Ron Paul’s Speech at the Texas Republican State Convention

  • If I was an American he’d have my vote in a heartbeat!

  • I wonder what it’s like to be Romney when he sees the difference between his tiny audiences and Ron Paul’s massive turnout. Maybe that is by design though, honestly the republicans had such a list of trolls he was just hated the least. It’s hard to believe those people were the best they could come up with. I don’t think they wanted their republican brand on what is to come. Let the dems, and the first and only black pres, take the blame when it implodes. I’ll vote RP and hope for change again.


  • Australia endorses RON PAUL..

  • no more devil signs ,,ppl,,your trying to run the devils away,,,do the peace sign,,change all their brainwashing methods and make your own signs,,middle and pointer fingers up..PEACE,

  • Ron paul has those good ol fashioned values,,that left many and made it a hell hole..

  • by rights he is the next the cheaters that run the show he is not,,,dont allow it america,its up to you to get this man through..

  • Mexico endorses Ron Paul!

  • Mexico endorses Ron Paul!

  • This election has been rigged in a LOT of ways. Had it been a fair election since the beginning, there’s no doubt in my mind that Ron Paul would be the nominee. I honestly don’t even feel like we truly live in democratic republic anymore. How can it be, if our candidates are chosen for us by the media and corrupt leaders?

  • Keep in mind this crowd is mostly made up of state delegates, and this speech happened at about 3 in the afternoon on a thursday when the delegate and alternate counts were low because so many were still at work. Many of the delegates present at the convention were still in caucus sessions as well. Otherwise the main hall would have been packed. The R(3vol)ution is just getting started. Neocons beware.

  • I am still writing you in Paul even if your son endorsed Romney and if you do, I will still write you in because it was you I wanted in charge.


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  • He’s got it in the bag …just not sure if he wants it!

  • Is this tonites speech or last nite?

  • So now the media took the bait and is reporting about Ron Paul again.

  • robin

    I know that people are very upset now about Rand Paul, but unfortunately I saw this coming. I have never felt that he was anything like his father=a man of principle and integrity. He wants to be apart of the establishment, and sees this as the only way to be an insider. He does not have the wisdom his father has, so I’m afraid many who put trust in him, will be very disappointed that they’ve seen who he really is. He also is not anti=war. This is simply another distraction and to throw us off course and create chaos again just as that letter did from Jesse Benton. It’s obvious that Ron Paul in the homestretch does not have the will to rock the boat, so we will have to do it for him. Our focus still has to be to secure the remaining delegates and for the national delegates to vote their conscience. They are afraid and this is to try and derail us. Stay focused people on our original goal which is to do whatever we can to secure the nomination for Ron Paul. This movement goes far beyond Rand Paul and Ron Paul and what goes on behind closed doors. Rand Paul really made a stupid decision that will forever come back to haunt him later on. He sold out for the future of his political career. I will never vote for Romney, and most of Ron Paul supporters won’t either.

    • A California Surfer

      The chaos itself is Alvin Toffler’s 3rd wave overtaking the 2nd wave. It’s astonishing how Ron Paul can see it clear as a bell. I really Like Ron Paul. He will always be a star in my show. I don’t blame Rand Paul for making a wrong decision, I just want to see Ron Paul hang in there, like he has, for the long haul that all of us need to go through.

      Society is redefining itself, and a lot of people don’t know which way to turn, But Ron Paul does.

      Ron Paul is walking with history in the making, and he is my hero.


  • A California Surfer

    This explains everything, it’s happening like clockwork:

    Read Alvin Toffler’s The Third Wave, he talks about Father against son, brother against brother when the 2nd wave of industrial civilization took over the 1st wave agricultural civilization during the civil war.

    He breaks down what happens when one wave takes over another, and cross currents of waves of civilization like WWII and how people react to the power shift when it begins to happen.

    Ron Paul is a good messenger.