Ron Paul’s Speech at the Texas Republican State Convention

  • How are those taglines in any way? He’s speaking the truth, and Paul speaks without a script unlike most politicians. How about you try giving an hour speech every other night, with no script, to thousands of people, and see how you do.

  • What? No confusion comes from the constitution. The constitution is very clear about the enumerated powers that the government is ONLY suppose to have. The only “confusion” is when our so-called leaders decide not to follow it.

  • Wait for the convention in Tampa.

  • It’s not over till it’s over.

  • Property rights and personal rights are not very confusing.

  • Id like to see Obamney get half that crowd and half the enthusiasm. Beware Tampa you coward neocons.

  • My newfound belief is that Ron Paul is a sleeper candidate for people who fall for the “let’s make change” banner even when it is backed by smoke and mirrors. Pardon my cynicism, but this country could be run by children if the cyphers of the system could be eliminated. As Jesus said, beware the moneychangers…


  • But what does that have to do with the economy and foreign policy? Is it a proscribed way of saying that you will end all wars if you are elected? Seems like a lot of rhetoric and not a lot of solutions.

  • 13:30: Eisenhower actually visited Panama during the crisis in one of the first televised Presidential trips out of the country.

  • There will only be 1 RON PAUL. In this day Rand Paul endorsed the biggest liberal “conservative” all for the sake of his political affiliation. Rand is starting his political career with a history of a politician.

  • 11:15: He is starting to pull taglines out of thin air to get the crowd going…

  • 06:30: What does it look like to “call to task the Federal Reserve?” They have been trying to control the Fed for decades. It has only been within the last few years that it became common knowledge that the Fed is not regulated by the government… keeping them under surveillance only does so much. I agree that steps need to be taken, but the pressure should be put toward shutting the Fed DOWN!

    A lot of this cheering seems prosaic and superficial.

  • How do you “unite behind the constitution?” Isn’t that where all of the confusion comes from in the first place…

  • UK endorses Ron Paul!

  • Im having weird youtube theme error.

  • God, I don’t even know what to think about this, everyone I know says hes dropped out then the news won’t say his name period and declare Mitt the winner. I REALLY WANT RON TO WIN JUST TO SHUT THEM UP!

  • That cheer just made my heart sing!

  • Even without Rand, we will triumph! Ron Paul 2012!

  • never give up Ron Paul….