Jack Hunter: Why Rand Was Right to Endorse Romney

  • You focus on the left right para-dime and thus are incorrect. Rand should not have support whom ever would become the Rep nominee. It is a matter of what is right or wrong. What is constitutional. Romney’s record shows that he is no different than Obama and thus supporting him is wrong. Romney is a puppet for the elite and thus to support him is wrong. You are incorrect if you think that having a Paul in as a VP or some other position will allow them to influence Romney decisions.

  • Sorry meant Benton not Barrett.

  • ohhh look, even jack hunter’s trying to play politician, trying to justify immoralities with petty rhetoric.
    And jack hunter is a conformist apologist.

    THIS idea that it was non-negotiable is ludicrous! DID RON PAUL ENDORSE MCCAIN!?
    And no jack, we the ron paul revolution are not typical voters, we are the one’s who aren’t asleep at the while.
    Now go take your sleepy blue pill rhetoric and shov

  • Re-title the vid “Word Salad”.

  • There was essentially two “strikes” against Ron Paul.

    The first was the mainstream media saying he was unelectable. That was based on his uncompromising belief system. He has the most conservative voting record of any politician in almost 100 years. I heard one co-worker, and Ron Paul supporter, say “He is either 100 years too late, or 20 years ahead of his time”.

    Second, and this is something I have heard from family, co-workers, friends (maybe I need new friends) is that they didn’t have an issue with Ron Paul, they have an issue with his supporters. While there are alot of common sense supporters, like most of us, there are a few rabid wingnuts that give him a bad name, and that scares people away.

    Enter Rand Paul’s endorsement of Romney…

    Like it or not, Washington IS politics. You have to be a politician to succeed once you get there. Rand Paul endorsing the GOP darling candidate, who is most likely going to win, shows he understands that. Rand was one of FOUR Republican senators to vote against the patriot act sunset provisions. He is not a sellout, he is learning from his father’s mistakes, on how to effect change. “If you can’t ’em, make ’em think you are joining them”.

    If his “endorsement” of Romney, however poorly it sit on his palate drives away a few Ron Paul supporters who consider him a sellout, then so be it. I don’t like Romney one bit, but if it garnishes Rand the VP nomination, and brings with him an extra percent or two of voters, who like me, are planning on writing in Ron Paul on the ballot, to send a message to the GOP, then maybe Romney wins, and in eight years, we have a Paul in the White House.

    It’s not selling out, it’s jockeying for position.

  • Endorsing Romney is an endorsement of more dead soldiers.

  • I’m not surprised if they threatened him I was expecting that. However, you still have to take care of your family and yourself. The only thing that will really change the country is a revolution.

  • There is zero justification in endorsing anyone known as a liar…. Mitt Romney is a liar and has flipped on most every issue. Endorsing Mitt Romney is a representation of everything that is wrong with the Republican party.

  • Half the thumb ups are Obama supporters happy to see this all go down in flames. Keep that in mind when analyzing the numbers.


  • If you plan to change the country, you should expect to get threatened, and planned ahead of time. And if sell-out was the plan, don’t get in the game.

  • Going by peoples response.. thumbs up/down I would say at least half your following disagrees with the actions that took place, you can double talk all you like, the fact remains you lost the trust of a lot of very loyal people, we don’t GIVE A SHIT about Rand Paul or his continuing to carry the torch in 2016, he is not his father and will not change the system.The liberty movement WILL live on but it WONT have anything to do with Rand after this event.


  • Rule 38 – the delegates are not bound. Too bad the Paul’s didn’t want to find out how many delegates they really had.

  • Maybe they were threatened? Someone at bilderbeg did say they wanted Ron Paul dead.


  • You asked, “How will sanctions result in the murder of Iranians?”

    Look at what sanctions did to Iraq, search “oil for food program crimes.”

  • “It’s how politics works” that’s why ppl are sick of politics!

  • So what they think! It’s time to stop playing politics and really stand up for what you believe no matter what it gains you! That’s why ppl love Ron Paul because he stands up for what he believes no matter what harm comes his way!

  • I was very hurt and irate with Rand’s endorsement of the crowned neo con. I agree with Jack now however. I think we should allow Rand the chance to prove himself on doing what Jack is suggesting.

  • Screw Rand

    What kind of son/Judas betrays his own father in the middle of his presidential campaign in order to support his rival?

    A TRAITOR, thats who.

    Do I need to know WHY he is doing this? NO. It would probably be just another lie.

    Rand Paul has lost any and all credibility in my book.

    I don’t trust him anymore and he will NEVER get a fing dime from me.

  • Not all pro-lifers endorse the wars’ we’re in. I don’t. How will sanctions result in the murder of Iranians?

  • Very well put. Great interpretation and video.