Ron Paul’s Speech at the Texas Republican State Convention

  • Wtf?!? How can so many people only watch the 1st part?


  • It’s the degenerating of our population by the media, and every time Ron Paul starts getting attention they can’t stand it. So they start pushing him back under to make sure he isn’t recognized, if Ron Paul got half the amount of fair coverage that Romney got. Then Ron Paul would be the Nominee, and probably go on to be the President. But our media that is run at the top by the corporations and the militarial industrial complex (that want war) will never ever let that happen.

  • What’s funny is how the mainstream media projected him at around a 100 something, there lies are always the down-fall of his campaign, it really makes me sick. When he changed his strategy to only campaigning in caucus states, the mainstream media said he dropped out, which was a lie. They lied to make sure it seemed like Romney was the only guy left, they do this all the time to demonize Paul and ignore him. Most mainstream Republicans watch Fox, that’s why Paul can’t win.

  • fuck rand paul he will always be a piece of shit in my eyes

  • fuck rand paul he will always be a piece of shit in my eyes

  • If you actually research and educated yourself you would know that Ron Paul has stated that he himself believes an ONLY Gold Standard won’t work now. He has talked about competing currencies as a viable solution, as well as other options to not have the Federal Reserve be our only centralized system. By the way, Hamiltonian principles is based off a CENTRALIZED bank, which is what we have. The first one was established during Andrew Jackon’s presidency, then it became abolished.


  • unless it’s a ruse of some kind, Rand just sold us all out…

  • Cheering just like the boobs for Obama in ’08. The gold standard won’t work. He doesn’t stand for Glass-Steagall–he’s got nothing! He is a distraction from the real revolution! Glass-Steagall, National Banking based upon Hamiltonian principles (Constitutional banking) and the North American Water and Power Alliance. Ron’s got no policy just more promises that amount to nothing.

    • sky

      clinton fot rid of the glass steagle act in 1998,freeze the Rpthschilds assets.

  • nope. When you interpret the Constitution from Libertarian ideology which is how its SUPPOSE to be interpreted than everything else falls into place. the interpretation is self-evident through the trials of time. when you institute and try to superimpose ANY other ideology or form of philosophy , the Constitution crumbles. collectivism has UTTERLY failed. only our philosophy is left standing, and therefore the foundation of the Constittion is truly laid bare for all to see. RP LIBERTY OR SLAVERY

  • he projected what we have to date. he didnt “admit defeat”, since ofcourse the delegate process is still moving forward. imagine if we won california too?

  • Gosh , Ron Paul came out fighting here.

    • A California Surfer

      A Wise man does not fight with his son, he leads him, and gives him the choice not to follow.

      • sky

        Rand can always change his mind at the right time.


  • It would be harder for big business to cut your earnings if you could just flip them the finger and go work for a little business who would pay you more. But you can’t because the government fines and regulates little business out of existence. Do you think the minimum wage hurts AT&T? Nope, they just raise your phone bill. Do you think minimum wage hurts the mom & pop shop, hell yes. The government’s regulating us out of jobs, or haven’t you noticed? “End the Fed” is not a big business cheer.

  • I know that Ron Paul probably won’t win…. BUT I DON’T GIVE A FLYING FUCK.
    This man has inspired me to become a vocal leader in my community for this message of liberty. Thank you, doctor!

  • I could barely hear Ron Paul’s echoing voice but the cheering just about blew my speakers.

  • His son Rand maybe tiring to help and saved Ron Paul from assassination

    Now its time for true Americans to fight for their own freedom God gave them instead of GovernMental entrapment. Rigged is Rigged surely your not surprised it’s not the first inside 911 job set up..

    Why would Ron Paul want to get assassinated he is not stupid just our modern day “PAUL” Revere, now you know time to RESPOND for the GOP/Democrat Party made it a sure win for Obamas re SELECTION !! Evil vs Evil = Obamney

  • I’d like to know WTF just happened with Rand?! Is Ron Paul dead?:

  • 🙂

  • It amazes me that there are Americans who cannot recognize the man who should be our leader. Why is honesty a fault? Why do we continue to allow a “party” to choose our nominee? Why does the media blackout a candidate who represents the Constitution and restoration of our Republic? Why is there no longer an honest election process?
    Ron Paul is on our…we the people’s, side, not the corporations who feed other candidate’s pocket. Our chance is now -don’t arrive to the liberty party late.