It’s Up To Us To Continue This Revolution

  • You’re right, the point is our founders didn’t give up or compromise. If they did we wouldn’t remember George Washington as a hero, if we remembered him at all we would remember him as a traitor, a man who would have been hanged for treason. Our founders stood their ground. They did not compromise on their beliefs.

  • Thank you for that video!
    you are inspiration!
    We will need it–btw we didn’t lose nomination YET.

  • Generally it couldn’t, our history’s forged on luck and empty threats.

  • Thank you, thank you, Israel! I just came back from my district convention in Arkansas and the liberty movement did well. The spirit floating around us now is get involve, bring our founding principles back to our own communities and change this country! If we continue fighting, we will succeed!


  • Another 4 years? Sorry to say but I don’t believe we have another 4 years to grow. Our country is heading high speed into a brick wall, and we are supposed to just “be polite”?

  • there is no political solution to the current situation. Both parties are controlled by the banksters. Wake up ! Your plan is 60 years too late.

  • ~Why Rand Paul & Ron Paul are different … ‘VP Rand Paul’ 2012 or 2016? watch?v=Ddv20OXo2ao

  • Brilliant Message!!
    Now lets get off our Duffs & get to work 🙂

  • Brilliant Message!!
    Now lets get off our Duffs & get to work 🙂

  • welcome back Israel!!

    His hair’s down and ready to go a little William Wallace on y’all!!

  • The man needs a break, that’s okay. But the symbol is broken, and that’s a disaster.

  • In 1777 the continental congress would not adopt the stars and had a flag with the union jack because they though America could not stand on it’s own. The stars represent our Independence as well as our states.

  • Great message

  • we don’t know if it’s over yet, we will see in Tampa Bay, until then, work our hardest. RON PAUL OR NO ONE.

    Mitt Romney does not have the delegates bound or unbound, Dr. Paul even admits there are many stealth delegates, we MUST CONVERT ROMNEY SUPPORTERS!

  • Let’s get a site (hub) to educate everyone at every state, every city, on how to be a political leader. On how to become elected. We need to educate our army.

  • whoa dude… nice hair… btw thanks for the uplifting message

  • It’d look cooler, too.

  • Yes!

  • If the patriots compromised back in the American Revolution we would have the Union Jack on our Flag.

  • We’re still voting for Ron Paul and ONLY Ron Paul. We will NOT compromise.