Ron Paul’s Speech at the Texas Republican State Convention

  • robin

    Thanks for posting about Texas delegates as I just saw this as well. This is a very good strategy to protect people and be low key. Peace….

  • Thanks for putting this on YouTube! I am one of the LLST members who livestreamed the entire TX Convention :).

  • Romney…are u slow I just said that, I think were done here go ahead and vote for your enslavement I dont care.

  • Who’s the racist now?

  • Me too, I have supported Ron Paul through the whole process … what is going on?


  • Um except im only supporting Ron Paul or Gary Johnson im 100% against BOTH mainstream candidates I could give a fuck less what Obama believes he doesnt deserve another term. Romney is no better then Obama they have the same financers, Mormons ARE RACISTS! I guess I understand, you being from Utah and all, can u at least admit Paul supporters are more intelligent because your coming off really stupid.

  • Midknite Storm

    Patriot Paul may never become President Paul. Rand Paul will never recieve a contribution for selling out. Regardless if he inherits Ron Pauls legacy and million dollar legacy list. Unless he is the best of the worst he will not recieve a vote from me either. I will write in patriot Paul come November as well. Patriot Paul has highlighted the GOP corruption as being as bad as the democrats corruption. In both cases the establishment or self serving liberals can be seen forcing their hand to control the movement. Yes the controlling folks in the republican party are as liberal as the Progressive. As has been stated to fix Gov. we patriots must become gov. Get involved, don’t give up, don’t give in, no compromise and let’s take back our country. Their plan was set for 60 years to destroy us let us plan 20 to out the treasonous self serving vipers and regain our independance. If you are true like Paul you have the little support I can provide as an impoverished peasant in the land of lawlessness, criminals, frauds, crooks and corruption. Teach your children. Avoid supporting banks and colleges with financial servitude. Attempt to find ways to self insure your families. These industries and more are owned by the very people we fight. Think mom and POP shops, farms and barter and trade. Think freedom and liberty versus that new car loan. Think private over commercial and self managed retirement accounts wisely diversified and properly invested to minimizing leaking profits to these criminals.

  • Surfisher

    Comprehend its Meaning!

    The Texas State Organizer for the Paul Campaign has requested that YOU do not make our delegates into targets for the establishment! If you want to list the number of Paul delegates and/or alternates in your Texas CD, DO NOT GIVE THE CD number! If you say there are 2 delegates in CD#”X”, they will be able to find out who they are and cause these people problems! DO NOT GIVE out any State wide delegate totals (Yes, I know no one even has this yet, but if you figure it out, DO NOT give it out). AND MOST IMPORTANTLY DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE RELEASE ANY NAMES! PLEASE allow our delegates anonymity! Look at what has been done to known Paul supporters in other states! Arrested, broken bones, displaced hips, punches, etc., they do not need problems. It will all be written about years from now, but from here to Tampa BE QUIET! Loose lips sink ships! There has already been too much info released! I realize everyone wants to know so they can cheer our success, but we had the success we had BECAUSE we were low key, under the radar at the convention. Which is the best way to win by the way, coordinated, organized, and low key!

  • I live in Utah, everybody I talk to is freindly, and i’m not religious in the least. Now can we stop bashing Romneys religion? Maybe I’ll attack Obama on being Muslim.

  • RON PAUL is the dad america needs…

  • I said sociopath not anti-social, huge difference. Mormonism is a cult based on complete lies and racism, they think black skin is a curse and Natives are jews, this is highly offensive to everyone outside the cult, I can see the media all over the issue later on in the election. And your lying, you would not support a Muslim candidate now stfu and watch this video. /watch?v=zzkSxxSfEuo

  • Surfisher

    What we learned from this GOP Primary Election!

    Just a few months ago, anyone telling me that there was such a thing as election fraud, would have raised my eyebrows.

    And with a smirk, I would have responded: “Yeah, sure, it probably happens from time to time somewhere in the Deep South…. But, not here, where we are all civilized” — would have been my crushing retort.

    Do I feel now the Fool, the Snob, the Naive, the Misguided, the Dupe, the Betrayed — YES!

    IT WAS SHOCK AND AWE — What the GOP did! They managed to grind down all my beliefs in Liberty and Justice for All INTO NOTHINGNESS!

    The SHOCK was their constant manipulation to do elections behind closed doors. The AWE was their TRANSPARENT Fraud at all State’s Conventions — in their zeal to elect their chosen, the Mitt, the GOP displayed total disregard they were being recorded for all to see.

    Their ARROGANCE for this BLATANT display must rest in their assurance that they are Above the Law, while we, the people, count for nothing!

    What happened to us America — when did we blink to lose it All?!

  • Rule 38 , rule 38 get behind it.

  • Explain how he is anti-social. And now you’re attacking Romney on his religion? He could be muslim and I would not care. I like him a lot.

  • Alex Jones Needs to Run For Prez. He is a Better Smooth Talker Than Obama, But Actually Tells the Truth. Do People Realize How Intelligent Alex Jones Is? He Could Beat Obama in a Debate. Alex Jones isn’t a Coward Afraid of Death Threats.

    Everyone Email and Call the RADIO show and “”””DEMAND””” Alex Jones to Run 3rd Party. I Bet you he would win.

  • 5. Romney IS a sociopath, theres definitely something “off” about him and anyone outside the Neo-Con bubble can see, this will effect him come November. Plus his religion is racist as hell, you can rule out the minority/youth/Liberal/Libertarian vote.

  • 1.Romney is for Big Govt and regulation, he doesnt give a fuck about Free Market economics or Freedom period, hes a Corporate Puppet just like Obama
    2.Romney supports wars because the 1% profet directly from it and whats good for them is good for him. They dont fear us they HATE us for all weve done.
    3.Romney is pro NDAA and CISPA, funded by Goldman Sachs.
    4.Prohibition NEVER works the cartels would shut down if Americans could get there drugs legally as proven in Netherlands & Portugal.

  • First of all, do you really think I’m going to hell for not wanting big government? I think Romney supports wars because people will be afraid of America, he does not actually want war. He openly said he was against SOPA… Also, care to explain why you want drugs coming into this country and destroying people? I think we are being too nice now. And come on, Romney is now a sociopath? There is one rule in debates, if you use personal attacks against the other side, you just lost.

  • No, your a Neo-con and there will be a special place in hell for you and the like when this society comes to a sudden end. Romney stands for more wars, more censorship, Indefinite detention(NDAA), and continuing the war on Drugs. On top of this hes a Mormon cultist(highly unelectable) and he wants to run America like a giant Fascist corporation, he has no personality because he was born a sociopath.

  • That noise of LIBERTY!!