Ron Paul’s Speech at the Texas Republican State Convention

  • I do not, I have a feeling your a troll.

  • So you support prohibition? Tell me about it please.

  • Lou “Fat C0ck” Jackson

    I be votin fo Ron Paul dis fall. Who wit me????????? Paul hatas best f*ck off or be delt wit. You gots dat, c*nts???????


  • Harry “Ball Sac” Jones

    I will be writing in “Ron ’10 Incher’ Paul” in November. Who is with me?

  • The explanation is that Ron Paul is a con artist and you are his mark.

  • Of course he controls his son you dunce.

  • You idiot. You think Rand would endorse Romney without his daddy’s OK? you are a stupid schmuck. You’ve been played. Cut your losses now idiot.

  • Mike Smith

    Ron Paul is great but I always thought that the reason people liked him was because he was a libertarian meaning FREE MARKETS and capitalism. Under an unrestricted free market system, corporations would have fewer burdens of regulation which is great but I see here many self-professed Paul lovers who can’t stop trashing corporations…I’m not too sure if they understand what libertarianism means!

    • Redragonfighter

      The people who are trashing corporations aren’t trashing the corporations themselves, or the ability for those corporations to grow large under the free market system. They are frustrated about all the tax cuts and special treatment the government gives big corporations in exchange for money on the campaign trail, which is obviously criminal and unconstitutional. People don’t like how the Corporations and Government are in bed with each other.

  • Australia endorses Ron Paul2012!!!

  • Australia endorses Ron Paul2012!!!

  • Whether you like it or not Americans are majority anti war and prohibition, Paul would win landslide, Romney is the Republican Kerry.

  • I have more faith in the private sector then the evil government we have now. Is that bad?

  • lmao wow thank you captain obvious no one expects everything to be fixed asap in 4 years while corrupt cunts own the majority.

  • You want ron to explain why his grown son chose to support romney? lol What do you think he controls his son?

  • Paul has some mental problems if he thinks he could actually do everything he says. Even he knows he can’t win.

  • Obama will have the last laugh, its not I who will hurt the most as I am not in the middle class, Romney will lose and all you retards had to do was ignore your irrational fears and support Ron Paul the most diverse candidate there has ever been…way to go.

  • We’ll see who’s laughing when Ron Paul gets less then 5% of the vote.

  • WE Are done with Ron Paul – sad to say. 🙁

  • Great Speech! Thanks for the livestream.

  • The media and establishment probably threatened him