Ron Paul’s Speech at the Texas Republican State Convention

  • hear them roar LIIIIBBBEEERRRTTTYYY!!!! 😀

  • Rand Paul says Ron Paul has dropped out of the race and that he’s going to support Mutt Romney now. I want to hear this old man answer for that, because there are a whole bunch of people paying 5k dollars to go to Tampa to try and get him elected.

    Are we just supposed to piss more of our money down a black hole fighting for somebody that had no intention of doing anything other than misdirecting Americans towards a broken and self defeating campaign?


  • He certainly isn’t working with us when his campaign refuses to do any fund raising other than “money bombs” even when thousands of us show up at rallies.

    He told his supporters not to wear any buttons or shows of support to the conventions.

    He told them not to speak out against anything and keep it to Ron Paul talking points.

    If somebody cancels all his public appearances and shuts down the campaign while we’re taking over conventions and party leadership, that’s called working against you.

  • I’m just baffled that you would actually say Ron Paul is working against us hahahaha my goodness….

  • I’m just baffled that you would actually say Ron Paul is working against us hahahaha my goodness….

  • Who’s campaigning for Romney? Rand just stated in an interview that he supports him, he’s not campaigning for him, he’s got his hands full being a Senator. Do you even know what tentative means? Ron Paul hasn’t worked against anyone of us throughout his campaign, HE’S BEEN FIGHTING FOR US. He knows about everything that’s happening, and has called out the media several times, but to say he’s working against us? How can you even take yourself seriously when you make those kind of claims?

  • “Rand’s endorsement is tentative at best”?

    Really? Campaigning for Romney is a tentative endorsement?

    No, I think Ron Paul needs to answer, or is he going to do what he’s done through this entire campaign; work against us and act like nothing is happening while his supporters get attacked by the police, while we have to run parking lot conventions, while his main campaign page gets taken down by Youtube, while the daily Paul gets blocked by Google (a CFR corporate member that owns Youtube).

  • I think u love Ron Paul so much that u just like arguing about it

  • But let’s say for instance Ron gives a little nod to Romney for the presidential bid, would that rule out everything Ron has done for the cause of liberty in the past 30 years? Of course not. He has done more for the Constitution by spreading it’s message then our past 4 Presidents (that break it) combined. He has fought in the face of all adversity and scrutiny for your liberties; and yet he has remained consistent and honest. How can we all forget that over some stupid tentative endorsement?

  • Don’t put words in Ron Paul’s mouth, he never endorsed Romney. Rand’s endorsement is tentative at best, I think he knows how screwed Romney is, but he believes Obama is a lot worse. Personally I think Obama and Romney are exactly the same.

  • i agree, its a sad day in America, i have lost allot of respect for Rand after hearing him speak to Hannity. Ron needs to declare his stands now!!!!

  • Yes, If Ron Paul doesn’t speak out against Rand Paul’s statements, it may as well have been Ron Paul saying it.

    The nomination process is officially over? Ron Paul has conceded defeat? Rand Paul is going to stump for Romney?

    Ron Paul wants “unity” after saying he can’t get more than 500 delegates? Is that not Ron Paul saying ‘lets rally behind a fiat money peddling Fascist’?

    Rand Paul endorses everything we’re fighting against. Does Ron Paul now do the same?


  • Care to elaborate?

  • Ron Paul has been for ending the Fed for over 30 years. I advise you research before you post. If the Fed ended tomorrow it would be devastating to the economy, and Paul knows this. We need to gradually opt out of it, that’s why we must start with auditing the Fed and taking the steps necessary to abolish it. If Congress won’t even pass an audit bill, then what makes you think they’ll pass a bill to abolish it? Paul knows this, and he’s taking the right and only steps to get it done.

  • You need to answer for Rand Paul’s statements. The idea that he’s speaking without your knowledge or consent is not believable.

  • Ron Paul is the candidate awakening the minds of the American people to the cause of Liberty preached by the Founders and printed in the Constitution. So he would be the opposite of a sleeper candidate, there is no smoke and mirrors behind the Constitution, someone that’s read it wouldn’t have made your statement. He has been fighting for the cause of liberty, in the face of all scrutiny and adversity, and for YOUR liberties for the past 30 years. So you would do your best to respect him.

  • And that’s just a small summary, there are plenty of solutions if you would care to just research them.

  • Ron Paul has stated numerous times he would bring all the troops home immediately. As the President, he will have that power. As far as the economy goes he will do his best to give as much transparency to the Fed as possible, all the while maintaining an efficient spending policy ON THIS COUNTRY ONLY. He would veto any un-constitutional bills Congress would try to pass, and all the while repealing all the old ones. And he would lower the income tax slowly and eventually to ZERO.

  • He stubbled on his words, his intended statement was Eisenhower wasn’t going to send troops there. Which he ended up making clear.

  • Stay strong everybody. We will get Ron Paul elected. He is our only hope!