS A SCUM BAG SO IS ROMNEY AND OBAMA. THE ANSWER TO 1984 IS 1776 NOT SELLING OUT WITCH IS WHAT RAND DID.

  • robin

    Unfortunately Valerie, you are missing an important piece here and that is Surfisher is right. Sounds to me like you have not done your homework about who is running this country. We can’t know whether Ron Paul and his families life has been threatened. You are very naive because it has happened so many times when people expose the truth or gain political power. He was never a threat before now. As soon as Ben Swann got involved and we found out the delegates are not bound, we became a real threat. We have the momentum to shake things up in Tampa. It is not over until the state conventions are done and we go to Tampa. Anytime someone brings up something that they can’t get their head around, it is a conspiracy theory or people are nut jobs. You are playing right into these people’s hands. They want to divide people and this is an example of how it is done. Plain and simple. It’s not over…

    • Valerie Heskia

      Actually you don’t have the power to shake things up at the convention and I am eagerly waiting to see how folks like you react when Romney is officially invested as the nominee. Romney has enough delegates to win on the first ballot but even if he didn’t, the other candidates have already endorsed him. The RNC is already coordinating things with the Romney campaign so there’s absolutely no way that anything substantive is going to happen. The only thing Paul delegates can do is make asses of themselves, which I’m sure they have no problems with. What I am more interested to see is who Paul supporters will vote for in the end…Probably not Romney or Obama. Maybe Johnson…But I’m willing to bet most will simply stay home and appoint a new leader of the so-called revolution. And back to the main point, Paul poses no threat; he never posed a threat. The only reason people might think that there are those who want to off him is because they rather crazily believed that Paul had a chance of winning something and might actually upset the status-quo which is all nonsense. No one around the world cares about Paul because they realize like so many Americans do that he is an old crank and outlier whose support is, how should I put think gently, limited to a very particular group of individuals.