It’s Up To Us To Continue This Revolution

  • robin

    From a national delegate…
    The establishment hacks are freaking out about all of us Ron Paulers getting organizing in Tampa so first they wouldn’t release the fairgrounds… they are trying to split us all up. They quickly threw together an event they call ‘freedom festival’ (small f b/c it won’t be about Freedom, just more of their control) an hour outside of Tampa to keep us away and split the movement. DON’T BUY IT!…See More
    Ron Paul and Paul Festival – HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT!
    Ron Paul has shown the nation and the world that the flame of freedom still burns in the hearts of

  • robin

    SPREAD THE WORD….Here’s a video explaining the lawsuit being filed to expose the GOP fraud and to protect the dels/alts in Tampa! *If you have been ‘injured’ in any way during the process, please visit the website and share your testimony. As explained here, it is free of charge but it may get us on the right track to save the nation!

    I’m going to Tampa from Colorado and now I feel way more protected b/c of this lawsuit. It will be filed tomorrow so jump on board!
    Lawyers For Ron Paul Civil Rights (Voting Rights) Lawsuit FAQ
    This video explains a basic overview of the Civil Rights (Voting Rights/Election Fraud) Lawsuit being filed in Federal Court by Lawyers For Ron Paul on behal…
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    Tracy Renee’ Gordon
    Lawyers For Ron Paul Civil Rights (Voting Rights) Lawsuit FAQ Video | Peace . Gold . Liberty | Ron P
    This video explains a basic overview of the Civil Rights (Voting Rights/Election Fraud) Lawsuit being filed in Federal Court by Lawyers For Ron Paul on behalf of American voters.

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  • You have the exactly right long term mature view. I’m grateful for voices of reason in what is a scary moment for the movement. Glad I found this channel, subscribed.

  • Its all over bro, the longer you deny this the harder a hit your gonna take. I know you sell ads, but its over man. Ron is NOT telling us jack shit leadershipwise. This is unexceptable.

  • Well so much hope, so much passion, all this for nothing … Ron paul is surrounded by a bunch of idiots trying to get themselves a name, his son being the biggest ass of them all.
    it’s pathetic and it’s pissing me off !

  • I will still be writing Ron Pauls name in.

  • yet failed to use social media in any meaningful way, failed to make an issue of the vote rigging in Iowa and Maine and turned his back on the 911 Truth movement.

    Many people gave what little money they could spare, they donated their time and efforts only to be treated like crap and be told ‘we’re getting behind Romney’ and to ‘be respectful’ The least RP could have done was made a video explaining to his followers why he did what he did, but all we get is silence, really piss poor.

  • Sorry Israel I have to disagree with you. RP could have conceded the nomination but he DID NOT have to endorse Romney even though it was Rand that did the talking, that decision was not made in a vaccum. Its now become clear that RP was riding shotgun for Romney all the time, and the best he can say is go to Tampa and ‘be respectful’. The Paul campaign was mismanaged from the start thanks largely to Jesse Benton so many missed opportunities it wasn’t funny. with so much grassroots support con’t

  • robin

    FELLOW PATRIOTS: I’m glad to see some on here realize nothing is over yet. We have to stay unified and focus on our goal and continue the momentum at the state conventions securing Ron Paul delegates. Make sure to pass on that those who are participating in their state conventions should be low key to protect the delegates. Remember the only thing that matters now is to continue to secure key positions in the party and to get as many delegates for Ron Paul to Tampa. Forget about Rand Paul, Jesse Benton and others because they are not important now and are just a way to keep us angry and distracted from getting Ron Paul nominated. Nothing else matters now. liberty, prosperity and peace….

  • I’ll do my part for Liberty.

  • Surfisher

    What we learned from this GOP Primary Election:

    Just a few months ago, anyone telling me that there was such a thing as election fraud, would have raised my eyebrows.

    And with a smirk, I would have responded: “Yeah, sure, it probably happens from time to time somewhere in the Deep South…. But, not here, where we are all civilized” — would have been my crushing retort.

    Do I feel now the Fool, the Snob, the Naive, the Misguided, the Dupe, the Betrayed — YES!

    IT WAS SHOCK AND AWE — What the GOP did! They managed to grind down all my beliefs in Liberty and Justice for All INTO NOTHINGNESS!

    The SHOCK was their constant manipulation to do elections behind closed doors. The AWE was their TRANSPARENT Fraud at all State’s Conventions — in their zeal to elect their chosen, the Mitt, the GOP displayed total disregard they were being recorded for all to see.

    Their ARROGANCE for this BLATANT display must rest in their assurance that they are Above the Law, while we, the people, count for nothing!

    What happened to us America — when did we blink to lose it All?!

    • integral

      It was many years of blinking, while ‘they’ carried of the silverware 1 spoon at a time.

  • No, government elites are pathetic. We won independence from Britain despite defeatist/complacent attitudes. And now we have a benchmark; America began with minimal government protecting liberty and free markets. Yes, statists managed to install complacency for a few generations, but now the Internet Reformation has begun. Like the printing press and Martin Luther against Catholicism, information freedom will return us to liberty.

  • Ron Paul’s name MUST be on the voting form… no matter what!

  • FOR LIBERTY !!!!!

  • FOR LIBERTY !!!!!

  • so much more than 2012

  • so much more than 2012

  • Ron Paul on Principle, Compromise, and Democracy


  • Nope. It will never be anything but a cash cow for the elite. America is fucking pathetic. So much potential. Lost for nothing.

  • I’m shocked that Rand has endorsed Mitt Romney. WTH is he thinking?!

    I have a feeling that some sneaky plans were fomented at Bilderberg. They were talking about assassinating him, maybe in jest. It’s interesting how very soon after Bildeberg the Pauls shoot themselves in the feet.
    Is Ron totally out of the race? He has so many delegates. What will happen with them?
    I think all the delegates who were involved need to take their politics to the local level. Inform the sheriffs of their constitutional duties to keep the FEDs at bay.
    State’s rights – do as North Dakota is doing – printing their own currency.
    Liberty is an idea, not a man. Don’t give up.
    I’m in Australia and I’ve been rooting for Ron Paul since I saw him in Freedom to Fascism. I can’t believe that he’s pulled out of the race. I bet he’s been threatened, or they shot his dog or something. He needs to keep on. There is such momentum. If he was to keep going, I think the military would stand behind him, not with the globalist CFR crew. It could be the start of the much needed 2nd American revolution.
    Occupy the CFR. Occupy Citigroup. Occupy Goldman Sachs. Occupy the NYC Fed.
    Take the fight to the parasites directly. Enough pussy footing around.
    Traitors within are the plague. Time to lance some boils.

    This can’t just fizzle out. No way.

    Dejected in Sydney,