Rand Paul Endorses Mitt Romney! :-(

  • Nobody threatened the Paul’s. There actually are people in the world with courage and integrity, Rand Paul just isn’t one of them.

    All he would needed to do was put out a letter or video saying his life had been threatened, and by who, and there would be an army of patriots there surrounding them.

    He could have gathered up his family, and what are they going to do, swat team the Paul’s and kill everybody? Threatening them wouldn’t work.

    He sold out. (before this even started)

  • Credibility=bye bye

  • i like how all the people telling rand paul to go to hell at one point supported obama or a non-liberty candidate during their lifetime.

  • Unsubdued you unamerican asshole, I will never vote for you.

  • Wake up American BITCHES… Your cowards for not defending Republic… Ron Paul is a sell out.. What a bitch…


  • Nope. It means no more Rand Paul for Kentucky Senator at the next elections.

  • Rand was never, EVER like his dad; it’s been obvious for YEARS if you ever bothered to read his remarks on the major issues. I denounced the little shit years ago and I’m not even mildly surprised at this manoeuver (sp?) of his.

  • I think you’re delusional.

  • Rand was NEVER a Libertarian, right from the start! PAY ATTENTION! He has always been a statist; just read what he’s said over the years. He calls himself a “conservative” and is no different from the mainstream GOP slimeballs.
    Just because your father is a good man doesn’t mean that you will be one; we have free will, folks, and Rand has exercised his. He’ll have to answer for it too, just as we all do.
    RON PAUL in 2012 ! ! !

  • in fact, Rand there are two ships in the water and they soon will part ways. hope you’re on the right one!

  • French Canadian

    Adam Kokesh: Jesse Benton’s Torrid Past

  • robin

    Since you are looking for sources, watch the documentary Hacking Democracy by Bev Harris a journalist out of Washington State. It will give you some insight into the election and voter fraud that goes on in this country. Of course, you have to scrutinize all your sources because there is a great deal of misinformation out there. Also, go to Ben Swann’s Reality Check as he is a journalist who deals with issues in an unbiased and objective manner. His station is employee owned not owned by one of the 7 corporations. Then judge for yourself.

    • Valerie Heskia

      I never gave the impression that I thought the American electoral system was flawless; there are deep problems. For one, instead of having Secretaries of State of the political party in power deciding things, each state should have an independent election commission. The electoral college should be abolished. Everyone should have to present some sort of ID…..I have never suggested that the USA is fine and nothing should be changed, I’ve only suggested that Ron Paul is not the man to do it. And I’m not entirely sure how you will change the corporate structure that owns the various media outlets because they have every right to own what they want to.

  • robin

    Maybe one day you will understand what this movement was about and why they want it to fail. You have much to learn. The first thing is about political strategy and the fact that not everything is as it appears. Think about it…or if you have a wise instructor, ask them….

    • Valerie Heskia

      You say there are those who want it to fail, I say there isn’t enough support for it to even get off the ground…As I wrote to the other guy, if you want RP’s policies to be put into practice, then you had better get a decent candidate who can actually win an election. And yes that will mean some compromise and give and take. You might think there is a revolution coming, I don’t. You can only influence change from within the system warts and all.

  • robin

    Sad to say, you have much to learn, but you will when it affects you directly. Your generation will carry the burdens of what we do in this election cycle. The fact that you consider this movement extremism is typical of what our founding fathers also experienced when they were fighting to create a new nation. Anyone who goes against the status quo is considered an extremist. This is true of teachers or professors who dare think outside the box. Thank GOD for these rare people who get people to think outside of their indoctrination. I recommend you start by watching the You Tube videos by Charlotte Isberyt called “The Miseducation of America” She wrote the Deliberate Dumbing Down of America( a best seller when it first came out), but this book is massive. Better to start with her videos if you want to learn something about your education. She was the senior policy adviser for the Ronald Reagan administration in the Dept. of Education. Most of America is asleep, and anyone who thinks out of the mainstream is considered crazy or a troublemaker. What someone in my GOP referred to as the “silent” majority. The people that are not involved and go along with whatever their parents tell them to do(the party line-not what is right and just). If you want to educate yourself, you have to keep an open=mind and do outside research-not from mainstream sources.

    • Valerie Heskia

      Well to each their own. And as for your “mainstream sources” comment, I think the fact that I am bothering to peruse sites like this demonstrates that I am not restricting myself to anything. And yes my generation will carry the burdens of what will come, but I don’t think one even needs to analyze the substance of the various platforms of the parties and candidates to know that Ron Paul will not win and will never win even if he would want to run again. Many of Paul’s policies seem beneficial, the only problem is they will never be put into practice. If you want to change America for real, perhaps it’s best to get a candidate who can actually win a national election.

  • Observer1964

    We need Direct Democracy….

    Voting for ideas instead of people you can’t trust at the end of the day.

    • David Franks

      Well since that is not what the framer’s intended, you certainly cannot be a Paul supporter….Constitution first!

  • I see this as political suicide abandoning dad. He has to know this. Something else is going on. Maybe a threat to a loved one’s life. It doesn’t fit that someone with integrity could do such a thing. Time will tell… maybe.

  • Observer1964
    • Valerie Heskia

      Of course it’s true. Unfortunately, too many people love to live in the Ron Paul will never lose crazy bubble.

  • he did it after Ron admitted he can’t win?

  • “Those are just facts” regarding Romney winning the nomination? That’s fucking sad, Rand!

  • French Canadian