It’s Up To Us To Continue This Revolution

  • For jakten på settet demping, styrke og sans for mote i en av spillerne i basketball sko, er Air Max LeBron VII hva de drømmer om den perfekte støvlene.

  • The bottom line is, get your damn priorities straight. If you want to promote 911 truth or sell your silver, do it on your damn own time. Don’t take advantage of crowds turning up thinking they are there for Ron Paul, only to be drawn into your own money making schemes. And don’t dare try to criticize someone that has spent the last 5 YEARS of his LIFE in this cause of liberty, or truly it will come back and bight you in the ass.


  • So, J… oops, nearly typed your name… My bad. So, how much money did you make off all those Ron Paul people? At the unbelievable markup on your silver, I’m sure a lot. Well in the last 5 years I have put about $25K-$30K into this campaign. Still to this day, the cards we make for Ron Paul FLIX are free, including free shipping. Over 4000 people have ordered those cards at a cost to me of about $2.10 each. I don’t sell, I take my businesses money and pour it into liberty. You on the other hand