Ron Paul’s Speech at the Texas Republican State Convention

  • It’s to bad Paul u wernt sterilized at birth. your son is a real piece of work.

  • The crowd is huge and awe -inspiring !!! Mitt could not pull in 1/20 that number of people , yet sadly , will most likely be our GOP nominee 🙁 No matter what happens , I will always admore Dr. Paul and am with him til the end . This man is a real hero to me . I only wish he would address Rand’s endorsements – it would make people feel a lot better as that was a crushing blow to me .

  • Please use decent grammar next time, before you attack me. Thanks.
    Yes I do know the difference between a Liberal and a Libertarian. Liberals want to control out lives and Libertarians want us to withdraw from the world. I don’t agree with any of those, so ism a conservative.

  • Are all Romney supporters as stupid as you because you cant even tell the difference between a Liberal and a Libertarian. Romney is an elitist puppet for Bain Capitol and Wall Street, he will give us nothing but pure Fascism in 2013 while Obama offers Communism. Ron Paul is the only alternative who offers something truly American, Freedom & Liberty.


  • What is it with Liberals and hating people with more money then them? I’m voting for Romney because the government is out of control right now, and he wants to let corporations do what they desire. Not to mention Ron Paul has virtually no chance of winning the election.

  • Ok good luck voting for Mittbama I hope you blame yourself for the continued wars, corporate welfare, and corruption I hope you’re man/woman enough to admit its what YOU voted for…

  • You’re*. And I am not not a sheep.

  • robin

    FELLOW PATRIOTS: It appears many in this movement are fighting amongst themselves and this is exactly what the establishment wants to see happen. I read that a few people who were organizing the Paul Festival were let go of by the board and now are saying they will try and sabotage the Festival. Get a grip people. We have to have a unifying message especially during a time of uncertainty and remember why we can only create change if we remember why we are in this movement. This happens in every ineffective organization/movement when it splinters into different groups. This is the problem with America and why we can’t come together from different points=of-view. We are all Americans. If you care about the future of this country as we all do who support Ron Paul, think about where you are putting your energy now? Get out of the angry mindset and do something constructive again for the future of this country. A defeatist attitude will get us nowhere. We need to continue to create positive changes at the local and state level, and not turn your back because you are unhappy about what has been going on in this campaign recently? We have to overcome these obstacles and show our commitment. We have to act like adults here and DO THE RIGHT THING? That is the bottom line. Think before you react. Time to regroup and get Ron Paul elected and work on creating necessary changes at the local and state level. Forget about Rand Paul, Jesse Benton, and just focus on supporting those that are fighting behind the scenes to get Ron Paul elected and to change the party from within by getting key positions. NOTHING ELSE MATTERS RIGHT NOW.

    • Surfisher

      Robin — another excellent post!

      I’ll put it in a few words:

      Unless Ron Paul himself tells you to quit — Don’t!
      (and that will never happen!)

  • And your a sheep.

  • cant wait till he drops out. he is a nut

  • webster tarpley is right about 70% of the time, but your statement you/he made is in the 30%-tile

  • Lets see mitt romney pull in a crowd that big….haha

  • RON Paul knew he would at least wake up millions of people by running, even if he didnt win, he got people involved and I think that was his main goal. How many people learned something from Ron Paul? I bet tons. he is getting up there and cant go forever. Ron Paul won even without getting into the white house.

  • thats a big HOPE that they are doing that. I hope your right. I would love to see Romney get on the people’s side with Ron Paul.

  • President Paul

  • Cory Philip

    All that needs to happen now, is for one of Romney’s sons to endorse Ron Paul on FAUX news, and this would be an absolute mind altering cluster faux.

    Hisstory has shun us, that a Paul falls far from his tree.

    How stRANDdud are we now?

  • Nick

    The establishment is like the mafia. By endorsing Mitt Romney, you endorse the Mafia crime family.

    Rand Paul is a traitor. All the money bombs – to endorse the Mafia.

    The corporate whore media is extremely happy to have another political prostitute.

    Ron Paul should fire his campaign manager, clean office, and run independent.


  • Lol, ok buddy, that’s like saying the US economy, which is propped up by paper, is strong. Or a house of cards is sturdy because it is built with more cards.

  • Cory Philip

    All that needs to happen now, is for one of Romney’s sons to endorse Ron Paul on FAUX news, and this would be an absolute mind altering cluster fuck.

    Hisstory has shun us, that a Paul falls far from his tree.

    How stRANDdud are we now?