Ron Paul’s Speech at the Texas Republican State Convention

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  • Because the media is owned by the same corporate ‘special interests’ who don’t want to see Ron Paul become President. He represents a threat to their power and the political establishment that has long been sold out to powerful corporate and banking interests.

  • Ron Paul – the rockstar of politics!

  • robin

    ATTENTION FELLOW PATRIOTS: If you haven’t listened to this interview with former staff person Penny Freeman, please do so. She brings up some very important points about why Rand Paul did what he did and what has been happening in Ron Paul’s campaign. I agree with her conclusion. I also think it is a blessing in that now we know where Rand Paul really stands. Many have put him on a pedestal. He is fallible and they found his weakness. We need to work to make changes at the local level. We need to fight harder now than ever although this is to derail our movement and try and buy our vote. They need our vote to win in November. We need to remember we have to carry the torch of liberty. We are in charge of what happens in the remaining conventions and in Tampa. We have to stand up for what is just and right no matter what it takes. Sorry to say that decorum is out if we are not heard. As far as Rand, he will pay the ultimate price by losing the support of people like myself who value integrity and principles above everything I why I have supported Ron Paul.

    Listen to this interview because it may give you some answers to your questions. The true test will be what Ron Paul himself does. I never felt that he was really out to win, so we have to lead the charge.

  • Look at that old freemason playing all those people for dummies. Webster Tarpley was right and Rand Paul is proof of that.

  • Jack

    I am a Ron Paul supporter, and I’ll always be, yes, I have to admit I’m saddened regarding the outcome of the primaries and the possible “defeat” for the nomination, but, we have to understand this movement is way beyond getting Ron Paul to the White House, it’s about us, the American People getting our country back to its principles, it is not about getting our names on a marquee for everyone to admire, it’s about fighting for the future of our country, it’s about paving the way for next generations to have a better future, free of oppression, free of unneccessary government intervention, free of immorality, free of abuse.

    The other candidates (Romney and Obama) they do not care about the country, they just care about their names being mentioned and their pictures posted everywhere, it’s all about them and not about WE THE PEOPLE, listen to their speeches and rethoric, they always reference themselves as they were some kind of all-wise, all-powerful kings where their “plans” and only their “plans” are the right ones.

    True patriots like us fight anonymously, we don’t need to get our names written on golden scrolls or our portraits hung on museums, we fight because we love our country and want to leave a good legacy to generations to come.

    This country is “sick” and we are the cure, it will be a long battle but at the end we will prevail, reason and liberty will prevail, the worst thing we can do now is to give up and turn our backs.

    Remember, we are AMERICANS and we can accomplish anything when we set our minds to it.

    Keep the faith, keep up the good fight.

    God bless America.

  • mike

    Rand Paul just destroyed his political career by joining the warmongers & criminals.

    Ron Paul needs to run as an independent candidate. Run for what you believe in. The public will support you, but will never forgive you for being a sell out to the warmongering banksters in Washington.

  • Why doesn’t the media talk about him except Internet?

  • why have they sold the people out – dispicable = respectable to thr republican party – get real – what the hell is going off – SELL OUT?

  • The question asked is it better to opt out and not note in an Rigged counterfeiting establishment system and deal with reality, or keep planning their game? Maybe we ourselves will never know the answer but our children will as we know about Hitler now when they didn’t. Maybe Hitler was right after all according to our GovernMental actions — Are all voters doing America injustice by participating in their war games

  • President. Paul. 2012.

  • Idc who says what, this nomination process is NOT over!! I’m a national delegate for the state of Nebraska & my vote on the FIRST ballot is for Dr. Ron Paul along with soo many others and I’ll encourage all other delegates to do the same, the RNC rules & supreme court ruling is behind our decision to vote our conscious!! Ron Paul 2012

  • I can’t find 3 of 4

  • THE PEOPLE MUST CARRY THE FREEDOM MOVEMENT ON – Looks like the Pauls have been threatened and/or sold out. REVOLUTION IS REQUIRED

  • robin

    French Canadian,
    I was thinking the same thing. Where is Surfisher? I know Scott was outraged by this announcement. I still can’t believe that we had a similar discussion at our GOP meeting the other night. A candidate running used the example of Edmund Burke and his famous speech in Parliament “all government, indeed every human benefit and enjoyment, every virtue, and every prudent act, is founded on compromise”. What exactly did he mean by that? We were discussing the fact that there is a division and polarization that makes it so nothing changes(intentional to keep us distracted), but does this mean we compromise our principles and what is just and right? Working together and finding common ground is not about selling yourself down the river and your constituents. It’s about doing the right thing and Rand Paul has not done the right thing. The new motto is if you can’t get what you want, then join the enemy. Compromise your integrity and principles with the illusion that you will find some common ground and do the right thing. I know most people are waiting to hear where Ron Paul stands on this. Was he threatened and his family and that’s why he has thrown in the towel and given up? I’m sure what was said at the Bilderberg meeting was unsettling, but I’m sure he’s heard it many times before, but this time his supporters were becoming a real threat to the established order. Was this about catapulting his son into the limelight? Is he just too tired to fight for what is right and stand up to the fraud? I say we may never know the answers to these questions, but we must continue to fight for what is right and do what we’ve been doing at the state conventions and continue to do the right thing in Tampa which is to stand up for Ron Paul and show Rand Paul we can not be bought off to the highest bidder. We have to take the torch of liberty. No one to hold our hand now. We have to lead the charge ourselves. Again, it didn’t start with Ron Paul and it will not end with him unless we give up. Then they have won…………

    • Surfisher

      Robin — I was surf fishing (good weather till today).


      To Compromise is the Negotiation of a True Principle to be REPLACED by a Lesser One! Thereby, by continuous Compromises (the non-stop replacement of “newer weaker” principles) ALL principles eventually will disappear— NONE WILL BE LEFT — Logic!

  • Do they ever mention him in the House of Commons? Haven’t seen CSPAN-2 in a while.

  • I swear to god if ron paul is on the ballot and doesnt become president, there will be mass protest and the people might march directly to the whitehouse or wherever they need to go to correct the “mistake”.

  • French Canadian

    Where is Surfisher?

  • chris

    Well I feel betrayed

  • robin

    Today is the anniversary of the attack on the USS Liberty. I just talked to someone who lost his brother that day. These veteran survivors continue to ask for a congressional investigation into the events that day that continue to be covered up. Another black mark in history….