It’s Up To Us To Continue This Revolution

  • And after Tampa as well brother – We will NEVER STOP.

    Because we have TRUTH and LOVE on our side.

    It is a flawless and winning venture – we CANNOT lose. Impossible!

  • HELL YEAH! To arms ye soldiers, to arms! I will NOT give up on Ron Paul just because his son sold out. Rand is not Ron. Stay focused on the message of liberty, the absolute importance of taking back our country from the bottom up. We can make this happen. Stand true to your principles and remain strong! Ron Paul R3VOLUTION!

  • Well, if you hate America, and “have to get the fuck out” then that is your choice. My point was only to say that America can be returned to liberty without the majority of people. It is, after all, how we achieved liberty in the first place.

  • Hi Israel, I disagree with one of your suggestions. I don’t believe we should divide our efforts between the parties. Conquer one, and make it the party of liberty. Otherwise, you may water down the Liberty Movement.


  • The percentage of people who wanted independence wasn’t overwhelming either. In fact, they were easily the minority. Dr. Paul knows this, which is why he consistently uses the phrase “tireless minority” in his speeches. We should appeal to the complacent. But we do not need a majority of people in this nation.

  • Not exactly. Close though.

  • You said exactly the same thing on a different post.
    You’re not trolling, per chance?

  • It will not happen. The amount of people in this country who actually care about politics is VERY small. That is what I hate about america the most. People bitch and moan and cry but there are so few willing to put their shit on the line and speak up.

  • Bravo! This the true way to do the thing!

  • Ron Paul is still running. Nothing is over until Tampa.

  • He hasn’t said anything, and if he does, it won’t be to condemn his son.

    It will be some kind of abbreviated version of his speech in Texas telling people to “unite behind the ideas of liberty” while steering us towards a puppet.

    We don’t need to tell people to “unite”, and Ron Paul should know better. The truth unites people, and you either have the balls to use it, or you don’t.

  • Doug Wead, Jesse Benton, Ron, Rand, they’re all in on it. They were sloppy throughout the campaign and when everyone knew the time was perfect to throw the knockout punch, they attacked anyone but Romney. Tarpley laid the smack down on these absolute sellouts. Ron will ride away in the sunset with a fat retirement paid for my moneybombs, t-shirt sales, book sales, etc., and he firmly cemented his freemasonic family name in politics forever. F OFF DOC!

    • integral

      They attacked Romney plenty on, you know, the actual issues, but way to keep parroting another lame mass media talking point.

      These retarded water-carriers for a fascist FDR-lover like tarpley who pretend to care about a fucking liberty movement are the same people that turned the tea party into an irrational ‘hate the democrats’ clusterfuck.

  • what did he say? and when?

  • First we took over the GOP-elite, now we take over the Dems. Soon we will have a responsible Democratic Republican government. FLEX got it!

  • French Canadian

    Of course the people will continue this revolution. There is no other choice. Either the people win or the republic dies.

    But the time is short. Like UndinesSong3, said: “Your plan is 60 years too late.”
    Infiltrating the system is a very very long process. I believe it will take too much time.

    I would much prefer you put the efforts on the delegates strategy for the Tampa Convention and to fight and address the election fraud. THIS, you can still win, because no delegates are bound (GOP rule No. 48).

    I know Ron Paul wants his supporters to go to Tampa and be respectful… but hey… Ron Paul is a gentleman… you don’t have to be one. Your life and future depends on his nomination… so let all hell break loose.

    Adam Kokesh asked Alex Jones on an interview friday, if he was planning to go to Tampa. He said: “No, I wasn’t… but since they ask to be RESPECTFUL… lol… I just might go…lol.”

    Imagine him with a bullhorn? WOW! This is the kind of things it would take to be respected… not to be respectful to these bandits who cheated Ron Paul all the way.

    As far as RAND Paul is concerned , I still think he is a traitor. He had no reason to endorse anybody… and even less reasons to want to campaign with Romey.

    Like Gerald Celente said on Friday: “Rand is an untested commodity”.
    But now he’s been tested and we know who he is. And I hope no one will follow him by voting for Romney.

    Again I will state Gerald Celente: ” Voting for Obama or Romney is like opting for Coke or Pepsi… or MacDonald and Burger King. If you drink or eat any of these, it will kill you”. (I’m stating from memory here).

    So concentrate on the delegates, this game is far from being checkmate!

  • I don’t need to wait. I have foresight and discernment, but that doesn’t mean I can see the future any more than you can. I just have a lot better idea of what will happen than somebody who thinks Rand Paul selling out is a good thing.

    I didn’t need to ‘wait and see’ to know that Ron Paul was a fraud when he skipped Iowa, but that didn’t stop me from using him to try and take down this fiat money system.

    I don’t care if Ron Paul came out and disowned his son saying I’ll NEVER endorse Romney.

  • robin

    SPREAD THE WORD — ASAP!! Illinois Delegates: go to, join and state that you want to be plaintiffs in the lawsuit.
    Enforce Your Legal Remedy for Election Fraud Violations
    Document voting rights violations and election fraud abuses committed during the 2012 Republican primaries in our ToolsforJustice private forum.
    Illinois Railroad at the IL GOP Convention June 9 2012
    How to ram a Romney slate through at the Illinois GOP Convention excerpts from :

  • Ha…

    Think AGAIN…

    Wait And See What Occurs…

  • After Rand Paul sold us out, I doubt we’ll have any delegates at the national convention.

  • denial is a son of a bitch!