Jack Hunter: Why Rand Was Right to Endorse Romney

  • Sorry Jack, but not every Paul supporter is a statist like you.

  • lol

  • We ain’t going to be here after 2012. We will be a 3rd world country by 2016.


  • I’m not Jack, but I’ll throw my two cents out there. 1) It has to do with Jack’s statement of comprising Politically to advance Principles. 2) I think Rand is just trying to give himself more political pull for the liberty movement. 3) No need to rationalize how you vote, Romney is certainly better than Obama, but he’s still terrible, we all know this. But, a Rand endorsement will hold Mitt more accountable to the rEVOLution. My vote is prob for GJ, but I wouldn’t tisk anyone for voting Mitt.


  • … So we’re compromising principle to advance principle? VERY fitting of someone endorsing Romney! It’s like he stands against the issue that stands for the issue you don’t stand against, right? Or wait, he misspoke, he meant that he stands for the issue that stands against the issue that you stand for, unless you stand for it, that is…


  • Never understood Dr. Paul’s push 2 stay within Republican Party 2 effect change. ‘education’ strategy doomed 2 fail since dictatorship of unelected DUOPOLY will not permit change or particpation. We R dealing w/ violent corrupt Statists 4 absolute POWER. There is really no option. It co-opted Ron Paul’s constitutionalist libertarian minachists as vacuum cleaner 2 absorb as many independents voters possible 2 win November. There is no consensus democracy in U.S. only winner-take-all election.

  • The only thing worse than having a socialist crook in charge is having a socialist crook pretending to be a republican representing you in charge. DEFEAT ROMNEY!!!

  • Screw that sell out scum Rand Paul. Romney said that southerners have no heritage. The country is screwed no matter who gets elected this election.

  • I agree it’s emotional, i disagree on the timing and method. He could have waited until after the convention and not soldout until after we were able to have the maximum amount of influence on Romney. He also made a remark to the extent that ron supporters are insignificant. There is also a ignorant idea that Rand can help move in these people (us). The only thing he did was portray himself as a sellout, regardless of his intentions; you really think these young people will forget that?

  • 😉

  • Your very Naive

  • I agree. There must be a full investigation so we can make a valid judgement.

  • I understand that Libertarians spend 95% percent of their time arguing about the 5% they disagree on, and I understand that sitting around getting worked up about Alex Jones Bildebergers coverage will never gain a single shred of actual force for change. I also came to understand as a delegate at the state convention that the liberty movement is taking over. We’re getting closer, no thanks to your nihilistic attitude.

  • God damn it, Jack! We don’t WANT the theocra-statist RAND! We would rather have someone else! His voting record is OK, but FAR from IMPECCABLE.

    Plus, we ALL KNOW Romney IS OBAMA when it comes to issues, antics, and philosophies. SO, why the hell would I vote for 8 more years of Obama vs. 4 more years of Obama? If Ron Paul is not the Republican nominee, I will be voting for Obama and hope SOMEONE ELSE evolves as the leading liberty candidate…

  • Jack, EXCELLENT VIDEO….and your thoughts are right on.
    I only wish Ron would say something.
    1) Why are the Paul’s giving up on Gary Johnson?
    2) Do you agree with Rand that the best strategy is to try to change things from inside the broken two party system? (or dont you believe its broken, as in bought and paid for, rigged by ELITES)
    3) In principal, I am thinking of voting for Gary J. but considering Rand’s strategy, perhaps a vote for Romney can be stomached. thoughts???

  • The current establishment is irrelevant. They will be washed away as the economy gets worse and worse. This is why the RP and the freedom movement is getting stronger, because the economy is getting weaker and Americans are losing faith in the establishment. Siding with them now ruins the credibility it took so long to create.

  • Words mean nothing, action means everything. Look at his voting record!

  • anarchist..awsome. In the closet myself….(shhhh)